The Sigma Male

February 25, 2015

Now this is just plain chilling. As I read the Murakami excerpt (see link) I was nodding my head and then when I read Vox’s following summary I felt a shiver through my bones:

What is interesting is that Murakami accurately describes many of the attributes of a Sigma decades before the concept was articulated. The young illustrator is solitary, but successful with women despite being physically unremarkable, is likable and makes friends easily, but has little interest in a social life. He possesses unusual motivations and preferences, has strong willpower and a high level of self-discipline, and exists almost completely outside the normal social hierarchies. His interests fall on the obsessive side. He understands women on a level few men do, but has very little interest in them beyond their sexual utility and is more inclined to view them with contempt than place them on a pedestal. Relationships, both friendly and romantic, are open to him, but he instinctively shies away from them.

Vox was the first guy to popularise the notion of sigma (maybe he invented the term, I’m not sure). I was immediately drawn to it because it put a word and concept onto something I’d felt my whole adult life. This is his most striking elucidation of it. Bravo.


  1. Krauser
    Do you think a time will come when you cannot pull early 20s birds anymore due to aging? I say this because I’m early 30s and wondering how many approaches are needed to get young 7s and 8s how many did it take you?

  2. Not speaking for Krauser, but my 2 cents

    I am a married 40 and I am pulling 18-22 regularly.

    If I can do this – with the understandable obstacle of being married – any man can do it, assuming you have halfway decent SMV and game.. I want to throw in a comment because I wishsomeone told me this years ago

    My experience,s that the average guy their age, the average 18-25 year old guy that these girls have to date, are so lacking – that an older guy with halfway decent SMV,
    looks and Game can absolutely kill it,

    My experience is that younger girls are dying for an attractive masculine older man, because they are so rare. And the alternative among younger men – aside from the jacked up douchebags in clubs (good looking guy game)- they have no alternatives for a good fuck, or some adventure from a more sophisticated, interesting man

    Couple that with fact that a big portion of younger girls like older guys to begin with.

    Older guy regularly pulling Younger Girl sounds crazy to the rest of the blue pill world. But they do not know what we know.

    We are red pill

    • Hey young whippersnapper! I’m old enough to be your dad. There was a 25 yo HB8 chasing after me at my club for months. Went out with me to my pickup to drink beer. Talked dirty to me while we were dancing. Challenged my wife by hanging on my neck when I introduced them. Others give me massive bear hugs after dancing with them and do the creepy laser stare while we dance.

      So, yeah, older men can pull young women. I don’t even try and I pull them just by dancing with them once or twice. “Pull” here means “attract”.

    • The entire manosphere/PUA/Red PIll comunity is in absolutely dire need of some sort of way of verifying and legitimizing claims made by bloggers and commenters. Some equivalent of a peer reviewed scientific literature database. LWM – take your claim here for example: You are a 40 year old married dude claiming to fuck 18 year olds on the regular. Now, maybe you are, how the fuck should I know. I am not saying that is impossible. Krauser and Jabba are both pushing 40 and are doing this (perhaps not 18 year olds – I’m guessing 23-25 is the average but I’m sure there have been a few 18-22 girls in there). However, these guys have been providing legit video evidence of that for years now.

      Hot (key word here) 18 year olds just do not typically fuck 40 year old married dudes. I’m talking girls 7+ (and not the inflated idea of a 7/10 that many guys claim they bang). Banging a 4-5/10 18 year old is nothing to be bragging about. One thing that always struck me about Krauser’s lay reports is his accuracy in rating girls he fucked. He doesn’t inflate their hotness to massage his ego. Girls he claims are a 6 genuinely are a 6. That’s still a cute girl you would happily bang but many guys when it comes time to post about it online will inflate her to a 7 or even 8 in some cases. Unless you have serious good looks and great game and possibly status/money you’re NOT banging hot 18 year old prime pussy. Typically. Be careful, I’m not saying it can’t be done, IT CAN. But it is extremely atypical. I just don’t see it in the real world and when I read some dude online claiming to do it on the regular my gut reaction is to roll my eyes and call bullshit. Jesus christ maybe you actually do fuck hot 18 year old pussy on the regular. And if that’s true then well fucking done. Seriously, awesome job. I hope I can meet you one day, buy you a beer and pick your brain because you’re obviously doing something right and I’d love to learn from you. But I’d say the chance of your claim being true is……honestly less than 1%. And you can post a reply to this comment claiming that I’m worng and you do in fact blah blah blah and it’ll just end in us pointlessly arguing and getting nowhere. At the end of the day, this is the internet and it’s open to anyone to claim whatever they want but there is no rational position to take because of this other than to treat such claims as worthless until proven otherwise. Burden of proof is on you. Until you prove it I am fully justified in calling bullshit. Over and over again until you prove it. And then I’ll happily stand corrected.

      The whole RVF debacle of the last few days has really got me thinking. Krauser really hit a nerve with his post in the unpopular opinions thread. The focus of that post somehow became about race (the majority of which I agree with incidentally and I was glad to see his subsequent blog post clarifying his opinions. I notice nobody on the RVF made any real attempt to address that particular post, I suspect because the points he made were pretty reasonable, logical and difficult to refute, in spite of their very un-PC and harsh truths, even for a corner of the internet with a pretty thick skin when it comes to exposing pretty lies). But, I think the race focus was a convienient distraction for the real issue that Roosh/Tuth and many of the RVF got so butthurt about. It broke that unspoken agreement that had been propping up the egos of many in the community. The claim that much of the population of RVF (and by extension the manosphere at large) might actually be a bunch of losers in real life. Losers with no proof to back up their assertions of alphaness and game prowess. Roosh is very much included in that. Roosh has never to my knowledge provided evidence of his game skills. The London daygame guys in contrast have. K/Jabba/Torero and a few others. RSD have too. And that hurts. Roosh started in the game community before Krauser and givewas once an authority on the subject. The London daygame guys (and to an extent RSD and one or two others) have overtaken him in that regard. And they did it by providing PROOF of their skills. That’s the thing with Krauser and a lot of his crew. Regardless of your opinions on them, or their race beliefs or whatever – you can hate them, but you cannot deny their skills and authority on game. There’s a reluctant respect that you must grant them no matter what.

      I respect Roosh in many ways – he’s a good writer, a good businessman and I’m pretty much on the same page as him when it comes to many of the issues commonly discussed in the manosphere – feminism, the decline of the West, political/economic outlook, etc. He’s fighting the good fight in that regard. And along with Roissy, Vox, Rollo and many of the other heavy hitters over the years, has exposed me to a lot of painful truth about the brutal realities of the SMP. But, the dude is NOT an authority any longer of anything related to game and fucking hot young women.

      There are so many fucking charlatans and bullshitters around and in my opinion you place yourself in that camp by DEFAULT unless you provide undeniable proof of your abilities. It is just too easy to make claims about your skills online. Deep down I suspect this is what irked him and Tuth the most (actually I’d say it’s partly the race thing with him being Iranian and perhaps some latent envy and insecurity about that. That’s just a hunch though, hard to know for sure). I think I remember Tuth being exposed on a PUA Hate type website a couple years back as being Mexican but I may be wrong about that too. Would make sense though and explain some of his bitterness about the race stuff.

      Anyway, the point I’m making here is that something needs to change in regard to supposed game gurus and claims people make. Automatically being placed in the category of bullshitter until proven otherwise is a healthy default position to take. It’s just too fucking easy otherwise. I know there will always be guys who want to retain some anonymity about posting pics or videos of themselves online and I understand that concern but that’s the price you have to pay if you want to make grandiose claims. Blur your face, blur hers, use pseudonyms, do whatever you have to do to retain some privacy. There’s ways around fully exposing yourself.

      Anyway, this rant is already Minter-esque in length so I’ll end it here. Sorry Krauser, I don’t mean to derail the subject matter of this particular blog post, I just felt a real urge to address this particular topic. And LWM – nothing personal mate, I don’t know you and you may be legit for all I know. I hope you can understand my reservations though.

      TLDR: An infield video and photo database is the only way to verify people. Perhaps some enterprising soul will step up and create one (not me – too busy!) And most importantly of all, unless you are verified, you are BY DEFAULT, in the bullshitter category. [Excellent comment. There’s an unspoken agreement in the manosphere of “I won’t ask too many troubling questions of you, if you don’t ask them of me.” My view is simple: prove your bona fides. With political discussion you do that with evidence, argument and a track record of accurate predictions. With game you simply must show yourself infield, on dates, in the bedroom. K.]

      • Brilliant comment mate. Please keep talking, and everyone reading this do the same. I’ve requested this on my blg too.

        Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • I’m in this age range and have pulled a few younger girls in the last couple of years, including a recent 19-year old.

      The key for older men is to stay fit. Also, have some status and money. If you’re balding, clip your hair ultra short or shave your head, and grow some facial hair. Krauser himself rocks this look very well. Girls love it. It also helps to develop and/or accentuate some badass traits.

      The interesting thing I’ve discovered with much-younger women is that they’re often starving for romance, something that they aren’t getting from guys their own age.

      • Not sure how important the money part is. Krauser, unless he hides it, has no money or status. [Girls have no idea how much money and status I’d have if I called my recruitment agent and said “get me a £100k job”. Last time I did that I had an interview within 24 hours and a job within 3 days. K.]

  3. Is it that unusual for a Married 40 to be pulling 18-22?

    I’ll take it as flattery that I inspired this reaction – including from Krauser

    Perhaps I am an outlier, but I think this barely concealed envy is better suited towards improving yourself

    Best, [I’m referring to checking bona fides of people who’s argument involves a serious appeal to authority. So far as I can tell, you don’t include that appeal. You include your references to women as colour / examples. If you started selling a “date younger women” product I’d expect to see proof. As a commentor, I don’t. K.]

  4. I agree with the above when it comes to random guys throwing around comments claiming to be 40-50 years old and banging young 18-22 year olds regularly as if it’s easy as pie and any man can do it.

    On a side note, Krauser I’m wondering what your philosophy is on money. I’m reading your memoir and unless I’m mistaken you pretty much said “fuck work” and quit your normal highly paid ( well before the tax mafia shows up ) office job. Between your memoir and reading your blog for the past few years, it seems you haven’t worked in quit some time. Even though you now sell game products, I’d imagine your only making a very modest income. Just enough to go on euro jaunts, dates, and a few odds and ends. I also remember reading something where you stated you don’t believe in saving up large sums of money for various reasons ( time value of money, gov could take it, you could die any day, etc etc ).

    Do you ever worry about being older in your 50s and 60s and still not really having any money? Are you ever worried you might have to plug back into the office matrix and work a boring normal job again?

    The reason I’m asking all these questions is I’ve been focusing a lot on the mechanics of vibe lately and quitting work seems to be the “medicine” needed to repair ones vibe. Working in a office 8-10 hours a day doing a job you don’t authentically like seems to kill peoples game and vibe faster and harder than 10000s of street rejections.

    Look at everyone who is good at game. All the elite/popular LDG games quit their office jobs and went galt. Roosh quit his job and went galt. There are tons of other examples.

    In you’re opinion, is game ( and hence a healthy good vibe ) really “two million in the bank” and thus why you don’t fear being poor? Or am I missing a few pieces here [I’m lucky in that I have multiple options for income: I can take a short-term £££s contract in finance, a normal perm role, go back to English teaching. If I want to stick to pick-up I could pimp myself around more and do live teaching to juice my income considerably. Alternatively I could go either purple pill or PUA-cartel and scam by selling fairy stories. For now, my online business comfortably covers costs and I’ve barely marketed it. Tom is supposed to be addressing the cost side in his new Flowmad – which I haven’t seen yet. If he misses things I might cover it in a post. The short story is that it really doesn’t cost much to live like I do, and the women are completely free. K.]

    • Barring your online business growing to the point where you no longer have to output any energy nor value and still receive a residual consistent income forever ( very tough ), do you see yourself working well into your 60s and 70s?

      I’m guessing you have completely eradicated the belief system that you NEED to save up X amount of money over 30 or so years, and then at around 55 or so simply “quit” and “not work”? Did you ever subscribe to that camp at one point? In a very old post you boldly exclaimed your retirement pension is “a healthy body, a marketable skill, and game mastery”.

  5. Hi Krauser,
    I enjoy your insights and envy your lifestyle but from what I read on here you’ve done the graft! This SIGMA post struck a cord as it reminded me of me a bit except that I know nothing very profound about meeting womem but I recently turned 40 and yet there are times I can meet, charm ze ladies and others where I repulse them from 20s up☺. Yes i find younger women in there twenties can be seduced but its women in their thirties i prefer as they are more settled….I’ve used women for sex, compansionship, had short term relationships but I can’t seem to master what to do once i get the girl! I have had OCD since my late teens and it has stifled my social life, some months I’m feeling great but introverted and others I want to be touched and I can think too much, and analyse too much!. Perhaps someday i will defeat OCD and ive never taken pharma drugs thankfully. Anyhow for me I feel the secret to meeting and maintaining women is relaxation and being aware through body awareness, this is what I’m working on. Also I’m on and off the dole, job here and there but I’ve learned as long as you have a plan and a life, women like that. Also I agree with previous comments that looking after yourself as we men age is important. I love your work Krauser and thanks anybody who read this.. Marcus

  6. Krauser
    Are you an analyst, trader, or a broker in the financial realm?

  7. I agree with P’s comment.

    A lot of people in the community could bring up the argument that you refuse to give proof due to discretion, but that’s complete bullshit.

    It’s also so easy these days to record your sets without having to rely on expensive camera equipment. I use a digital Olympus dictaphone and mic that I take everywhere with me when I go out and day game. Anyone who’s worth their grain in salt should be doing this, not only for their own benefit, but for the benefit of their readers and customers.

    I’ve also personally sent nick proof of my exploits via text exchanges, pics of the girls in their underwear who I later fucked etc.

    The point is, it’s not a ball ache to provide evidence. Any guy in the community who’s not doing this regularly, especially ones who are blogging and running a business has no authority to speak for anyone that is.

    In short, either put up or shut up.

  8. Asking commentators for proof is ridiculous.
    Take the comments in the spirit they were meant, helping out a brother. An anonymous commentor has nothing to gain by empty bragging. dude’s just trying to show others what’s possible.

    I’m 39 and doing alright, with a little help from krauser et al. Youngest over the last 2 years was 20. Need proof? Fuck off. Any nonbelievers need to get there before you can see how easy it is.
    Am I banging younger hotter tighter than Nick? No, but I didn’t make anywhere near nick’s effort (I read the blog in chronological order ) I also don’t have nick’s education.

    My style, assume every girl wants to fuck me, shut up about myself, talk to her about herself, lead home. No tricks or gimmicks.

    Do I wish I was 30? Damn right. I did alright then, but I would crush it with this knowledge in a younger body. 28-32 would be ideal. That’s the golden age

    • Thats a limiting belief Bowler.

      I’ve been daygaming on and off since 2009, so since I was 25 (30 now) and my results haven’t gotten worse with age. In fact, i’m still managing to date 17 year olds whenever I want. It’s getting easier for me because I look more masculine and mature now than I ever did at 25.

      I think the biggest barrier for most guys in their community is their frame of mind. Everything in this game derides from a strong belief system. So if you genuinely believe that your age affects the age and quality of the girls you meet. Then that’s exactly what you’re going to get.

      in reality, girls are girls. There is no leagues. The playing field is equal. People can argue with me on this as it’s debatable, but thats my belief.

  9. @onder,

    “assume every girl wants to fuck me” is not a limiting belief.

    You’re results haven’t gotten worse with age because you’ve been heading towards your prime. They’ll keep getting better. Mine have too, despite my prime now being behind me. But nevertheless early 30s is a man’s prime, make full use of it, sir

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