Younger Hotter Tighter – review #1

August 16, 2018


Daygame enthusiasts are well aware of many “player’s journey” blogs in our corner of the internet. They log the author’s lay reports, theoretical musings, and travel stories. If this is news to you, click here for a list of many such blogs.

One of them is written by my buddy and sometime Euro Jaunt wing Mr White. He’s just put up a review of my latest memoir Younger Hotter Tighter. Go read the full thing here [1]. A couple of selected quotes:

“On first examination, the book feels much higher quality than the others with Nick deciding to go for a matte cover rather than gloss as well as the whole book being in full colour which adds a nice touch”

“The writing style is also similar to the previous book in that technical advice is thrown in throughout so the reader is learning while following the narrative.”

You can buy Younger Hotter Tighter here. If my product line-up is awfully confusing, try checking out this summary page.

[1] Anyone commenting “but he’s your buddy and wing and therefore not objective” is not the sharp-eyed sceptic they think they are. Yes, it’s blindingly obvious it’s not objective and nobody is pretending otherwise so don’t embarrass yourself trying on the posture.


  1. Have a buddy who picked this up, he loved it so I will probably get it soon. If the writing is anything like this blog then you know it will be worth it.

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