FR: Krauser’s new opener is unleashed

September 9, 2009

Armed with my new day game magic bullet I start some fairly consistent sarging. I open the same each time. Here’s how it works out.

July 12th, Covent Garden
I’m wandering round the indoor market when HB9 Italian goes by. I open, she stops. She’s really smiley and nice – a pleasure to talk to. I lock in to the railings and lean back. Five minutes or so in set and I try the number close. No, on her way to meet the BF.

Next I’m walking down Longacre towards Leicester Square. HB9 Italian (different girl) is meandering the other way. Not that I know it then, but a slow aimlessly walking girl is a far better bet for an instant date and f-close. I run across the road to her and open. Hooks easy, I lock in to the Next shop window. Ten minutes chat, I get to run my Milan DHV story etc. I number close but she mentions a BF.

Just as I’m walking off some guy approaches: “Excuse mate. This might sound a bit weird, but are you day gaming?” So we end up doing winging for an hour. I open three more sets but can’t hook.

July 13th, St Pauls
I’m having lunch with a friend, telling him about my new opener. He’s asking what it is, I see a HB7 French and say “watch”. Bamn! Email close.

July 14th, St Pauls
Same friend, same place. HB8 Hong Kong walks across my kill zone. Number close in the middle of Paternoster Square. She’s super hot and a lovely manner, very much taken aback by the approach. We swap texts for a couple of days before she mentions a BF and an intention to LJBF me. I sign off with

“So you’ve got a BF? Hey, I don’t need to know about your problems 🙂 OK, stay in touch and I’ll let you know when I’ve got stuff going on that you’ll like.”

That turns out to be a wise move, as I find out six weeks later. I also try sarging an HB8 Greek who turns out to be married.

July 15th, St Pauls
I’m getting rather carried away with this lunchtime sarging and I see a fit looking HB8. As I rush off to open my friend says “I think I’ve seen her before”. Indeed he had. She’s the HB8 married girl from yesterday and she’s not impressed with hearing the same opener two days in a row. Pretty embarassing to do that in front of a hundred people eating lunch. To her credit she doesn’t make a scene.

July 16th, Liverpool Street
I’ve met a wing through a forum and I open six sets after work as everyone is milling around the station. The first three hook and I get number closes from HB6 Indian and HB7 Spaniard. The latter is 20yr old, which I like. I really mess up the close with the Indian though cos I close by putting my number in her phone and then ringing it, to pick up her number through caller ID. Except she’s got privacy settings so I don’t get it. Not deliberate either, because she definitely wanted to see me again.

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