FR: I shoot myself in the foot

September 15, 2009

It’s Thursday 3rd September and I’m walking home after work, to change my clothes and head out for night game with DiCipher. I’m looking damn good in my grey sharkskin suit. Walking past an underground station I see HB8 Colombian walking my direction. We briefly catch eye contact. A little longer than necessary but she doesn’t smile. We pass and I wonder “is that an approach invitation?” I’m not mentally in sarge mood but I decide to find out.

I give chase, jump in front of her, and its an easy stop. Yup, it was an AI. She’s a bit shy and weird, holding her hand over her face and sucking her little finger.

Krauser: Hey, put your hand down *gestures*
HB8: No, I can’t
Krauser: What?
HB8: I just cut my finger coming out of the station. It’s bleeding

We swap numbers. She’s going to meet a friend, as am I, so I don’t try the instadate. I get a hug. It’s at this point I notice she has an absolutely fucking cracking pair of tits. I elevate her from HB7 to HB8. Later that evening I text:

Krauser: Nice meeting you, Miss Bloodsucker 😉 I’ll call you later, Krauser

On call her from work on Friday and keep it short. She’s got to go work in a night club as a door check so we set up the Day 2 for Sunday.

Day 2
We meet at 1pm outside Embankment station. It’s a glorious day. I hug her and lead her into the park so we can get coffee and sit out on the grass. I play a push-pull game between fairly disinterested (like, when she’s waiting for her coffee to be made I wander off to look at the pictures on the wall) and strong kino (like, pulling her in tight when I say something then shoving her away). She’s enjoying it all. We vibe on the grass and I DHV a bit but try not to make it too canned.

I always aim for time distortion now, so I lead her across the footbridge and we get a sandwich in Eat on the south bank. I tease her a bit and we play Marry/Murder/Shag. That goes awesome and the second time she tells me the shag guy I make out like I’m gonna walk over and tell him. Then when she points out a girl outside I run out to her “to get a better look” and open (situational, I ask where she got the ice cream then eject). HB8 Colombian is loving the spontaneity.

I take her to the beer garden in a pub (same one as the previous week’s Russian) and this time we have isolation. She loves the cube and rates it 10/10 then spends five minutes recounting things in her life that match my reading. I’m getting lots of texts and calls as social proof and while talking to my brother I start poking her legs and generally fucking around.

I integrate a trick from DiCipher – when I told him about the difficulty of kino-ing the HB8 Sports Star from opposite sides of the table he suggested footsie. I do that and its a hit.

Everything is going swimmingly and I’m really liking this girl too. I try a kiss close but get rebuffed with “I’m too shy” which I read as “slow down”. Escalating with light sex talk I ask how many boys she’s kissed (she’s 22). Three, apparently. I neg her and disbelieve saying its over a hundred for me, then it turns out she’d misunderstood the question thinking I’d asked how many she’d slept with. Sweet.

Now I fuck up.

As we are in a tight hug with her awesome rack pushed up against my chest we decide to Day 3 the following Thursday. I call on the Tuesday to confirm. I send a text on Thursday morning and get nothing back. I call on the Thursday evening to see where she is (we hadn’t arranged a time or place) and she doesn’t pick up or return the call. Very odd, considering how well the Day 2 went and all the crazy IOIs.

Now for a disgression.

After Sunday’s day 2 I meet Paddy and Sai in Trafalgar Square and decide to go for the Apocalypse opener. The very first one, HB6 Petite Estonian, stays around for ten minutes chatting, giving mild IOIs, and I number close. A few hours later I text

Krauser: It was nice meeting you today. A bit weird. Krauser

Nothing comes back. On Wednesday I call, get voicemail and leave this message:

Krauser: HB6, it’s Krauser. Call me.

Nothing. After HB8 Colombian doesn’t respond on the Thursday I send another text to HB6.
You can see where this is leading…… A few days later I’m checking out my phone numbers and received calls, kinda wondering how the Colombian blew me off so unexpectedly, and how the Estonian doesn’t reply at all.

Then I see it.

When I was number closing HB6 Estonian I saved HB8 Colombian’s number under her name. Thus every single message and call to HB6 in fact went to HB8, as well as all the calls intended for HB8 also going to HB8.

HB8 Colombian was thus hearing me tell her how much I enjoyed meeting her, then hearing my tell some other girl exactly the same thing a few hours later.


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  1. Hahahahaa…….not to poke fun, but reminds me of the time when I closed a girl after a long dry spell and I sent the text to my buddies “wooHoo! I just got laid” and by mistake sent it to this girl too……wasn’t funny then. Sure as hell is now

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