Daygame Overkill has moved

January 13, 2015

On the day that Daygame Overkill was released I got an email from Vimeo to inform me that it had been unpublished (i.e. removed). They gave me the reason as, simply, “PUA”. So I wrote them an email contesting it because I hadn’t actually breached any of their guidelines. After a short email exchange with the moderation team they determined that it was a “close call” and their guidelines would now be updated to specifically include “PUA” as a theme that is unwelcome on their platform. Okay, that’s their choice. The moderation team were actually quite polite and responsive and we agreed a grace period where Overkill would remain live and taking orders until I set up a new platform. They have also agreed to aid the transition by giving all existing customers instructions on how to contact me to transfer their login from Vimeo to the new platform Kajabi.

That transition begins today. Vimeo have unpublished Overkill. Existing customers can continue to watch it by logging into Vimeo and browsing to their Library. Follow the instructions in the notification mail and – importantly – keep your proof of purchase. The domain now directs to the Kajabi platform login page.

New customers can no longer purchase Overkill from Vimeo. Instead, you can buy from Kajabi using this sales page. It’s the same price and same content except for two things:

  1. The Kajabi videos are not full HD. They are 720p rather than the 1080p on Vimeo.
  2. As a sweetener, I’ve added a new “Directors Cut” section that has the full unedited versions of all ten infields. This extra content will help those of you who have absorbed all my analysis and now just want to zone in on the infields and draw their own additional conclusions about what’s happening.

My apologies for the fanny-on. It’s just an occupational risk when you swallow the red pill and teach men how to improve their sex lives. The whole of the blue pill world is hostile.


  1. Disgusting Newspeak Feminazis. Call yourself Dating Expert and you are set to go. Still it’s a fucking disgrace.

  2. I was surprised you went to Vimeo after Tom’s videos had been taken from their server. And not the least surprised about their move. Keep publishing. [Vimeo has the best platform. I thought it likely they’d boot me off, but I didn’t use the private/date infield clips that they cited when removing Tom’s. K.]

    • Maybe not such a bad turn of events: the problem with Vimeo is its success; they are many download tools with which your work can be siphoned.

  3. The big one will we if wordpress decide they won’t host PUA / manosphere blogs anymore. [SJWs are the minority. The tide has turned. Really, it’s the video streaming platforms that are the high watermark of faggotry, not the written word. K.]

  4. Disappointing to see this censorship, but glad you’re posting the unedited infields. That was one of the few things I wanted to see in this product. I’ll let you know when I do my review.

  5. Thanks for heads up. I was ready to get pissed off atbyoubwhen I read the email. So how do I transfer my login? [Vimeo will send out an email with instructions. Until then you can still watch it by logging in and going to your library. K.]

  6. That’s beyond fucked of them to pull that stunt. Sorry to hear that.

    Ironic that they have plenty of LGBT and nudity ‘art’ films that are allowed, but God forbid a man shows videos of how to talk to women. [I agree, but I respect the right of a private business to do business as they see fit. Even when it’s against my interests. K.]

  7. meh. It does put Vimeo in liability for “invasion of privacy” and it’s a US company (and we Americans love lawsuits)- I’m more surprised they didn’t cite the video taping (infields) of people without their express written consent as a breach of their policies. [There’s plenty of Vimeo videos filmed in public on all sorts of topic. Most states and EU countries allow that public places don’t carry the “assumption of privacy”. K.]

    • i see your point- the liability attaches when there’s a recording of a focused individual/s and these specific individuals are in any way then used money making purposes without their knowledge/consent. If you ask me- its another law that babies people.

      • I think this would ultimately come down to a private property issue. The problem is with government owned roads. If the roads were private then the companies that owned them would determine what rules applied to any videos taken on their property. I can see a good argument that pua infield videos are a violation of privacy. Girls are effectively being seduced on video, then that video is being used as instructional material. The overwhelming majority of women on this earth would not agree to that. The free market would determine the details of what types of privacy policies were in play. And then girls could make their decision with forethought; ie I won’t go to such and such street because any videos made there are deemed permissable but I will go to this street because they have tighter controls, etc.. And I’m not saying this from a Leftist / SJW perspective but from a free market one.

        I know for myself, I wouldn’t like unauthorized videos of me serving the interests of marketers in any way. So, its not just some sill American nanny state nonsense (although we have plenty of that but IMO far less than Europe where you can get arrested for twittering right wing sentiments).

      • This argument would be the beginning of a slippery slope of never-ending “privacy” laws. Any picture, any record, literally anything recorded by phone, camera, voice recorder anywhere would be subjugated to strict property laws. You could not even take a pic from the helicopter or a football stadium without paying off 100.000 people. As long as sufficient anonymity is retained I don’t see a problem really. While VIMEO has the perfect right to throw you out like any bar-owner can simply kick you out, the reason that Vimeo has done this is of course the feminist bias and not them being afraid about any law-suits. In any case – no sense bitching about it – information as of yet is not constrained enough.

  8. Ever since they unpublished Overkill, I have been completely unable to watch it. If I go to “My Library” there is an image for it that does nothing. I emailed Vimeo customer support 3 times over the last 3 days and they haven’t responded at all. And there is no phone number for them. Not sure what to do. [Don’t you get this screen when you go to ? Link to screen cap here. K.]

    • Just checked Vimeo again and it’s finally working. Before I would click on the image on that screen and nothing would happen. Now it seems to be working.

  9. I purchased daygame Overkill through Vimeo and would like to switch over to the new platform. Vimeo did not respond to my email or give me instructions on how to make the transfer.

    How should I go about doing this? [It’s not ready yet. I’m trying to organise an automatic process with Vimeo. If that fails, I’ll announce details so I can manually handle the transition. It’ll all be announced here. Existing customers will not lose access to Overkill. K.]

  10. As of today, all of the videos on Vimeo have been replaced with the same four minute promo video. [Existing customers should email me at and write “Overkill Transition” as subject header. Include a forwarded copy of your proof of purchase. K.]

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