FR: Play time in Edinburgh

September 9, 2009

Sarging is about freedom. As Milton Friedman would put it, the freedom to choose. I don’t want to be the guy who relies on social circle. I don’t want to be the guy who relies on being in that one club where he tips the barmen and orders enough champagne that they DHV you.

I want to be able to go to any place in the world, alone, and close.

A lofty goal and it begins in Edinburgh as I’m on a business trip with two colleagues. We don’t really get out much at night but we are based dead central by Princes Street and the hotel is just round the corner. So sarging is for lunch time and immediately after work. The following happen from 22nd to 29th July

Walking back from dinner I see HB7 Scot as she crosses the street by Pizza Hut. Normal open and leads to number close as a workmate looks on. Most notable is I add some identity to the vibing, telling her my identity statement (i.e. not just “I am my job“) and embellish it with a story on how I wanted to be a swordfighter as a kid.

Lunchtime the next day I see HB8 Lithuanian ambling past Debenhams. I number close and she let’s slip this little nugget:

Krauser: How do you like to spend your time?
HB8: I’m running a small business right now, selling soap in a market stall
Krauser: Your English is excellent seeing as you’ve only been here eight months.
HB8: Actually when I first came I worked in a club where I had to talk to customers in English all night.

Adding this to her height, nationality, mannerism, and curves it means ding! dong! I number closed my first stripper!!!!! Sweet. A few texts follow but she has a BF and it fizzles to nothing.

Last memorable sarge is in my second week there. I’ve been given advice that the way to reduce flakes is to go for the instant date. Heading back from work on Wednesday evening my two colleagues are goading me with chants of “day game day game” whenever any girl appears. Finally an HB 8 Brazilian materialises walking towards me. She’s 20. And curvy. I open.

She’s very pleasant and it’s an easy hook. I lock in to the wall and after ten minutes bounce her to the All Bar One round the corner. It’s mostly vibing but I work in a few DHV stories and try an NLP routine (the rollercoaster) to raise her buying temperature. It’s going great. My colleagues are camped out at a table behind us, watching.

She mentions needing to go home for dinner but bounces easily to the hotel bar. My colleagues are blown away, thinking she’s headed for my room. Another drink in the bar and I’m escalating kino and do the Cube. She rates it 8/10 for accuracy. I’m wanting to k-close but there’s tonnes of people around and I chode out. Nonetheless I think this has eventual f-close written all over it.

Then her mum rings and tells her to come home from dinner. Cock blocked. Bah!
We exchange numbers but its a flake after that and I return to London two days later.

As an aside, I’m starting to note something Tyler Durden mentioned in a DVD – I’ve reached a level where my friends think I’m awesome cos I can walk up to girls, entertain them, number close and instant date. But I’m not getting laid so its frustrating as hell.

While in Edinburgh I Facebook chat the HB7 Spaniard from Liverpool street and arrange a Day 2

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