FR: First kiss close

September 10, 2009

August 7th, night game at Cargo in Old Street. I’ve always liked this bar because it’s got a beer garden, normal bar, and a dance floor room. Three good environments and it also gets the early-20s slightly alternative chicks I like. I head off with two friends.

I start with HB 8 Brunette and HB6 Sister standing in the bar. I do my superpower indirect opener and hook easy. I give them Style’s best friend test and generally banter for five minutes. I eject expecting to reopen later. Bad idea, as they have left by then.

Next there’s HB 7 Petite sitting on the garden wall with friend and a beta male. It’s a more challenging open because they are seated low down and I don’t want to peck. The target is furthest away and it’s logistically tough to get close. I find a pretext to sit next to her (moving her bag and pushing her along in a minor dominance show) and hold for ten minutes before the Ugly Best Friend takes them off to see the band playing in the dance room. Should’ve befriended the obstacle more, but I figure I can reopen.

I try to find the first set but they have been replaced by two young Somalis HB7 Wild and HB6 Sensible. They look young enough that I wonder if they are legal. I superpower open and hook easy, taking care to befriend the obstacle. I eject, then reopen twenty minutes later. I sit at a table outside as my wing does a great job of handling the obstacle. There’s a comfortable vibe and all my DHVs and routines are sticking. I escalate but slower than I ought to. About two hours in I realise I should bounce so I take them across the road to another bar.

My wing gets HB6 Sensible playing pool. Earlier she’d said “Krauser, you’re a cool guy” so I figure there’ll be no cockblocking. I isolate HB7 Wild and start raising her buying temperature. Then I go for a kiss close, asking her to rate herself as a kisser. Easy close and I neg a bit saying it’s a five, so she tries harder and I score her a seven, and the third one is a tempestous snog with her climbing all over me. Nice. As the pubs chuck out I number close.

The next night is so-so in Jewel. I open four sets, the first of which is an HB6 Chinese who gives me a smiling approach invitation and I number close. Struggling to keep state though.

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  1. What’s a superpower open?

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