Nick Krauser Residential Coaching Review

July 27, 2018

Regular readers will be aware that I’ve made a return to daygame coaching. So, has it been a triumphant return like Napoleon escaping exile in Elba and marching on to Paris, or was it more like The Ultimate Warrior‘s return to the WWE?


I’ve been hitting the gym and following a calorie-restricted diet lately

So far in 2018 I’ve coached four residentials, of five days a piece. I’ve got two more lined up. Each of the clients gave me a personal debrief at the end and I can confidently say all four felt like they’d really gotten a good week out of it. But that’s just me blabbing on my own blog, where I control what gets written. Of course I’m going to say that, right? [1] So where are the testimonials, Nick???

There won’t be any because I HATE testimonials. They are a scam marketing dodge that PUA fraudsters have been using for years. A common trick is to pump a student’s state on the last day of coaching/boot camp/seminar and then just before he leaves, ask if he’ll do a testimonial for the camera [2]. What a surprise he’s excitable and positive. Even if it’s given for free and in sincerity, the coaching buzz hasn’t worn off yet so he likely really believes it was awesome.

No, fuck that. I have a low opinion of testimonials so I won’t stoop to them myself. However, one of my clients does in fact run his own daygame blog. He was keen to write up his experiences on our Moscow residential and I encouraged him to do so. “Write whatever you want, good or bad” I said, or words to that effect.

If you’d like to read his VERY LONG and VERY DETAILED thoughts on the week of coaching start here. If you’d prefer the summary, start here and then go here.

Here are some cherry-picked quotes that pleased me immensely:

“I was positively surprised of how motivated he still was, for Daygame and for teaching alike.”

“in general was not only professional during our prep messaging but also surprisingly nice. Which continued when we met. I was not sure how well we would get along ..… But I guess one gets a wrong impression to judge him just on his blog persona where he is very exposed to all kind of weirdos.”

“Our days in Moscow really changed my deeper feeling towards Daygame: from It’s work, the grind is hard but necessary to improve your ratios to Sarging can be fun and easy, even if you still screw it up in set; just accept how much the girls like it to be opened and be on dates, enjoy all these moments. There are many other things but I can already say now that he was worth the [hell of a lot of] money he asked for.”

Thanks a lot for taking so much time and care with recording your experience and reflections on it. And thanks Snakeskin for the recommendation!

If you’d like to book residential coaching with me in 2018 then I’m afraid you can’t as I’m fully-booked. Maybe next year. Feel free to contact me though, just in case. Click on the Coaching tab at the top of the page (or here) to get an idea what’s in store.

1. Well, no. Anyone whose asked around in the community knows I don’t lie.
2. Often with a promise of a partial refund or free extra coaching as a bribe.

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