Daygame Allstars

September 6, 2010

Who are the best daygamers in the world? How can you find out?

To aid in the burgeoning growth of the daygame art I am now maintaining a public list of the best players. Over time it will expand and refine itself as I get more submissions and more evidence. Readers are welcome to comment and argue. I will happily rank rivals and unrank friends. All I really care about it that the list is widely considered to be legit. So here is my top ten ranking with explanations. The first thing you’ll notice is there’s only four names because I simply cannot justify filling out slots five to ten. There’s only two guys on here who I’m dead-certain belong (Yad and Suave). The other two probably belong.

I have not ranked myself. There’s no way I could be independent. If you want to place the level of my game, check my in-fields.

1. Yad
Why he’s ranked: Yad has the tightest day game I’ve ever seen. He’s calm, centred, masculine, natural and makes every set seem like it’s a normal conversation without any game and yet ends with the girl giving her number, kissing, or following him for the instant date. There’s no try-hard, no gimmicks and he never ever qualifies. That he can do all this without any surface markers of value (e.g. good looks, money, status) proves it can be learned.

Why he’s not higher: Can’t beat number one

The evidence: I have spent six hours with him on a one-on-one and personally witnessed him do about six sets, all consistently high quality game. He’s got the famous ten-minute kiss close video publically available, and at a semniar I went to he showed another three excellent in-fields (including another ten minute kiss close). Other people who’s opinion I respect rate him number one too.

Connections: We know each other but aren’t friends. We have no business connection.

2. Paul Janka
Why he’s ranked: He’s the only US guy I know who has built a credible daygame system. From watching the Beyond The Digits dvd series he clearly gets it. But can he perform in-field consistently? I don’t know. Everything about his body language, vibe and conversation suggests he’s very good but it’s an inference.

Why he’s not higher: No in-fields. Seems to play a glorified numbers game.

The evidence: I’m going purely from what I read into his dvd materials and the lack of anyone having been able to expose him as a fake.

Connections: None at all

3. Suave
Why he’s ranked: He closes lots of girls on the streets of London and gets them out on dates. He has an extremely laid back manner, great vocal tone, and the best body language I’ve seen in daygame. 100% natural game – learned the hard way

Why he’s not higher: Inconsistent performance, no “magical” sets so far

The evidence: He’s my main wing and I’ve seen him in set well over 100 times and also confirmed subsequent f-closes. There’s also a dozen of his in-field videos floating around, though no recent ones.

Connections: Good friend and business partner. I am not independent on this one.

4. Yosha
Why he’s ranked: He’s really put his foot to the floor to systematise and popularise daygame within the London scene. He’s always out gaming or teaching and has a real passion for the art. His tutorial videos show he “get’s it” and the daygame model he recently formalised is the best I’ve seen so far. I’m thinking he’s more like a great teacher than a great daygamer, but willing to be proven wrong if I see it with my own eyes.

Why he’s not higher: No good in-fields in the public domain.

The evidence: I’ve never seen a full in-field video with audio. I don’t know if they exist. Thus he’s on here through second-hand inference because his teaching shows vast knowledge and Yad is happy to be publically associated with him.

Connections: None. We’d recognised each other in the street but that’s all.

There’s a few guys who are “names” in the daygame community but I’m not ranking them yet. Here’s why.

Jeremy Soul: If you are to believe his website fluff then he’s the self-proclaimed “number one day game dating” guru. He’s not. He does have some in-fields on youtube in which he shows some lower-intermediate skills. I’ll grant these are very old and he might have gotten alot better since then. I have some pretty weak early in-fields too. But for Soul to earn a top ten place, he needs tighter publicly available in-fileds. Made-up testamonials don’t earn credit here.

Dharam: In his favour, he has posted alot of in-fields over the past year and he’s a hard worker. He’s not on the list because I’m not impressed by those in-fields.

Assanova: While I absolutely believe this guy has tight day game I’m infering it from his website. He writes like someone who really gets it. However there’s no in-field or even detailed field reports so I’m abstaining for now.

Sasha: He’s the comedian guy. I’ve seen one in-field which is brilliant and awful at the same time, in that he’s funny, ballsy and interesting but he also gets totally blown out and makes a ton of mistakes. He’s probably got some good private in-fields. If I get to see them he might make the list.

Ratings Criteria
I want this list to have integrity – quite a rare thing in the internet marketing world that is the seduction community – so I have some criteria to avoid the main pitfalls of other lists. Namely:

1. In-field evidence: It is frighteningly easy to record in-field audio and video of a daygame pickup. If a guy is telling you his daygame is tight and he can’t provide an in-field then assume he’s a liar until proven otherwise. There are some reasons why guys might be coy so it’s quite reasonable if a guy only puts up one or two vids in the public domain. Maybe they really respect privacy, maybe they want to hold the best stuff back for paying students etc. Eventually, this list will rank only those players who have publicly available videos. It’s the single biggest filter between players and scammers.

2. Business connections: I will declare the business connections I know of. I rate some of the Rock Solid Game guys as top daygamers but I work with them so you ought to know that I’m not fully independent.

3. Bullshit: I don’t give a fuck which company they work for, how many bootcamps they’ve taught, how many made-up testamonials they can spam their website with, what Mystery said about him, which TV shows they’ve been on, how long they’ve been in the community or any other irrelevant unverifiable bullshit. Just give me the in-field or personal experience seeing him in set.

If you want to nominate yourself or someone else for this list, please do so in the comments and make a case. The best way is to post a publically available in-field video to youtube and link it. Next best is some photos that confirm f-closes. If you live in London, show me your game in-set in the real world. If you have privacy concerns email me at my rocksolidgame account – I will not share the evidence unless you specifically authorise it, and I’m happy to rank someone and say “I have seen private versions of the evidence and confirm the guy is legit”.

Also, a guy doesn’t have to be a self-defined PUA. Naturals are fine, as are macks. I’m trying to rank who has the best game where it matters on the streets.

This list is a work in progress – it is not the definitive be-all-end-all. I’ll make it a sticky page and update as the evidence / feedback rolls in


  1. krauser,

    What is your A/V setup for recording? Where did you buy, and how did you implement?

  2. Paul Janka has in-filed footage in his latest product, by the way.

  3. Alex from succeed at dating, his are the first infields i saw hes very positive when he does it.

    i think the body language you are referring to comes about with experience, you cant study the shit, like jeffy says good enough is good enough. i’ve seen people loose sets just because of it but i just cant seam to study it. If i’m comfortable she will know if i’m not im not going in and thats that. I think day game should be about f closing or starting a relationship otherwise daygame turns out to just be the art of starting a conversation.

  4. Have a look at this mate’s videos: a number close in less than a minute, a kiss close in 12 minutes and my favourite: a radio broadcast of him snatching a girl sitting at a table with two guys, right under their nose. Number close in about 3 minutes. Delicious.

    • Apparently the kiss close is fake, i forgot the article where i read its fake but you can search for the guys name and fake on google. Apparently the guy and the girl from the kiss close went to the same high school and she admired on facebook that the are long time friends…..whatever. I’m not dissing the guy, he’s ok. but whats the big deal, its just a kiss and i dont like people trying to sell me stuff as well.
      I think we should finally admit that pickup is about FUCKING and shit. When i’m out with my friends i don’t say “OH,i want her phone number!”, i say “dam what a fine pair of tits!”Having 100 phone numbers in my agenda is worth shit to me……so is dating if i’m honest. If you cant fuck a girl pick up is useless.
      Assanova’s and krauser’s stories are worth so much more and it’s helped me grow a pair. I was looking at some videos lately and i just cant believe that flying under the radar and disqualifying yourself are still thought and it pisses me off
      that was a rant….i’m sorry….but i hope some ppl agree with me. i wanna search for some yosha material, i liked him on youtube

  5. Pretty ballsy, but, hey, someone’s gotta put himself out there and rate the contenders.

  6. total horseshit. until i see you get a fucking hot girl you are a phony. that asian chick that you said was so hot, i wouldn’t even fuck if she took off all her clothes without me even asking and spread her legs for me. i am not impressed. prove me wrong

  7. This whole post smacks of jealousy; to hell with what Assanova says, Jake Turner is the best daygame PUA in Europe – just admit it Krauser.

    In all seriousness, as a student of daygame I’d rank Yad as the stand-out daygamer from his in-fields, performing well beyond the limits that men naturally accept for themselves. Suave seems very talented from my brief encounters with him; very alpha, although perhaps in a way that’s difficult to replicate for many men. For me though the only two daygamers who count are Krauser and Yosha, as you both got me into it.

    Funny how daygame seems so UK-centric. I believe it’s because our street culture is so conservative.

  8. Out of all the pics and videos you have posted, I have yet to see any girl I would fuck even if she pulled out my dick and started giving me a blowjob within 1 minute of meeting her. Talking about how great you are and fucking all kinds of girls uglier than a pile of elephant shit means absolutely nothing. I am so sick of all these PUA faggots who brag and boast about how great they are when they are fucking the absolute bottom of the barrel worthless fucking trash on Earth. Is that supposed to impress people? Give me a fucking break.

    Fuck some hot girls and then post about how great you are. What a bunch of shit.

  9. Your haters are awesome! I want some.

  10. this isn’t youtube, this is some dude’s blog if you don’t want to be here then don’t….i just don’t get that. if you find a 6′ Asian with super long slime legs ugly that’s your problem guys(i find her intimidating… problem), go sit in seminar room for 5h and learn the misery method or smth, they can teach you to pick up perfect 10 models right?

  11. Out of all the pics and videos you have posted, I have yet to see any girl I would fuck even if she pulled out my dick and started giving me a blowjob within 1 minute of meeting her.

    Then you obviously have higher standards. Don’t carry it so hard.

  12. Dharam’s a faggot, you can tell the guy’s got no game by just looking at his wimpy demeanour and lack of sexuality. He’s part of the reason I have little respect PUATraining or anything they have to offer.

  13. Jeremy Soul just released an e-book – “Daytime Dating”.


    • According to Krauser, obviously no.

      Listen, I’m not going to pretend there isn’t a little tension here. I took a Love Systems boot camp, I observed some real stuff in field, I got a lot out of it, and my game is on pace. I’ll speak up for those guys. On the other hand Krauser has a point–they should put themselves out there a little bit more with in field footage. That much should be uncontroversial. I emailed Savoy, Soul, and my boot camp instructor with a link to this post, as respectfully as I could. I’m big on the company, I think they’ve put together a fantastic outfit and they’re authentic. But objectively, they can’t get pissed if they’re pressured to produce more in field footage. It just needs to be done, unless I’m really missing something.

      • If I see evidence that he’s top ten, I’ll rate him top ten. I’m not hating on him I just think what is currently in the public domain isn’t top drawer.

  14. Understood Krauser. It’s not hate. We’re all just keeping an eye on the ball here, and the ball is credibility.

  15. I don’t know much about Paul Janka. The first I’d heard of him was when he got called out in the comments section of this post:

    A quick google search led me to this:

    I know jezebel is mostly feminist tripe and the author has a skeptical disposition from the beginning, but Janka comes across as having little to no actual charm. Again, I’ve never researched the guy, but it’s something for your consideration.

  16. i kinda tend to agree about janka, i think he is smart and all and a decent teacher, i bet he knows how to have a good intelligent conversation with a woman but i can’t shake the feeling he is a REALLLY strange pervert. Also i saw a video yesterday in witch he says he sends 1000 of the same text to women in his phone……..that just struck me as stupid.

  17. tomorow you are going on a date with borat? good luck have fun

  18. Krauser,

    There’s one thing in your post unrelated rankings that has me curious. You say of Yad that “There’s no try-hard, no gimmicks and he never ever qualifies. ” Does that mean you think qualifying a girl is gimmicky and try-hard? Does qualifying backfire for some reason during daygame?

  19. Krauser is one of the few PUA gurus who doesn’t come across gay or effeminate. He’s confident and masculine.

    Acting gay/effeminate is a good way to disarm b*tch shields and stay in sets. Most of these PUA gurus recommend approaching with indirect game, and since she’s not sure of your sexuality, she’s not sure whether you’re just another dude hitting on her or a harmless gay guy.

    And if you’re an adult virgin who shelled out $3000 for a weekend field trip to a few nightclubs, you’ll be WOWED by a guy who can randomly approach girls and hold a conversation, let alone get a number… nevermind that most numbers flake.

    A PUA guru approaching with a more direct/masculine style is more liable to get blown out right away, leading the adult virgin to question the guy’s skill. A PUA guru who acts vaguely gay is more liable to stay in set. The adult virgin sees this and actually believes the guru is good. But who is he to judge good and bad game really?

    • And if you’re an adult virgin who shelled out $3000 for a weekend field trip to a few nightclubs, you’ll be WOWED by a guy who can randomly approach girls and hold a conversation, let alone get a number… nevermind that most numbers flake.

      Actually, I was worse than a virgin–I’ve unfucked way more girls than you’ve fucked. Anyway, I was wowed not by guys who could do it, but by guys who could do it with energy, understanding, and success, and who could transmit their habit and understanding to other guys who wanted to learn.

      • lol evan, i totally get that. i’ve screwed it up with more girls who like me but didn’t want sex then i wold like.
        i have a thing i like to tell the really bitchy frigid ones( sometimes my folt): ” if i want to ‘not fuck’ i can ‘not fuck’ someone a lot hotter then you dear”….rough translation.

  20. Here’s an example of dubious game from PUA guru Jeremy Soul, self-described “#1 Day Game Guru”:

    An adult virgin may be WOWED by this.

    I see an asexual conversation from a guy who doesn’t declare any real interest or intent, and who managed to number-close a porker looking for a gay shopping buddy.

    • 1.44 in and he says something wholly contradictory to the subtitles at the bottom of the vid…the vid says to demonstrate value, and he says, this is why i was like random, i know it’s ‘like strange’ and stuff…wtf???

  21. Genius to come up with this list. Haven’t read all the comments yet but Paul Janka is way too good looking to be considered a legitimate PUA. Not sure how to explain it better, but you know what I mean.

    Which is why I consider Yad to be one of the coolest guys alive, and someone I really want to meet. Him and Ralph Nader. Yad is one average looking motherfucker, and his 10 minute kiss close is one of my greatest inspirations in life right now. That, and the Bible. jk.

    If Yad can do it, I can do it.

    • Exactly. Yad’s a proof of concept.

      BTW, if you’d seen Jambone’s set this afternoon in Vilnius you’d have been loving it. Unfortunately he wasn’t miked so I’ve only got the long-range video and no audio….

  22. I think I would have a standing chance against most people. I just came across this site today. I’ll have to try and see if I can set up some video of my day game….Here’s one report written about me a few years back when I took a workshop.

    My blog should be linked to my name as well…




  24. i know Justin Wayne, well, ive met him twice. I saw him in field once. I first saw him February in an event called NYC superstars heres link .

    So that night after the event many of us came with him to union square to watch him demo. this dude made out with this model chick in less than 5 minutes. He then got her number. I was amazed. He seems to really know his shyt. IM saving up to go to one of his training packages.

    My friend is a student of his. My friend said that Justin uses different styles of game. some times indirect, or direct etc.

    Also, the in the meeting he showed up with 3 of his girlfriends, all which he picked up, his relationship game is unheard of.

    I dont know his story though, i dont know if he was a natural to begin with. and i dont know how well he can teach, my friend says he’s a great teraher, when i got to his training ill tell you guys

  25. I used to sarge with Justin Wayne, and he’s building up a strong cult following in Union Square…his game is VERY tight.

    Glenn P (Brad P’s wing) is always around Union Square too, he seems cool.

    I love Sinn’s content, and I would love to be able to see him in action. Has anybody seen him in field? I’m curious to here what people think about him.

    I am somewhat skeptical of Paul Janka- it seems his methodology is moreso tailored for a really good looking guy like himself.

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  27. Of course PAUL JANKA have infields!!! He has a web based program based on live footages of 15 sec pick-ups with like 20 sets. Do some research people.

  28. I don’t want to be put up for any rankings…I could care less about that; I am not at that level yet anyway. But, here are some of my infield videos from day game I made with my covert camera that is disguised as a pen in my shirt pocket. I posted them in a forum.

    • vids are password protected?? i like the ss approach, it’s the meat n bones of what everyones doing, i don’t care if people agree or disagree, it simply is, and i’ll tell u why. look at how people are doing pick-up now, ain’t that speed, i rest my case….rj didn’t franchise words or nothing, he just got with bandler and learnt tons from him, and like we all do, continued learning…he’s still got flaws, who hasn’t?

  29. Funny how all the best day gamers are in London 🙂
    Not sure if I agree with the list. I live in London and have trained some of the guys mentioned above.

    While Yosha has helped daygame awareness, I’ve never seen an approach by him. I don’t think he deserves a slot in the top4.

    I often see Sasha approaching/teaching and I’ve also seen him with pretty hot girls as well. His style is slightly different to the others but it works! Would definatly recommend him at the top.

  30. This list doesn’t mention Sasha, the only logical thing to do now is to rewrite it.

  31. Krauser: Are you shitting us?

    Sasha gets more lays than you, and you don’t rate him?

    Errr…. I’m confused!?????

    Sasha and Yad are pretty much the godfathers of the UK Daygame scene. Most stuff being taught today, is stuff they learned in field for themselves, and then taught others. You need to study your history son!

    • Yad is excellent. Sasha is not. The fact they are sometimes associated with each other does not mean they are comparable in ability. If you actually want me to explain why I think this, I’ll tell you. If you just wanna jump and and down shouting Mode One 4 Eva!!! then I won’t.

      • yad is excellent? really? and putting him at number one with all that praise and then later saying how he’s all smoke and mirrors and is actually shit at game… I’m confused, which is true here? hes either good or not…

  32. Mode one is 4Eva!!! And Sasha does it in a really cool, fun way. I don’t think his goal is to fuck every girl in the world, but only the one’s that he has some common ground with. It’ shouldn’t be about getting pussy in a fake and manipulative way, if you can’t be yourself around her then what’s the point.

    And mode one isn’t just about getting girls; it’s about being yourself at all times, with everyone. Yad does what he does because that’s who he is, just because you have a role model doesn’t mean you need to be a doppelganger.

  33. Krauser,

    I’m from the U.S., and it appears to me that some of the strategies employed for ‘day game’ must be a regional thing. I’m typically good with women here, and I don’t think that a lot of what you guys use on the street is effective for American girls – take for instance Yad’s video, a typical (Attractive) U.S chick would give you a ‘get away from me’ look and keep walking if the same strategy were employed. I’m by no means saying it can’t be done, I just say this as a warning for U.S. viewers of the site. They may want to vary their approach and not copy the Euro example to the ‘T’, there are simply different cultural dynamics going on. Overall though, great site with intellectual thought and universal truth on the subject. Thanks for documenting your experiences.

  34. Hey Krauser, I’ve seen Tom Torero infield quite a few times, about 10 sets in total, when he was teaching with Yad. His skill at vibing and bouncing was similar to Yad’s, and he’s also not a clasically good looking / stylish guy. I saw one kiss close on a British uni student, and 3 or 4 instant dates, all with HB8s+. I know he also bounces girls off the street outside clubs and he sometimes table hosts with Beckster at Movida. I’m not associated with him, and didn’t think the old Youtube videos he had did him justice, but before he took them down there was loads of evidence of hotties, bounce backs and actual lays. Have you ever met him?

    [Yeah, I know Tom and we’ve been out together a couple of times. I think he’s really good. I’ll probably rank him if he puts his videos back online. K]

  35. Krauser,
    Two Words: Simple Pickup.Have you heard of them?
    These three guys-Jesse, Jason, and Kong- have swept some pick-up forums like a breath of fresh air.
    Their videos are all mostly edited and have the focus of entertainment purposes,but thereis much to be learned from watching them. Personally, I’m never that impressed by # closes but these guys average three a piece per video, and they have a SNL video (condensed into about five entertaining minutes of course).
    I’m going to ask that they be voted onto your list because they demonstrate a Cajun-like poise, sharpedened wit, consistent # closes;and because they are mainly focused on entertainment, they have no outcome dependence: Simple pick-up,simply doesn’t give a shit. The shit they say and wear sometimes outrageous and it simply proves you can get away with almost anything exuding calm, confidence, aloofness.
    Check out their in-field videos on their youtube channel:

    If you’re looking for in-field proof, this is a gold-mine. Even if you don’t respect their game you’ll be laughing your ass off @ Emo guys picking up girls.

    Sincerly and respectfully,


    [I watched a few minutes of a few vids and what they do is street theatre, not pickup. Of the interactions I saw, they have no hope at all of banging those girls. There was no attraction, just lulz – they were just BT spiking and getting flakey numbers as sexless friends. Could you link the SNL vid? If I’m missing something, I’d like to know. What they do is funny but it’s like watching Dennis Pennis. K.]

  36. Here it is. They claim in an interview these translated into SNLs. Looks like it.

    They’re not selling shit (yet at least!) so there is no risk of being fleeced by ther products (god forbid they were recruited by Shit Systems). They are, however, after youtube views, which impels them to behave silly. I think if you strip down this element from the equation, these guys can actually game girls, like this video shows.


  37. Hey Krauser,

    Excellent blog! It is good to see your journey. I came her to give you critical advice on this post.

    I was looking at your top 10 day game list and I think you really need to update this.

    You need to get Sasha PUA up there now.. He has a kiss close video that is much better than Yad’s because it was less awkward and plus there is photo proof of the day2 which proves it was not a flake. However, there was no proof of a pull or sex on the day 2.

    Yad only has a kiss close video with a tourist. ( yes Sasha’s kiss close video is with a tourist too.) Yad has no proof he met her again or of any full time actions or with any video of him and his girlfriends etc. It was just one kiss close video that many good PUA’s can do if they walk outside with a camera all day.

    secondly, Justin Wayne should be number 1 now. He has far more proof of the full thing from the pick up to his bed room. Only bad thing is that he does not include audio in his lay reports.. However, He did mention that they videos were only meant as proof as opposed to a learning tool. Justin has consistently demonstrate him pulling high caliber women to his bedroom over and over. I counted over 20 girls in his proof vids… He sholud definately be number one by now…

    He does it so seamlessly. where as Yad just has a fiew videos of him approaching and one or two videos of him doing flashy game make out… There is no guarantee that those flashy makeouts lead anywhere after. I have done it before. I know you said he seems calm and centered but we can not just look at that, we need to see more. Does he really score a lot?

    The other guys you can not see anything … the link is down..

    I think you should re-do the list again…

    here is Sasha’s video…
    and here is a JW video of hot girls with boyfiends that are local
    and another one with a ‘leggy’ model here…

    So, I think Justin Wayne gets number 1 due to most proof by far that is available. Interms of his technique, you say you know him a bit, then simply interview him or something… but he is the only one who has proof from the pick up to the bedroom with hot girls. All the other guys have pick ups that could of lead to nowhere… Thats the truth mate. Plus JW gets local anglo girls too which it seems like all the other day game videos have one with a tourist.

    number 2- I know you did not Rate Sasha, but he belongs somewhere on this list.. maybe tie with Yad for number 2??? and you can interview him on his method too..

    Paul Janka seems credible but there is no real proof of anything.

    Maybe you can put yourself there too since you have some proof??

    [Thanks for the input. I saw that Sasha video and it’s his best, dropping all the comedy bullshit. But for all that, it’s just one video and he’s been out filming alot for years. You can get one of those through blind luck if you’re out long enough. I haven’t rated Sasha from the times I’ve met him, seen him out, watched his infields, and heard word on the street. He does seem to be getting better lately, so I’ll keep my eyes out. Right now I don’t put him top ten. I live with four guys who are better who aren’t even listed here.

    I’ve been out with Yad several times and know people who have been out with him more. I think his endgame isn’t so strong but his first ten minutes are excellent, and this is about daygame not date game.

    Justin might be #1. Not sure.It’s close. Tom and Rocky took down their videos but I’ve been out with both many many times so those videos were for the readers’ benefit, not mine. K.]

    • I understand what you are saying about Sasha. He does need to show more successes.

      You said the Yad’s endgame is not that tight yet.

      Would you not agree that sex is the bottom line?

      If so, Justin is the man for that. The quality of girls are very high despite him being an average looking minority in the country that feels their the top and not impressed by anyone besides celebrities.

      From a public domain’s point of view… JW has out-classed all of them from showing bottom-line results from open to sex in day game with really beautiful women. plus with many anglo girls which we noticed that every other PUA complain about… or lack proof of getting consistent results with the hot local/anglo women. You can research on that or write a post on the anglo issue that many of your commenters post about.

      Also, what about ROOSH? He just did a new book? what about his system? You should really re-do your list mate.

      Love and Respect

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  39. Lol YAD number one? I see you wrote this a while ago, as your latest opinion of him has changed and we now all know he isn’t very good at all, he’s fucking shit and doesn’t get laid.

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