Long Game

November 18, 2010

Normal pick-up doesn’t have a Plan B. The idea is to open the girl, build attraction, and then close in rapid fashion whether it be the same night lay or a phone then day two. If the girl drops off during any transitional phase then there’s no back up plan. Girl won’t give you the number? Move on. Girls isn’t attracted enough to kiss you? Move on. Girl has a boyfriend or is otherwise unavailable? Move on. Logistical issues such as she’s on holiday and going home soon? Move on.

Game doesn’t need to run on the same worn-out rails as every other cheesy unimaginative blazer-wearing PUA. Plan B is Long Game. I’m not claiming to have invented it but here’s a brief comment on how I concieve it.

Long Game = When a girl or situation is unfavourable to closing in the usual fashion, put her into a patient holding pattern from which you gradually suck her into chasing you, and then close her when favourable conditions emerge.


Muslim Virgin – I met her while she was on a three-day holiday in London with a chaperone. I gamed her slowly over facebook for two months until she had another holiday and had already decided to fuck.

Finland – I met her while I was on a one-week holiday in Lithuania and she was very resistant to escalation. I couldn’t even kiss her. Two months of facebook and I fucked her next time i visited.

Facebook is crucial to long game. It’s free, convenient, you can run multiple targets at once, and done correctly your profile can build attraction and comfort passively. Basic stages (assuming weak attraction / significant logistical issues):

1. Facebook close – low investment from her. Most girls like having more friends to build their own status and they know it’s easy to unadd if they don’t like you. So take the add. Then wait a few days.

2. Light reopen – it’s best if you can catch her on chat. Open with assumed familiarity and no sexuality – “oh no! it’s her…..” and tease for a little while. Continue the vibe that the initial approach had – if she’s a model and you studiously refused to validate her for it, then continue to refuse in the chats. The purpose is simply to become “the guy she responds to on chat”. This can continue for a handful of chats over a few weeks.

3. Amp it up – start to build rapport and get her opening up to you. Become the interesting escape from her normal life. The safe guy at a distance that she can talk to. Don’t go as far as being an emotional tampon – just let her talk and don’t try to take it anywhere. Her imagination is going to do the heavy lifting inbetween chats as she projects positive characteristics onto you to fill the gaps in knowledge. Around this time she’ll be trawling your facebook for favourite pictures of you and generally investing herself. Remain slightly aloof.

4. Give it a direction – Now you can run classic Mystery Method A3. Let her know she’s won you over and she’s actually a really interesting girl. Snowflake her a little. Let her know you’ll be in her city sometime soon (or start future projecting her visiting yours). Run teasing romantic scenarios. Let her know this is a man talking to a woman. Calibrate carefully and be ready to back off and cool down if she bristles.

5. Commit her – Once she’s responding well to sexualising start pushing for a physical meet. Once that’s accepted set a strongly sexual frame before you meet. You want her to have decided to fuck you before you put your coat on and leave the house to meet her. All the LMR should’ve happened in the virtual world. The date itself should play out like an extremely time-compressed M3 model.

There’s alot more to it than that. Check out my various facebook chats in the archives. Some basic principles:

  • Keep the early chats short and don’t keep pestering her with questions. If she doesn’t answer something, just wait. If that’s the end of the chat then let it die. Just strike up a new one a few days later.
  • Don’t be afraid of waiting. You have no idea what she’s doing at the other end of her internet connection. You won’t always have her full attention.
  • Try to end the chats on your terms, after a buying temperature spike.


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  2. Your FB game is money. Thanks for the tips.

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  8. Hi Krauser,

    The information you provide on “long game” seems to be interesting for me. So I ask you to answer a few questions, please. This would be a great support!

    I practice Direct Streetgame in an area that attracts a lot of female tourists. Exchanging telephone numbers is often useless for me, because many of them will only stay for a very short time period, so a Day2-Date is unlikely to happen. So I specialized on insta-dating.

    However, always when a beautiful woman really likes me, joins me for an insta-date etc., it is an unpleasant feeling to know that she is going to return to Italy or even to America next day. Do you really think that a PUA who runs long game on these women will really see them again, if they live thousands of miles away? Does long game even work in such cases?

    Second question: Or is long game just specifically designed for another category of women, those who are just mildly attracted? If yes, how do you avoid the danger of being a prisoner of the LJBF-zone in these cases?

    Third question: I usually practice “solid game” (10 minutes approach, then I bounce the woman to the insta-date). But sometimes when I am in a hurry and I see a beautiful stranger, I have to run “flash game” (1 minute numberclose/emailclose etc.). In these cases I sometimes get answers like: “I must tell you frankly that I have a boyfriend, and I will stay faithful towards him – but I would like to meet you for a coffee.” (I usually don’t accept this offer, because of the LJBF-danger). Should I interpret this answer as LJBF or as a form of rather mild attraction? Would facebook game work in these cases to pump up the attraction? (I am not used to boyfriend objections, because I seldom get them when I am gaming in a more solid way).

    Keep up the good work, Krauser!

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  11. Krauser,

    My Long Game sets invest a lot into me in the beginning and gradually dwindle. Giving me delayed responses, radio silences, passive investment (pokes, Likes).

    Are these common shit tests your sets have given you, in Long Game (Facebook)? Thanks. [Probably you’re not moving it along enough so as the attraction fades, there’s nothing left. Also they might just find new love interests in the interim or give up on the thought they will actually meet you again. K.]

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