#9 – Barbarian Tides, Time Life BOOK REVIEW

January 24, 2018

I’ll admit I bit off more than I can chew. That is a constant in my life, as I’m also finding out writing volume three of the memoir (Younger Hotter Tighter). Projects seem so much faster in my mind. These Time Life books are each 175 pages long and those pages have plenty of words on them. Real books. Not like skimming a magazine. End-to-end that’s over 3,000 pages. Fuck me. Well, I want the knowledge so I’d better keep reading.

Time Life series

The totality of my ancient world knowledge, yesterday

One of my favourite bloggers, Vox Day, likes to say “immigration is war” and that there is no “magic dirt” that will turn a non-American into an American simply by having him change location. I agree with both sentiments but it was not until reading Barbarian Tides that I appreciate this is historically obvious.

The Left, you see, hates history. It’s always Year Zero with those clowns. The very last thing they want is for us to learn the mistakes of history. They’d much rather we repeat them. They are the People Of The Lie. [1] Thus Leftist history is always about airbrushing wrong-thinkers out of history and then ‘revising’ the record to completely pervert it. Hence all that nonsense about Shakespeare’s plays being written by a black woman, Mohammedans inventing science, that Constantinople is Istanbul, and so on.

Volume two of the Time Life series picks up circa 1500BC as the great Ancient civilisations are beginning to fail. Some are hit by natural catastrophes such as an earthquake and volcanic eruption rendering the Minoans vulnerable to barbarian Mycenean invasion [2], while others fell to internal decline such as the hated Assyrians losing their military prowess and being pushed back by the Hittite barbarians from the Eurasian steppe. The Egyptians also disappeared up their own arseholes when they first let a woman run them (Hatsheput) and later a gamma fag Akhenaten who was so full of himself he changed the entire religion from worship of Amun-Re to Aten and then tried to build a new capital city in the middle of nowhere. Naturally, that didn’t work out well.


Incredible that “gamma face” is clear even in stone sculptures

The meta-level trend emerging from this period of history is pretty clear. The near east, Asia Minor (Turkey, basically), and the Mediterranean was a hotbed of competing tribes and empires. As one grew dominant it would invade the land of it’s neighbours, and then be pushed back as the worm turned. Each time, the new destroyed what they could of the old. Temples smashed, people enslaved, languages disappeared and so on.

When one group was pushed out of their lands they would migrate to new lands, asking for tolerance and mercy (or just plain invade). They’d settled and then soon after overthrow the people who’d welcomed them in. For example, the Hittite barbarians were forced south from the steppe by a tribe of stronger barbarians. The Hittites settled in Anatolia, subjugating the locals, and then built their own empire. It rivalled Egypt in size and the two frequently clashed around Syria. Then a “sea people” [3] in 1300BC arrived and:

“Whoever they were and wherever they came from, the attackers obliterated the Hittite world, reducing Hattusa to ashes, smashing stone sculptures, slaughtering much of the population and driving the rest into exile. And so, in 1200BC, the Hittite empire vanished.”

This was a time of war, conquest and annihilation.

Here’s another lesson from history that the myopic Left would do well to learn: everyone was at it. It’s common for those of us raised with a Western education to think that it was the European empires that were evil. Colonisation is bad we are told. There is something unique and awful about Europeans and those of us around today must pay penance, or reparations, or just feel guilty for all these horrible things we did as colonisers.


Nice civilisation you’ve got there. Would be a shame if someone SMASHED IT

Except, everyone was at it. All those other colonisers – which, frankly, is everyone throughout history – are wiped clean from memory. It’s the European colonisation that we should focus on, the Left says [4]

History truly is fascinating for putting things into context. For example, Christians make a really big deal out of the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt in 1230BC, stopping off at Mt Sinai to pick up the ten commandments, then settling near the Dead Sea, from which they promptly engaged in exactly the same sorts of wars as everybody else. In the Christian world that little episode is a huge deal. In this book, it’s just a minor thread in a broad tapestry of warring empires and barbarian tribes. [5]

I’ll admit I’m struggling a little in my recall and sense-making of this era because so much of it is new to me. When reading about Egyptian pharaohs it’s easy to slot the new information or interpretation into what I’ve been taught already, same as more recent history such as Napoleonic Era. It’s rather harder to get a grasp of the Phoenician sea trading empire that founded Carthage in 900BC, or exactly how the Mycenaens became the Greeks, or how Etruscan city states merged with the Latins to become Rome [6]

I’m a little more educated in world history than I was a week ago, but I suspect there’s a lot more left to learn.

If you enjoy reading these reviews then you should probably leave a comment now and then because although my traffic is a little higher than usual I have no idea if my readership actually gives a shit. I had many requests for Count Cervantes-style content and now that I’m moving in that direction… silence. Which is exactly why I closed down Count Cervantes in the first place.


This is why we can’t have nice things

[1] Okay, Mr Triggered Socialist. I understand…. ooookay, so when socialism was tried in China it led to massive famine, economic collapse, millions of civilians murdered by their own government, spying that turned the whole country into an open air prison, and a complete destruction of civil society. Same thing when it was tried in Russia, Ukraine, North Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba. Next time it’ll be paradise! Next time!
[2] The Mycenaens themselves were smashed by the barbarian Dorians.
[3] About whom very little is known. They appear to have been raiders and pirates.
[4] Just as how the Left is obsessed with the trivial slavery of the US and blames all that on white Europeans despite the fact nearly all the slaves were sold to them by other blacks in Africa and that 90% of slavers were Jewish. And even then, the US/European slave trade was much smaller, far less brutal, and lasted a far shorter time than the Arab and Ottoman slave trades. Indeed, in Libya and Dubai it’s still going on today.
[5] Kind like you banging a pretty bird is a big deal to you, but she’s just one of millions of hot birds getting banged out that evening around the world.
[6] Is does seem pretty clear, though, that the Assyrians were utter cunts. They were the Ottomans of their era.


  1. I’m quite educated in history but it’s always interesting to see other people’s take on things. So keep at it.

    One of the things I’ve learned is how the default state of humanity has been utter barbarity for 99% of our existence. It’s only in the past 70 years that we’ve tamed ourselves to an extent. And who is to say we won’t return to the norm when things get tough? Hopefully not within my lifetime. [“Barbarianism is the natural state of mankind. Civilization is unnatural. It is the whim of circumstance. And barbarianism must ultimately triumph”― Robert E. Howard K.]

  2. The English, the Spaniards or the French didn’t turn into good-savage indians when they set foot in America. Injuns worshipped monkey-gods, demons and ate their enemies. Europeans just conquered the land and ruled the barefoot savages by sword, gunpowder and The Holy Bible.

    That’s how it is done. That’s how we did it. No regrets. No remorse.

    And as a historical lesson, even the most brainless leftist should understand it as a cautionary tale. If we did it, they’d do it if we allow it. And we are indeed allowing it.

    Third World dwellers aren’t, going to be white/europeans/western or whatever denomination one chooses to label their own wide-group-nation-civilization belonging ever. No matter what they do. They’re just not going to make it. [Vox makes the case that one reason Europe is civilised now is because in the late Dark Ages all our barbarians were wiped out of the gene pool, with the savage penalities on piracy, banditry, and the criminal code. Most other people’s still have their % of barbarians. K.]

  3. These book reviews are VERY MUCH appreciated (by me at least). Please keep them coming. I remember last year you mentioned you were getting into James Clavell. Have you got to Noble House yet? It’s a magnificent read. [I’ve read Tai Pan and Shogun. I want to read the whole series but it’s a big commitment. Dumas first. K.]

  4. “I have no idea if my readership actually gives a shit.” Yep, we really do. You’re banging these articles out at a rate of knots at the moment, It’s a lot of information. Enjoyable and intimidating in equal measures. You’re a great writer and I personally appreciate all of this.

    I don’t know if you realise that by having your interview video statically perched at the top of your front page, many readers may not realise that you are still banging articles out underneath it. Your newst pieces are usually at the top. I only realised today that I had missed four articles. [Understood. K.]

  5. Love the Count Cervantes content. You’re coming out with articles really fast and you can’t see them under the stickied post but they’re great.

  6. Great to see you posting again. I also read VD, AC, CH regularly and appreciate seeing work from the rare thinkers who are red pilled on multiple topics. Doubtful there’s much money in it but I do enjoy your perspective on history/philosophy (and game ofc).

  7. >>leave a comment now and then

    By its definition, reading posts like your new style is new to us too. So we read and discover new worlds and new ideas, but nobody would like to comment on such things and “expose their ignorance”.

    It’s not like talking about girls where everyone has their own opinion and argue about it all day. About history and more “educated” matters, people probably don’t feel qualified to comment so they read but leave no comments.

    If you linked it somehow to dating like you did with other articles like the one about 4th generation warfare or whatever, it would be different. As you can see from the comments, you’re attracting some more politically inclines people with these articles while the game guys are just keeping silent since they would naturally not want to look stupid saying a comment that turns out wrong.

  8. Did these time of life books basically skip over Sumeria? I saw brief mention of it in one of your former posts but it seemed almost like a footnote.

    That always interested me, seeing as the Sumerians were the oldest known civilisation and their tablets contain absolutely breathtaking knowledge. They had art that I consider significantly more advanced than the Egyptians, more impressive city planning (roads, sewage systems, pipes, etc), and an origin history that all the Abrahamic religions basically plagiarized (for example, the story of Moses is word for word the story of one of the Sumerian Kings).

    They also have interesting things like naming the devil “Allah”, exactly as the muzzie diety. They have the planets in proper order, orbiting the sun. And yet, despite all that, the tablets were only translated once and then hidden away so that nobody else could see. And only a small portion of them were translated, which makes me wonder how much knowledge is yet missing.

    Always found it curious that Sumer is given such little prominence in our historical understanding of the world despite being the origin of everything else.

  9. I massively appreciate the direction you have taken with the book reviews, especially the history series and I hope you finish them and add your take and observations on each period covered.

    Also loving how regular the posts are coming I’ve been checking here before Facebook lately.

  10. Enjoying your book reviews, especially the ones where you explain why you enjoy a certain style of fiction.

    Have you read The Flashman Papers? Rakish adventure and Victorian Britain, all in one

  11. Great posts, I’m really enjoying these reviews. Looking forward to the next one

  12. Love your book reviews – keep them coming.

    I’ve ordered some of the books you’ve mentioned.

    The book 1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed by Eric Cline is an interesting book which looks at the marauding groups known as the “Sea Peoples”.

  13. I ordered through a combination of circumstances the Thomas Nelson version of the NKJV study bible. (Color Edition)

    Something I would never have considered a month ago let alone any time in my life.

    Good translation in plain English and great notes and anotations.

    Reviews online said this one was slightly PC in catering to the wymens and the Holland version was much better in that regard which I will order once I get through this hefty 2300+ page tome.

    Just dipping in and out of it at the moment. Fascinating reading and explanations.

  14. nick , do you reckon there are paki barbarians living in the UK? [Europe eliminated it’s barbarians by the beginning of Victorian era. Most countries haven’t and now the Left is importing them. K.]

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