Red pill bitterness – A guest post from Tom Torero

August 13, 2013

The manosphere has locked itself way in an isolated wood cabin deep in the forest, introspecting deeply. Roosh recently declared it lost. Danger & Play is taking out the trash. Vox is tired of the attention whoring. I suspect there will be a purge and reboot that takes the manosphere back to the male-only space it was a couple of years ago. For my own part I have no tolerance at all for women speaking out of turn nor whiny bitch men and internet alphas. I keep my blog on-message and that means improving your life and making a dedicated effort to bang more fine young fillies. With this in mind I’ve sought guest posts from two guys who actually fuck hot women. Surprise surprise you don’t see these men menstruating all over the internet about how women are bitches. Steve’s post is here. Now let’s turn to another 150+notch self-made man to offer an outsider’s view of the manosphere….. These are words from a man who banged three new girls in the past seven days (I was next door for two of them)… Take it away Tom….

All-time great defender. All-time great striker.

All-time great defender. All-time great striker.

There’s a good reason why top sports commentators are ex-pro sportsmen themselves. Years on the field, in the ring or inside the scrum have made them masters at their sport through ridiculous amounts of repetition, muscle memory, direct feedback and internalised technique. They’ve won their trophies, they have replaced skill with art, they’ve slaved at the coal face long enough to deserve their diamonds. Success tastes sweet precisely because of the hardships endured and lessons learned to get there.

Now take a look at the Manosphere. Blog after blog, comment after comment, by guys who’ve swallowed the red pill but complain that it tastes bitter. A painful divorce, a difficult run of relationships, one cunning girl who exploited provider tendencies – any of these things and more can trigger men to grab the medicine bottle and shove the red pill down their throats. What they didn’t do was read the health warning on the side of the red pill box:

WARNING: for this pill to work, it must be swallowed with a plentiful supply of action. Failure to take action will lead to the following side effects: bitterness, anger, keyboard jockeying and hate.

Roissy, circa-2009

Roissy, circa-2009

Action means having to be “in it to win it.” To learn how to play tennis, you could read every book on technique out there, follow every tennis match on tv and learn past statistics for every tennis match ever played. But until you, yourself, pick up a racquet and face an opponent on a court, you won’t be able to play. A serve hitting you in the face is going to hurt. To be good at a skillset you need to fail. Lots. Again and again. It is this direct feedback that produces the muscle memory. A true understanding of Game can only come from “on the field” – it’s an experiential subject, much like a sport or a technical skill. That means thousands of hours of face-to-face interactions with women, usually over the period of one or two years. Not blog-to-blog hypothesising and debating with other bitter men online.

I’m not bragging when I say that I didn’t know what the Manosphere was until after my 80th daygame lay. Krauser’s blog introduced me to the concept and I was intrigued, although alarmed at how much online negativity and hate was involved. Same thing for the online PUA forums where keyboard jocks not only failed at taking real-world action, but amplified their woes through flame wars and bickering. An academic understanding and interest in Game is a comfort blanket, a shelter, which however leads to a sense of frustration about not playing it. Disappearing up your own arse in hypotheses and online debates is just another form of avoidance to taking action (which usually comes down to approach anxiety).

Log off. Close your laptop. Disconnect from your online life and hit the streets and bars to learn how to be social. The girl in front of you is a mirror to how you’re doing – her reactions are feedback that is worth a million times that of a commentator on your blog. Actions speak louder than words. Right now as you’re scrolling through post after post, there’s guys dragging hot girls into parks and toilets. The litmus test to whether you’re Sigma or Gamma is simply: do you spend more “Game” time offline or online?

The Gamma Manifesto, balling it with dimes

The Gamma Manifesto, balling it with dimes

But Krauser has a blog? You write for a website? Isn’t that hypocritical? Remember the 90-10 Rule. 90% action (interactions with women) and 10% theory (blogging, commenting etc.). Any question you leave on a blog should have already been field tested by you at least five times. The reason Krauser and I don’t blog more is that we’re always outside, refining and tweaking our skillset on the streets. That’s not blowing our own trumpets. That’s a kick up the arse to get you doing the same.

When swallowed with action, the red pill becomes delicious and life-affirming. Its magical effects are beyond my wildest geek boy academic dreams. Read my journey from Oxford nerd to street seducer in my book Daygame. 100 lay reports, 464 pages, paperback.


  1. I agree, the red pill isn’t bitter… its the consequences of the blue pill lifestyle that were bitter. The truth is sweet medicine.

  2. Tom,
    would you agree then that your book and seeing some professional infields (Jon,for example) is all one really needs in terms of theory?

    I recently found manosphere, but very quickly left ROK, Roosh, Roissy etc. Only Rollo Tomassi is worth it, but even with him I’l buy the book and that’s it, Books are better than blogs, because blogs by their very nature support this pasivity and mental masturbation. You can always wait for a new post or video. This happened to me even at, where I recently watched a 90 minute video of Andy Yosha at the Norwegian conference. It was aimed at beginners, interesting, but to be honest, I watched it as a buffer, it couldn’t really bring me any new insight.

    • I would say the theory you get at the bootcamp is enough. I just had a coaching with Tom today and he had to rectify something that got mixed-up in my head because of something I read somewhere else. I read so much before that I have now these ideas that are off. Take a bootcamp.

      • Fortunately I read almost exclusively, have all their products. So I internalised the message. I may take the bootcamp, though, but at the moment I feel I have all the answers, I just need to approach more, take it further, and lead. I’ll probably watch The Girlfriend Sequence, as I feel this area of later stages doesn’t get nearly enough attention.

      • Btw if you’re Czech we could do Daygame in Prague sometimes to keep each other accountable if you want.

  3. Wonderful article Tom.

    I read “Daygame” and highly recommend it. Tom, I recommended to Krauser Nassim Taleb’s “Antifragile.” A man after your own heart for this post.

    You may know Taleb wrote “Black Swan.”The “Antifragile” book is how “to come out on top in life” basically – he says it on Page 1. In light of “Extremistan.” You could say that Game and picking up women is a human endeavor that qualifies for “Extremistan.”

    Taleb talks about the superiority of “experiential” learning. Bottom up, not Top Down. The inferiority of Book Knowledge (Top Down) to Actual Trying and Feedback (Bottom Up_ He talks about how the street trader Fat Tony outdid Taleb on Wall Street, despite Taleb’s highly polished Ivy League Education.

    As to the “Bitter Manosphere” I really think this is overblown. It may exist. Krauser if you don’t mind, I’d really like someone to post a comment thread full of Angry woman-hating betas. Where is this thread?

    This idea of a “Bitter Manosphere” being pushed by a group of bloggers starting with Roosh, Danger and Play and Virgie Kent.

    You talk about Danger and Play “Taking out the trash.” A year ago, he Tweeted something about the “trash in Roissy’s comment thread.” Why is Roissy’s comment thread trash? Apparently too much favorable talk of Whites.

    He or Virgie Kent then tweeted about complaining to Roosh. “Roissy must be called out on this – isolate Roissy in Manosphere.”

    Roosh said “No you can’t call out Roissy, because he is too powerful” basically. He has too much Internet traffic. Leave it alone.

    So these guys started fuming. They cannot touch Roissy on anything legitimate/ They cannot go after him publicly on the facts. So instead they trash the Manosphere.

    To them, “Ridiculing the Manosphere” means “Ridiculing White Guys”

    If Roosh had his way, the Manosphere would be ambivalent towards the idea of “White Men” generally. The black blogger Danger and Play would be the King Alpha. But this is not the case.

    Instead what we have are a group of High IQ talented White Guys leading the pack. These are legitimate Alphas and Sigmas, who casually refuse to be conned. They will not be cowed into staying away from certain subjects.

    Danger and Play talks about “Internet Alphas.” Here is a guy with a loaded handgun as his Twitter icon. Talking about “fucking white bitches.” Is this guy really an Alpha or a legend in his own mind? LOL.. Who does this?

    Who is the Big Black Paper Alpha? Is it some white commenter, or is it Danger and Play himself?

    Most likely you have a Black American Male who’s never been challenged in his life on anything. He has skated through, and been given a free pass. [I read Fooled By Randomness years ago and liked it. Tried Black Swan and found it a self-indulgent mess. I follow Taleb’s twitter. Yes, I liked his extremistan ideas. K.]

    • I didn’t know danger and play was black? What makes you believe that?

    • This comment proves Tom’s point… the time it took the commenter to write such triviality about “he said this so he said this” is wasted time.

      Who cares who’s top “alpha” blogger… the proof is in the pudding…. Krauser, Tom and Steve are world leaders as they ACTUALLY PULL HOT WOMEN, not mentally masturbating about how to do so.

      That’s it…. no more comments from me. Ever. Out tonight to try to get laid!

    • That was a lot of gossip. You sound like a woman who spends too much time reading US Weekly.

      • How did I know you’d respond?

        You sound like a guy who has never Competed On The Merits.

        And if you did,

        YOU WOULD LOSE. 😉 [Let’s leave it at that chaps. Please take any off-topic arguments to your favourite venue. K.]

      • DangerandPlay is a muppet. Generally I find the tougher and badass their finely crafted “avatars” are on the interwebs, the more they cry like a little bitch when I put some hurt on them IRL.

        G Manifesto is another wigger fool, but at least he was first with the wigger paper alpha gangster act.

      • “Lucky White Male” is IRT, in case you’re wondering. He wishes he were white!

    • …who the fuck keeps track of what other men tweet to each other? really?

      can i recommend something for you? people like my neighbor are moving weight so they can get paid to make music like this:

      just listen and maybe their mannerisms will rub off onto you. if you’re lucky to be white then you’re probably unlucky to have never heard music like this

    • The funny thing about Taleb is that he has almost been sucked into the maelstrom of the same tendencies that exposes in Fooled by Randomness. A highly intelligent writer releases an erudite book which partly relates to how markets/journalists can wrongly attribute correlation and causality. Said author then gets his investment views widely disseminated by the press as if he is some sort of investment legend. Go figure. Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy, but I can’t help noting the irony here.

      He made a big short call on US Treasuries at the start of 2010, and this is a position that you would still be doing your pieces on right now (irrespective of Fed tapering etc).I guess he’ll say he would say he’s just protecting against tail risk events, but he did go very public with this call.

      In the long term, I suspect he maybe right. Another nasty recession within a few years history suggests its coming) and the concomitant pressures on government spending that would ensue in the aftermath of another surge in public debt, are likely to leave the western world dramatically changed. It’s time to have a rethink.

      However, it never works like that. We never graduate the pricing of risk (in this case the risk of ballooning debt) into decision making until a massive rupture forces us to do so. And then its too late. Welfare mothers and wealthy individuals take note.

  4. While it may help us as individuals to focus on getting better at game instead of theorising about the bigger picture, it won’t help men in aggreggate. There are benefits to having discussions about “hypergamy” because it deserves a wider audience. There is still a widespread assumption that women are naturally monogamous, which red pill guys know to be completely false.

    Misconcepations such as ‘women are naturally monogamous’ lead to one-sided divorce laws and catastophic welfare policies. There is a social benefit to be earned for all of us if we can eventually move the discussion beyond the narrow confines of the manosphere. That day may come, but only if the next generation of men in their 20s gets exposed to the broader concepts underlying game, rather than just getting better with women.

    • The theoretical “core” concepts don’t evolve. Our society does, so there are more and more layers of societal conventions and beliefs, but the principles do not change, or at least very very very slowly. “Game” advice was spot on in 1910, as documented at Heartiste. So one decent textbook would do. Rollo?:-)

    • Change can only come from individuals. Be the change you want to see in the world. Men must take action, not wait for the aggregate.

  5. Fuck 10% theory. I’m 100% action. Matter of fact, this comment doesn’t even exist. I’ve never even heard of this website. I am the inner alpha within yourself that is manifesting as The Dave. I am not real.

  6. Tom, great post, thanks. The Michael Jordan video makes a great point very well.
    Too bad every kid who learns Babe Ruth was the ‘home run king’ isn’t also taught that Babe Ruth was also the ‘strike out king’.
    Nick, thanks for hosting this guest post.

  7. WTF this guy is a grandmaster pua? Banged 150 women? He looks like a middle aged lesbian. [hence why banging 150 women including lots of hot ones = knows his Game. K.]

    • Nice book Tom, enjoyed reading about your journey, keep up the great work. Not seen you in action but I know Nick is one of the best daygamers I have ever met or seen in action, he obviously rates you just as high.

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  9. What Susie Says Of Sally Says More Of Susie Than Of Sally 😉

    * for the record, Susie was a middle aged lesbian while Sally was a 21 year old cheerleader she’d gone down on in a Taco Bell toilets

  10. So, he went to Oxford. So a man with every conceivable advantage managed to screw up, because, you know, he is weak. But with a lot of work, hundreds of thousands of dollars in therapy, and repeating over and over again “When you have huge, crushing advantages on everyone else you can succeed!” he finally managed to have sex with more marginal women than a middle class man could f’ model hot hookers with a reasonable part of his pay.

    That’s quite the success, skip.

    The key to being impressed while rich is to have very, very low standards for oneself.

    • Do you really have to be rich to study at Oxford? My Slovakian friend did the application tests and he is far prom rich in european context.

      • Tom comes from Wales and is not rich, he doesn’t even own a bike and travels frugally around the world, it is in his book and remember he was a kindergarten teacher lol

        The accusation is used by the commentator as another excuse to not taking action himself. Pathetic. [Precisely. K.]

      • You mean the foreign student got into Oxford? Well yes, once all those from Good Families are let into Oxford, then exotic and exciting foreigners are let in to fill the rest of the spaces!

        It’s not like an English commoner is going to be let into Oxford except as a “symbol”. We are talking about the most classist society in Europe.

        And they do tend to lie alot. So sure, tell me a STORY. I like STORIES with Cookies and Milk.

    • Tom’s book Daygame is, in my opinion, the single best game advice available. If you want complete package, this is it. I have many books and products, most pretty good, but there is no advice I find worthy that is not in the book. Except maybe that “sillicon loob is great for fisting”, but that’s optional anyway.

  11. I did a bootcamp with Tom, one of the best decisions I ever made. BIG MOVES and MASSIVE ACTION. That’s what life’s about.

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  13. Krauser, pua is due to social engineering. Many of the men of the West are the way they are due to social engineering. Ive been in countries where the average citizen by age 23 speaks 5 languages, has military experience and has a degree and job, never mind the other things. The men of the West being alpha is complete and utter BS and the top white guys (uber-rich) know this, which is why they engineered society like that. You and these guys being alpha is a mental masturbation and you are finding this as the UK gov’t slowly introduces mass immigration. In all due fairness, even the most educated UK guys cannot compete with men from other countries who are forced by their environment to be smarter, or they die. The only competitive men I have met are Americans, and even then everything is not rosy there. You live this lifetime only to have to your ancestors denied future spoils because you are in essence just another hollow shell. [You obviously haven’t seen how faggy all the Euro-chodes are. K.]

  14. If you sell product, then your message is void. case closed.

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