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April 3, 2013

I tend not to do any talks or interviews anymore but after putting a few beers down my neck, Tom Torero persuaded me to chip in on the latest of’s weekly-ish podcasts. We spent about an hour discussing the topic of Long Game and in particular the lifestyle of travelling internationally to clack girls. Listen to it here



  1. Hi Nick, why have you stopped your commercial business RSG, you’ve obviously got a massive talent for this and if I was you I’d be capitalising on it (financially as well as the way you already employ your skill set ;-)). Just curious, half way through your book so far and will be experiementing with some of your suggestions.

  2. really admire your fortitude krauser. i was delving into the archives and saw a few of your approaches from early 2010. I dont know you personally, but i certainly see you as a much more confident and secure guy as a result of the hard effort since 2009. the difference shows. Not that thats a negative comment on who you were then, because im only now getting the nerve to start doing such approaches en mass. always enjoy listening to you talk about things

  3. Isn’t a High Value girl an oxymoron? I’m not exactly sure what this means. If you take the same High Value girl and fast forward her 20 years into the future isn’t she just now a prudish woman who won’t put out and you wouldn’t look at?

    A high value man I can understand.
    Take the same high value man fast forward him 20 years into the future and now provided this man worked on his game, himself, his money for those 20 years he’s improved.

  4. awesome commentary that can only be had from a doer. Been thinking about greyhounds all week as I sort of starting to specialize in 6′ women (or close thereto). Ran across this video that supports fake it till you make it in a very scientific way – about as scientific a proof as you’ll find, I’d think with obvious encouaging implications for pickup:

  5. Does your blog encourage comments like JMs which are women hating [gamma. K.]

  6. Krauser,

    Another good talk. A key line was where you said, “If you don’t have the meta level down, game will not work.” It’s so huge. I have seen this myself and other guys I witness. You can know “Game” all you wnat but if the basics of Red Pill Identity and masculinity are not there, you will stay stuck.

    You tweeted the other day “Red Pill Identity Change” is superior to “Self help identity change” and you are right again. The Game Community, especially if you go back to people like David D. has stressed “self help” which is inferior to what we now know as “Red Pill.”

    Not sure if you realize it, but you are very strong on masculinity/ Red Pill subject – and there is a lack of talk about this. I’d be interested in hearing more about Red Pill Change. From what I can piece together, the basics are — for example, if your your video talk before a sarge (posted last year I believe) you said “You have to face feedback you are getting from people honestly, without reframing it.”

  7. Krauser, perfect timing on the podcast, just got back from zagreb after 1 average bang but about 4 very solid leads I’m working on until I return in june. Just one question.. when does zagreb empty out for summer? Going to spend a few days there trying to hoover up before I go to the coast..

  8. Just back from a weekend EE. God, big revelation, big, big…. There is nothing fucking wrong with me. I found something deep inside me. Every fucking girl there is an endless source of inspiration. You can just have a coffee and look at the passing never-ending stream of hyperfemale humans. You feel something growing inside of you. Something I never felt before. No wonder I cannot get woman. Then you come back in WE and you look at the females. They are …. not female. They are masculine. There are no fucking woman in Western-Europe. I never had a chance to develop my masculinity. I never had a chance to notice the spark of being a man inside of me. Big paradox. How to develop your masculinity in an environment without females to get females?

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