Lulu is having a sale

July 30, 2018

I thought you might be interested to know that Lulu has two good coupon codes running now which can be used together:

SHIPIT2018 gives free shipping

FWD15 gives a 15% discount.

This means something like the Daygame Nitro hardback is $48, Primal Seduction hardback is $77 and so on. All the other books including my memoir volumes 1, 2 and 4 are also covered by the sale. Just enter the codes in the basket.

Go here for Lulu’s page of my books


  1. I would take advantage of that, but I’ve already recently bought the first two memoirs. I think that the books are not for me.

    Balls Deep. The first few chapters which talk about how you join the PUA society were very engaging, but then it becomes a structure whereby each chapter is essentially one girl, and I felt that not every chapter was so interesting. To my mind Tasanee and Dovile were interesting stories. The books are quite long, I’m pretty sure you know that 80,000 words is the standard. And by the end of the book, I was looking for inner game changes.

    I knew I wouldn’t get that, so I bought the second Memoir, which is even longer. Similar setup per chapter, which lost me even more than the first book. There were some chapters were the story changed up a bit or took a break. There was a boxing chapter. A manosphere chapter. I felt they were a bit out of place though. But I have to say the Torero chapter is pure gold. Because I didn’t read the second book in so much detail, you could tell me, ‘just read the fucking book’, but then when I got to the end, the epilogue was very interesting. Bodi is a smart guy. It was apparent that STILL the inner game issues haven’t been sorted out! So I gotta read even more memoirs to find out if it happens, which is a bit of a drag.

    The memoirs are good for a person who wants to learn game by reading the situations bit by bit. Tom Torero’s Daygame book is more like showing of that it is possible. It is also a bit repetitive in the format. I liked Roosh’s A Deat Bat in Paraguay. The format is different. It goes from his life in DC hating his job, to trying to travel South America and doing way too much Tourism, to actually making a strong effort to get girls in different countries.

    Just taking about the books here because I have no-one to talk to about them đŸ˜€ [Thanks for your thoughts. K.]

  2. Hey Nick. Thanks for the codes. I finished volume 2 in May and am eagerly awaiting volume 3 before purchasing 4. Perhaps they weren’t meant to be read in order but I’m happy to wait and pay full price when the time comes.

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