I bang my first 24 yr old Mexican intern

July 26, 2013

There’s a whole world of sex out there.

Back in my pre-game days I had the usual male views about girls’ sexuality. I knew they liked sex and I knew they liked it rough but I never fully appreciated how quickly they’d decide they wanted it. I thought it was only easy girls who put out the first day you meet them. It’s barely an exaggeration to say I thought threesomes only happened in pornos and toilet sex was an urban myth. How little I knew…..

My experiences in Game have taught me alot about female sexuality. I’ve learned that many girls want Adventure Sex to add sparkle to the dreary routine of their lives. They’ve read Jackie Collins and EL James and they want their story. They want their memory to get tingly flashbacks about while entering data into Excel at work. I sincerely believe that if you sit a normal girl down in a normal cafe to talk about it she really won’t know where her sexual limits and proclivities are. She won’t believe that she could be picked up one afternoon from the corner of Buckhingham Palace and then rousted in an stranger’s bedroom before the night is out. That’s why its so common to see confusion on a girl’s face after she’s been Same Day Laid. She didn’t know she had it in her and yet here she is, wiping a stranger’s cum out of her eyes with no idea which part of the city she’s in. And she has to admit to herself that she enjoyed it.

Usually I make her admit it while I’m fucking her

Me: “When you woke up this morning did you think you’d be in a stranger’s bed, getting fucked hard?”

Her: “No!”

Me: “Did you think a stranger would pick you up from the street?”

Her: “No!”

Me: “You like it don’t you. You like that I saw you, thought I want to fuck that, and now here you are, bouncing around with my dick deep inside you, don’t you?”

Her: “Yes! I love it!”

Such it was with this cute little girl. Definitely a Mexi-can not a Mexi-can’t. So where were we…. yes the corner of Buckingham Palace…. readers of Tom Torero’s longwinded boring comprehensive book will have heard how he picked up a Chilean tourist from the Green Park corner of Buckingham palace and SDL’d her. Good work, fella. I got a German from that corner. It’s fairly tight game, junior instructor level. However real elite-level daygamers SDL tourists from both publically-accessible corners of Buckingham Palace.

Incontrovertible truth, yesterday

Incontrovertible truth, yesterday

While out with Tom in early July it’s about 2pm and the heat is burning us. After a cruise around the fountains opposite the Palace we decide to strike out towards Victoria. There’s long processions of Portuguese and French schoolies cluttering the streets but as the masses part I see a cute little hamster ambling about on her own. I don’t even need to describe to you dear readers how she was dressed or what she was carrying in her hands. I open.

My vibe is good, there’s eye sparkle. After five minutes I take a number. Allow me to offer a small calibration tip for SDLing tourists…… It’s 2pm, it’s a beautiful day, and this girl just arrived in London late last night as a stopover before continuing on to West Africa tomorrow morning for a placement in an embassy. This is her one day in London, her first time in Europe.

Should I instant date her?

Quite similar to this but not hardened

Quite similar to this but not hardened

If you answered anything other than “hell no” you need to go back to SDL school (or read the chapter on SDLs in my upcoming book, should I decide to release it). This girl has 24 precious hours in the city of her dreams and she’s only just begun exploring. She wants to see Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London. She wants to walk around and absorb the atmosphere on a clear sunny day, snapping off pictures for the memories. Even if I do corral her into a cafe for a drink her mind will be constantly wandering to all those tourist sites she can’t see because she’s having coffee with me. The smart call is to bin the Same Day Lay and instead push for the Same Day Delay. That means agreeing to meet up with her later in the evening after all the sightseeing is done. Advantages?

  • You don’t waste time trotting around tourist sites, time better spent opening other girls
  • If she meets you later its more on because she’s had time to think about it and decided Yes. She’s passed through an additional early filter
  • She’s not distracted. If anything she’s all touristed-out and just wants to relax over a drink or two
  • She’s had a chance to go back to her hotel to shower, shave her pussy, and put on nice underwear
  • It’s closer to nighttime and the sexual vibe it brings

So it looks good and I let her go, telling her to text me once she’s finished. Here’s the transcript:

Me: [5pm] Hey. I’m in Trafalgar Square 🙂 How is your adventure in London? [ping text, frame it as adventure]

Her: [6pm] Hey it has been cool, im around piccadily, don’t kno where trafalgar is [looks good]

Me: Meet me at Piccadilly at 7:30pm? [push for logistics, we already agreed date in set]

Her: Bought ticket for the theatre 7:30, maybe afterwards? [counter offer, happy to meet late, no complaining about tiredness and needing to sleep]

Me: Which show? [bring logistics under my control]

Her: Let it be at savoy theatre

Me: I know the savoy. I’ll meet you after the show [remove chances for her to derail this, I’ll be right outside to intercept]

Her: Ok, let me know where. Barrery is dying ill turn it on after the show [keen]

Me: I’ll be outside the savoy.

Lets pause and think what’s going on here. When you follow the usual two-date daygame model you’ve got margins for error. If things get a bit tangled in the texting phase you can give her a 48-hour roll-off and rebuild momentum with a ping text. If her calendar is blocked out you can wait for it to clear. If her phone runs out of battery there’s time for her to recharge it. In contrast, SDLing a tourist her last night in town is redlining your car. The slightest error, the slightest bump in the road and you’ll be spinning Artyon Senna-like into the wall. The single biggest source of fucking up an SDL is logistics. Where can this go wrong if I just suggest meeting at Trafalgar Square, a mere five minutes walk from the theatre?

She starts walking the wrong direction and gets lost. Her phone dies.

She starts walking after two hours sitting in a theatre chair. She realises her legs are tired and she wants to go home.

She is lulled into sleep in the theatre and can’t be bothered with a date. Might as well go home and text she feels tired.

One of the few things you can control in the Game is logistics. I could google the theatre, call them and find out what time the 7:30pm show finishes. Then at kicking out time there I am at the main entrance waiting for her. It’s not creepy because she agreed to it. What I’m doing is removing her weasel-room and general tourist/woman incompetence. So it goes smooth? No. She’s not there. I wait fifteen minutes, then text Tom “Was on time but a no show. What a surprise”

Fuck it, might as well fire out a message to her. I was surprised she got cold feet. It seemed on.

Me: [15 minutes after finish, everyone has left theatre] Hey. I waited at savoy theatre but didn’t see you

Her: [immediate reply] Really? Me neither. where are u now?

Me: Outside savoy. Come here

Her: Im by the london eye. Somewhere in the middle?

Me: Cross the white footbridge and wait at Embankment underground station entrance

Her: Ok

Ah….. turns out she accidently went out the back exit. So we meet and I walk her along to an nice English pub. A textbook application of the SDL model ensues. Comfort, rapport, spiking. She’s keeping herself quite restrained so I’m thinking its amber lights. At the second venue, a dark bar/club in Covent Garden which is nearly empty on a Wednesday night, I get good seductive isolation and kiss close. She responds well, murmuring something about it being fast but accepting it and kissing well. I put her legs across me and give lots of physical comfort.

By now it’s pushing midnight and most bars are shut. We get turned away from a couple so I just pull the trigger faster than planned and push her into a taxi. She has no problem with it. Back in the house she needs twenty minutes on email and facebook to sort out her visa worries for the next day. No point trying to push her away from that – she’s sitting on my bed looking comfortable. I can be patient.

Finally she resolves her admin to her satisfaction so I pull her down to me and escalate. She’s naked very quickly. No LMR. There’s the usual post-sex “how did this happen” and she tells me five prior sexual partnets. I text Tom

“Correction. +1. Mexican flag. SDL. Story to follow”


  1. Don’t you find it somewhat vexing that pre-pua your conception was so off, and now you’re finding that after a few hours of engaging the average girl with some well timed banalities and pushing for a lay without awkwardness they’re on their knees gobbling the cock of even a loser like you? What does that say about it all? [What does it say about you that your level of banality is so low these average girls consider you too loser-ish to gobble? K.]

    • Wtfosaurus – dude if that message wasn’t a screaming GAMMA tell, I don’t know what was.

      What does it say about you that you have spent your very limited time on this earth looking up an esoteric blog on daygame specialising in SDLs (you probably have it religiously bookmarked on your RSS reader) read at least a number of posts and then bothered to post a message, the subframe of which is “I hate it that some dude that ISN’T ME (thats bits keys) has worked really hard to develop the skillset to potentially impregnate young fertile girls within 12 hours of meeting them cold in the street. I hate it that I am losing the genetic arms race. I hate it I don’t have the gumption and pain tolerance to develop the same skillset. I hate it that I am GAMMA.”

      Its ok dude….. I occasionally get a brief flare of gamma rage when I see a dude who looks like Tom Torero (no hating Tom, love ya) instructing a large group of peers (intellectual mastery/leader of men) with a gorgeous EE blonde model hanging off his every word. Its our male hamster telling us that we’re falling behind in the only game in town.

      But unlike you, I keep it to myself and resolve to work harder, to make it happen, and I respect the massive work the other dude has put in to get to the level of mastery he is at now.

      Don’t hate mate, its not cool……. now fuck off to whatever stinking gamma cess pit you crawled out from.

      • Note to self: Any fucktard that starts his post on a game forum with “somewhat vexing” is a gamma. Hell, you probably look just like the ugly tool a few posts back.

      • Somebodys gotta do it it though. We can’t all be winners. Thats the real game in town. The musical chairs of life, and some people ain’t getting a seat at the table. Clearly this guy ain’t lol.

      • gamma haters vs beta dick riders… it would make a great video game something like plants vs zombies

      • Beta dick riders lol, such a winner.

  2. Well done. Your story is one example of cell phone use saving a SDL from going awry,
    whereas we’ve seen how a woman’s cell phone use can disrupt one’s seduction strategies …

  3. PS: What, no video this time? awww …

  4. You’re really owning 2013 nick, well done

  5. What i notice in your blog and posts is how in the early days you often analyzed and there was a lot more “frame control” battles.

    Now with much tighter game you’re able to weed out the time wasters and plough through.

    Also, the success breeds success so any hesitation of whether it may or may not be on becomes irrelevant.

    If you go for it and she demurs…it’s ok. No need to over-analyze.

    I think this mindset of abundane leads to that confidence you’ve described in the last few posts.

  6. “There’s a whole world of sex out there.”

    quote of the day

  7. also reminds me of a yohami quote, how a real man is a role model for other men to aspire to.

  8. The value Nick drops in simple lay reports like this is simply unreal – I consider Tom and Nick to be THE wandering aimlessly/single young female tourist SDL experts – for those daygamers who live in megametropolises and want maximum bang for buck, pay attention to the way these guys are working this niche game to great effect. Sadly I left London for sunnier climes and we don’t have anyway near the lost young female tourist volume here.

    LOL @ the Buckingham palace analysis! I’ve chuckled more on the last two posts than in all my time reading this blog – has someone spiked Nick’s drinks recently?! Long may it continue…

  9. ah I was extremely pissed that I flunked the ‘should I instadate her’ test. This $%it is like a golf course (though I don’t play golf) filled sand traps, trees, and high weeds, (and ponds where you lose your balls too) but with the clock running and the weather and winds changing. Don’t hit it too far, don’t hit it too short: be careful, you’re only allowed a few strokes, all to put it into a very small hole with a flag….

  10. I was thinking about coming up with a Gamma-to-Sigma transformation path (about 75% the way there myself currenty) and what its fundamentals might be.

    I came up with this plan for the Gamma who wants to better himself and try to become Sigma:


    -Male dominance: martial arts and weightlifting.

    -Female dominance: do a lot of cold approach pick up, basically do lots of reps of fucking and gaming girls.

    -Financial liberation: doesn’t have to be successfully exiting a VC-funded tech startup or anything like that, could be a consulting practice or even the Early Retirement Extreme approach (extreme frugality). Purpose: to eliminate the negative milieu of a 9 to 5 workplace where one will have to deal with mediocrity, political correctness, enforced betatude, theft of one’s precious hours of life, etc.

    -Worldview-building. This one is complex. Lots of reading, lots of reflecting, lots of life-strategizing, preferably travel, and gradually increasing one’s insight and power. Building the map of greatness, basically.


    -A project. A lens to focus one’s studying through, a raison d’etre beyond just bitches & cash.

    -Communication skills. A sigma will need them to game others. Usually Gammas suck at it (example: to write fancy words like “vexing” just to to stroke one’s ego instead of actually caring about the reader). Practices here could be Toastmasters, pick-up, sales training, writing a blog, doing a podcast, stuff like that.

    -Alliances. A Sigma is a lone wolf, but will still find many uses for a loose “wolfpack” of sorts. This includes friendship building with worthy people, LTRs, business networking, stuff like that. This planet runs on relationships primarily, not competence. Anyone who forgets that will be stuck at the Clueless level (google ribbonfarm gervais principle for more on that).

    -Vice elimination. Diet, video games, negativity, pornography, etc.

    -Looks. They do matter. For the Gamma this means diet, weight training and masculine clothes.

    I believe a Gamma who does all of this in a focused manner for a few years has a good shot at attaining at least lesser Sigma-hood (or what some people have called Taus – the Voxian Betas of the outsiders).

    Would appreciate any thoughts on this.

    • What you said applies to anybody who wants to improve themselves. It doesn’t need this “gamma-to-sigma” slant.

      • What you would need to add to the above advice to make it apply to wannabe Sigmas.

        -Testing elimination. Stop taking society’s tests and tell the test givers to GTFO.

    • Awesome – well reasoned stuff. Worthy of a subject for a book that would be of intense interest for certain types of people.

      I saw some criticism on recent comments, of Adam Lyon’s entourage game, etc. but I would posit that there’s a different lifestyle and approaches to game that are ideal for different types of people. Not only that, but some people are probably adaptable to multiple lifestyles, approaches to game, etc. etc. not just one. Some people probably best stick to the internet dating, probably.

      What you describe is ideal for you, and actually is for me as well, but lots of people thrive in big organizations, on the politics, etc. and lots of people love nightlife game or have a partial love for it etc. etc. We all gotta recognize that and look for the niche that fits us.

      To add to your excellent list I’d say that it’s important to do as much of the above concurrently as possible. For example, I work a regular job but am trying to build a side business also that can sustain me – hectic now but hopefully will pay off in the future.

    • My simplified version:
      Fashion, grooming, weight training, diet, sleep, stress management
      Social Skills
      Daygame, friends, family, relationship management
      Life path
      Career, hobbies, travel, reading…

      Basically, if you do everything to maximize your daygame, career and valuable hobbies, that’s it.

    • The one things that’s in there that is really hard to do, but overlooked by Dave and Ondrej in their commentary here, but seems to me gives as important a reward as anything else and that is:

      Financial liberation – “Purpose: to eliminate the negative milieu of a 9 to 5 workplace where one will have to deal with mediocrity, political correctness, enforced betatude, theft of one’s precious hours of life, etc.”

      Even if you like your career, I bet you don’t like doing it every day 11-11.5months of the year. I love chocolate and sex too but I don’t want to eat chocolate or have sex or play sports every day all day but that’s what we do with the Western Work schedule which is geared to power the western consumption customs. I read about a guy who operates his own business (forgot what it was) who takes 8 weeks of vacation every year (that’s 2 weeks every 3 mos). Sounds like a worthy goal

      I was driving down the street today in my 2007 SUV and looking at a 2014 new $55k version drive by, how it made me feel like getting one, then realize that I’d probably have a $600/mo payment to do so, and then a car that would soon be in the same condition as my old one (dirty on the outside and needing a vacuuming on the inside) and just thought: there are more important things to pursue, like financial freedom, and this is the kind of thing that gets in the way

  11. Hey, joined the replies and looking forward to more of your stories Krauser! Seen a couple of your youtubes and after reading your reports, I am highly inspired by it!

  12. Very nice. Very inspirational Krauser! Looking forward to hearing more of this in the future! I also like how you break down your interactions and your thoughts behind then 🙂

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