FR: I email close my first 10

September 10, 2009

This is actually more about the power of beauty to unseat you. August 12, 2009

The sarge
I was having a coffee with a colleague this lunch time up near St Pauls. A girl walks past with a guy, hard to tell if they are together or just workmates. Both dressed casual business, laughing a bit, around the same age (he looks 23 or so, her 19) but no touching and a polite “friend” distance between them. She is absolutely my perfect image of a 10. Even guys who don’t like her style would put her an objective 9 I think.

About 5’8″, dark brown wavy hair, Italian-looking features, hourglass figure, mid-size breasts, long legs, and total air of elegance.

Ten minutes later she comes back the same way, alone. So I think “f*** it, I’m going” and off I run. I didn’t really have time to think of limiting beliefs [ah, bless the 3-second rule!] but subconsciously I must’ve been thinking “no way will this girl even stop”. I jump in front of her and open, with a big cheesy grin. She kind of stops but keeps a little momentum to walk past, like she’s 50/50 on what to do. I step to the side and cut her off [thanks to Snakeskin for that refinement on the Sunday toast]. She stops, smiles, we talk.

She locks us in to a nearby pillar, stepping out of the middle of the pavement. She’s not giving any textbook IOIs but I hear 10s rarely do. She’s not giving any IODs and is not bodyrocking. We chat. She’s in law, going back to Uni soon. I try something D.Cipher told me on the Sunday toast:

Krauser: I like your coordination. That dress is funny. It’s got the whole grey formal business thing going on, but it’s also got some casual elegance about it. [it really was a distinctive dress]
HB10: *smiles*
Krauser: And it’s all coordinating with the shoes and your hair. Why’d you choose it?
HB10: Blah blah blah agreeing.

Top drawer

She asks what I do (IOI, yes?) so I give her my identity statement which includes oblique reference to lots of international travel, which draws her question of where I’ve been.

Krauser: In March I was in Tokyo
HB10: I’m hoping to go to Singapore later this year. It’s not confirmed yet [is she qualifying herself here?]
Krauser: I’ll tell you something about going to Asia. Strange things happen to you, just because you’re foreign. I lived in Japan five years…
HB10: *interrupts* You speak Japanese?
Krauser: Hai, demo honno sukoshi desu. Ato de, ninhongo shabete mite ne?
HB10: *smile*
Krauser: You’ve seen Lost in Translation? * launches into Tokyo DHV story *

At the end of the story, about 8 minutes into set, she looks at her phone and apologies, saying she really has to go. I do a weak close:

Krauser: You on Facebook?
HB10: Yeah, but it’s not very good is it? Have you got a card?
Krauser: Ok, gimme your number then
HB10: I can’t. I’m with someone.
Krauser: * gets out phone * Email then

She spells it out, I make a couple of input errors which she corrects, we shake hands and bye.

The analysis
The biggest thing through this whole sarge was how completely thrown off I was by her beauty. I was looking at her thinking “This can’t possibly be happening. Why on earth has she stopped? How come she’s not trying to escape?”. I’ve never had that before when sarging 7s, 8s and the occasional 9.

I had to really force myself to hold strong eye contact because my natural inclination was to look down and mutter “I’m not worthy”. I was aware I was speaking quickly and had to slow down. I had to restrain myself from rapport laughter. When I gave my identity statement I had some ums and ahs in it even though it’s a learned statement. I swear if at any point I’d had to do some real thinking my brain would’ve just exploded.

Fortunately I think I avoided saying anything dumb, my body language and eye contact were fine, and it was all just “ducking syndrome” (like when a duck moves gracefull along the pond but under water you can’t see it’s feet thrashing around).

But my biggest takeaway is the wildly disorienting effect of talking to an abnormally beautiful women and how easy it is to just bow down and be a chode. I sent her an email half an hour later. No response yet, but no delivery failure error message either. Wait and see. I suspect I DLV’d my way out of a Day 2 but I’m still chalking this as a victory in my onward march to PUA glory.

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