Kiev Stories #2

July 15, 2017

“Do you find game stressful?” a wing recently asked me as we walked by Maidan mall mid-afternoon.

“Not at all” I reply. “The street work is fantastic fun and I thoroughly enjoy it. The only thing I dislike about game is the flaking. It’s the emotional rollercoaster that fucks me off.”

Daygame for me is a hobby – that is, something I do for it’s own sake simply because I enjoy it. I want to bang hot girls and try hard to do so, but even when results aren’t coming through it doesn’t take away from the joy of daygame. The joy of walking around in the sunshine with friends, chatting about life, stopping for coffees or beer, seeing a foreign city, and then popping off to open girls and have good interactions.

But fucking hell, the flakes! Fucking hell, the Kiev flakes. This city is a nightmare for it. Yesterday was one of those “only in daygame” days that reminds me how odd this journey is. Let’s begin at the beginning.

I overslept and didn’t get my arse out of bed until half past one. I set up a two pm lunch with an English former-squaddie who’d introduced himself to me a few days earlier while walking with his girlfriend. He’d seen my London Real interview from 2011 and made some changes in his life regarding work, hobbies, and knobbing foreign girls from daygame. He bought me coffee as a thank you [1]

While sitting outside a cafe a nice blonde girl walks by, dressed in a Sgt Peppers’ style faux-military jacket. She appears to IOI me. I do nothing. As the Brit goes to the bathroom, two other guys walking past recognise me and come say hello – a German and a Swede doing a euro jaunt [2] We chat a little and they go their merry way. The Brit settles the bill [3] and we walk towards my favourite Belgian place for whiskey and so I can make use of their better toilet facilities.


Not far off

On the way I see Sgt Pepper Girl again and she gives me another IOI. I open, it’s on, and I take a number. Half an hour later Brit has to go back to the office and I need to hang up my laundry. I ping the girl and she’s keen to meet right away. So I trundle back to Kreschatyk McDonald’s. While waiting for her to show, the same two euro jaunters walk by and say hello again. Blondie arrives and I take her to Porters Bar.

It turns out she’s only visiting Kiev, for a week. She’s rather keen so within half an hour I’ve made out with her and gotten her tits out in the bar. She seems extremely on so we walk up to a park near my apartment and get coffee, and it’s then she starts to show resistance. We try another bar and she orders juice. The whole time forebrain/hindbrain conflict is writ large over her face. She even verbalises it.

I pull her into my building’s lobby and there’s more sloppy make-outs but she won’t come up. I let her go because it’s 9pm now and I have a Day 2 with a different girl. I drop off Blondie at the 24-hour side of McDonald’s then wait five minutes and meet the Brunette at the main entrance. She’s clearly come to fuck.


Imagine a mediocre version of this

Back to Porters but it’s busy now, Friday night. We go to the other bar near my house and eat. Brunette drinks wine and I’m pawing her. For no particular reason I get my dick out then put it away again. Her phone keeps ringing and by 10pm when I pull her outside, her feet lock to the ground.

“I can’t come into your apartment” she says.
“Why not?” I ask, genuinely mystified as she’s clearly come to fuck.
“I want sex now” she replies. “I want sex with you, but I can’t. Not now. I must go. We can meet tomorrow”

She gives me a passionate make-out, pushing right up into me and moaning. She’s clearly gagging for it. However I am forced to walk her back down to McDonald’s. I message my hanger on friend in Belgium

“I’m pretty sure I was cockblocked by a phone call”

I’m a bit fucked off now. Kiev has been flake hell and then twice in ninety minutes I had a horny young girl gagging for it at my apartment building but unwilling to come up to my room. Must be cursed, I mutter to myself.

While muttering under my breath my spider sense tingles at a dark-haired girl walking past. It’s dark, the streets are almost empty [4] and something about her seems right. She’s wearing tight black trousers made out of sequins. I open saying she looks like a disco ball. There’s an immediate crackle of sexual tension.


Daygame Infinite, yesterday

Have I found her? Have I found the one girl in Kiev who will actually have sex with me quickly?

“I’m a tourist here, from Romania” she says in poor English. “I’m here four days visiting a friend”

It turns out she’s ethnically Ukrainian but from a border town slightly north of Romania and spent a long time living the other side. We walk up to Maidan square and we walk past the Brunette who is with her boyfriend. I guess now I know who’d been calling her. I think she sees me but doesn’t react. I figure Porters might have some empty tables by now. Romanian girl follows me in and orders a coffee.

It’s obviously on so I pull her over to my side, massage her legs, play with her hair and then make out within half an hour. She’s very much into it, pushing into me in that tell-tale way to show horniness. Her friend calls and is going to join us for ten minutes, but then messages to cancel.

“She went with a man” the Romanian says simply. “She not come here now”

I don’t inquire whether it’s a regular guy or a stranger. My phone is dying and because we need Google Translate it seems a perfect pretext to bounce.

“I need to charge my phone. There is a good bar next to my apartment. Let’s go there and I can charge my phone too”

She agrees, we walk up, and never actually go into the bar. Straight up at the apartment she takes off her shoes and jacket, sits on the bed, and ten minutes later I’m boning her. One hour SDL of a 25yr old Romanian. Nice. There’s probably never been a single day in my pre-game life that had such volatility. Three girls making out, gagging for it, at my apartment door and one SDL between 9pm and midnight.

And of course having strangers buying me lunch because I write this tosh on the internet.


High value lifestyle

If you recognise me on the streets of an FSU capital, how about you rush home and buy one of my books. Then we’ll have something to talk about while I rinse you for food and alcohol.

[1] And in true Khreschatyk tradition I rinsed him for some food too at a nice restaurant.
[2] That brings my “recognised in Kiev and stopped by daygamers” tally to seven separate occasions on this trip alone. Bless my luck I wasn’t with any RVF-level girls at the time.
[3] Cheaper than a resi, mate
[4] Really weird for a Friday night at the liveliest street in a capital city, I know, but that’s two weeks in a row that it’s been deadsville.


  1. very nice nick! bet your cocks getting worn out! take it easy old man 😉

    • More evidence that one should never give up. Two comments:
      1. Kiev is deadsville atm because Ukraine just unlocked visa-free travels to EU, so they’re swarming toward Western Europe as we speak (
      2. I have a feeling Nick is trying to turn “get my dick out” into a SEO keyword and a new game gambit. Amusing

      • I’m just wondering too, if this is new technique Nick want to explain in the next Krauser Daygame Model? Hmm..

  2. Whats the verbal manifestation of forebrain/hindbrain conflict?

  3. Has whipping it out replaced the stone, or do you still do that too? [Call it a synergy for LDM3.0 K.]

  4. Is the Benny Hill music playing in your head when your whipping it out?

    Serious question.

  5. Just whip it out theory.

  6. good lad nicky, hope you don’t get done for indecent exposure anytime soon

  7. “Bless my luck I wasn’t with any RVF-level girls at the time.”

    I chuckled at this. Armchair players are my favorites. [Yep, the number of times I’ve met RVF guys in real life and found them to be absolute bullshitters…. K.]

  8. I can only drwam of results like that

  9. Hi Krauser, only curious. Why do you need to specifically mention with your DHV stories to girls “this was a true story if you never lie?” Or do you just lie to women occasionally. (Not accusing just wondering) [Only lie I ever tell girls is I sometimes knock ten years off my age if they are under 20. I say true story here because some of my DHVs sound preposterous even though they are literally true. K.]

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