FR: Meeting up for a Sunday toast

September 10, 2009

August 9, 2009. A couple of experienced guys from the LSS have started a weekly day game in-field round Oxford Street. The idea is that noobs like me turn up and the guys get to practice their teaching skills by taking us around. Win-win. I do it.

It starts a bit funny. We are to meet on Argyll Street opposite Top Man at 1pm. I’m there a bit early and don’t really know who is who. I don’t want to just talk to random dudes waiting around so I figure I’ll hang back until I think I can spot a PUA.

As I’m doing this, HB8 Teen walks past. Dyed-red hair, slim, youthful and great curves wrapped in a tight black t-shirt and cut off blue denium shorts. I approach, she stops, easy hook. As I’m midway through the sarge she mentions she’s 16. That totally throws me cos I can’t remember the age of consent in the UK. I’m also getting visions of an angry dad chasing me with a hammer. I stammer something, but still get the number close. As I exit the set I realise a group of PUAs has now gathered, and they’re watching me. Nice way to be introduced to the LSS.

The main dude is cool. A bit older than me and a textbook example of how to look smart, confident and lively while approaching middle age. It’s easy to imagine him closing young chicks. He’s got a helper with him who I later find out has deliberately dressed in lounge gear to prove a point that it can be done without dressing up. We start prowling Oxford Street.

I do another ten or so sets with middling success and no closes. It’s fun and I get lots of pointers. These include:

  • Coming out of a failed set I’m visibly disappointed. I need to remember that a girl’s response should never dictate my state;
  • I get blown out of one set immediately. Feedback is that I had outcome dependency written all over my face. Control this in future;
  • I fail to stop a fast walking girl. When I jumped across I had subtely defensive body language saying “please don’t hit me” rather than “hey, stop”;
  • One girl literally screams in surprise when I open, causing everyone in earshot to look at me. I calm her easily and spend a couple of minutes in set. Fun. I learn both to ensure I’m in her peripheral vision before jumping next time, and that its possible to recover after such a shocking start;
  • I watch one guy open and the girl side steps him. So he steps across and cuts her off. She stops. He closes. Nice dominance show with the step across. This is now incorporated.

I also meet a few guys who I figure I can wing with. Two of ’em I end up day gaming with alot over the following weeks. A great day out. Most of the feedback was micro-adjustments, which I’m using to subtley tweak my basic opener.

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