Daygame Diagnostic

January 18, 2015

A key skill for any would-be daygame slayer is the capacity to learn from experience and make changes. Usually these will be small tweaks, and occasionally there are major shifts in direction. Useful symbolism here is to compare yourself to:

  1. An engineer tweaking his F1 car to shave fractions of a second off the lap time.
  2. Sherlock Holmes arriving at a crime scene and assessing the jumble of evidence, much of it hidden until you specifically look for it, in order to build a picture of what happened.

Never forget that as daygamers we are engaged in a diagnostic exercise: there is a messy jumbled world out there and contained within it is what we want – adventure sex with hot girls. However like Sherlock Holmes arriving on the scene, it’s not until he forms an expectation of a certain cigar ash in the corner of the room (which can be compared to his vast library of analysis on the world’s different cigars and where they are bought), it’s your job to direct your mind towards the relevant evidence and then to make sense of what you collect.

an original in-field

an original in-field

It’s one of the reasons daygame is so addictive. You are engaging your mind on so many levels, from those transient micro-signals that flit between you and the girl on the street on up to those macro-signals you notice about your long term vibe or skills. So, with that in mind let’s consider one useful diagnostic tool I learned from Tony T back in 2011.

Chart of Lost Girls
Grab some paper and draw a simple line graph. Label your vertical axis “hooked” and the horizontal axis “compliance point”. You are now going to estimate your results with girls and plot them along the graph as follows:

  1. Trawl your memory (or excel spreadsheet if you have one) for the total number of opens you’ve done for the period under review. I’d recommend you don’t use periods longer than six months. Try to choose a timescale that represents a plateau, where you feel like you’ve had stable results (for good or ill) during that period.
  2. The total number of girls you opened in that period is the upper limit of the vertical axis. If you opened 300 girls in that period, mark “300” at the very end of the vertical axis. That’s the total population of the cases under review.
  3. Mark lines along the horizontal axis to break it into sections as follows, from left to right: Open, Hook Point, Number, Ping Text, Date Acceptance, Date, Kiss, Extraction, Lay. These represent the key moments of compliance which indicate the girl is still interested in moving forwards with you. Advanced perverts players may add a final category of Anal Virginity.
  4. Now comes the difficult part. Go through those 300 (or however many) sets you did and plot on the graph the last compliance point you received from each girl. So lets say you fucked four girls – you’ll put a cross at the point where “lay” on the horizontal axis crosses “four” on the vertical axis. If you opened 300 girls but only reached hook point with fifty then your left-most cross will be 300 (above open) and the second-to-left-most (above hook point) will be fifty.
  5. Clearly you’ll have to estimate some of the numbers. Try your best even if it takes half and hour to sift through your memories.


Here's one I made earlier

Here’s one I made earlier

Right, the first thing you’ll notice is that it’s a downward sloping graph because daygame is a linear process where the pool of girls is gradually whittled down until some find their way into your bed. The purpose of this chart is simple:

Where are you losing most of the girls?

This chart will identify your strengths and weaknesses, giving you a signal for where you need to focus your next plateau-busting efforts. Like everything in game, you can’t blindly follow statistics. For example, you might hook most of the girls you open – which most people would think is a sign of strength – but that could mean either:

  • You’ve got a really strong open and mythology (a good thing)
  • You open girls way below your potential quality ceiling (a bad thing)
  • You hide your sexual intent (a bad thing)

So now that the evidence is in front of you, organised in a useful format, start trying to find reasons for the statistical pattern. You’ll see many of my stats on the 2013 and 2014 summary posts. You can also make this a time-series to see where you are improving from period to period.


  1. The biggest epiphany for me was forcing girls to make a decision by projecting sexual intent.
    It means you get rejected a whole lot more, but in turn get laid a lot easier because you quickly filter them out.
    Your analysis is a great way for guys to force themselves out of being seduced into hooking loads of girls. Its easy to want that fix due to previously not getting positive female responses when first starting out.
    Success has to stem from being able to improve the smoothness of making things sexual up front and to ‘pull the sex forward’ in Paul Janka terms. It will piss off a lot of girls, but you will never get fed so well 😉

  2. Well, this analysis is useless. Do you really wanna make statistical inference from qualitative data?! You simply see a decay (what a surprise…). You cannot (!) compare slopes/numbers or whatsoever. If you wanna make some meaningful inference, this would mean that you average your numbers (given that you have 2 brothers with equal personalities and you three are triplets) or you build a time machine and repeat the former year twice and average…

    For your case (compare counts from different years) differences just reflect variance/standard deviation.

  3. For me it is quite simple and obvious. I only hook around 25% of girls and only 25% of numbers lead to dates. Deduction: I suck at daygame :p

  4. Hey Nick,
    I just diagnosed the 150 approaches I did the last 5 months living abroad in Argentina and compared it side by side with yours to see where my problems are, but I need to ask you a question.

    Are you including insta-dates in your date count? I’d like to know because ift 90% of your “good” phone numbers accept a date, then that must be my #1 problem as I’m at 40%. I only counted the ones that followed a linear Meet-#-Ping text-Date-Bed process to keep the data pure for solid analysis, but if I’m matching it up with yours it’s important for me to know that you’re also doing it that way.

    My numbers after Date Acceptance aren’t high enough to be worth looking at, but this seems to be my issue and I’m trying to find the root to it because I’m sure that if I could get up to even 2/3 I’d be motivated to approach a lot more. [see post on my 2014 and 2013 daygame stats. K.]

    As always, good stuff. Thanks for putting this up.
    – TR

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