One of many cute young Croatian girls

July 26, 2012

I’m out in Zagreb by the train station when I notice a film crew shooting in the park, lots of them lolling about on fold-up chairs lined up on the pavement. A girl I like the look of walks past – shortish, curvy, slim, mousey hair – just my type so I stop her. I’m about two feet away from a pair of camera guys so they can watch and listen to the whole thing.

I run a near-perfect set. Compliments, teases, humour, rapport, leading, everything. The girls is giggling and cooing and the guys are well impressed. Probably the highlight is when she shows me her university report card so I read it aloud, inserting my own comments (e.g. “Biotechnology, F. She keeps texting boys on her mobile phone. Must try harder”). I take the number and what a surprise she’s leaving Zagreb that afternoon for the coast. As good as the set is, I don’t expect much. Just another roll of the dice. I write this one up because of the interesting text chat that ensued.

Note I haven’t fucked this girl, or even seen her. She’s still at the coast. Hopefully something will happen when we are in the same city.

Me: So this is the cute little Dubrovnikian… [standard follow-up, leave no doubt about man/woman frame]

Her: Ouh yes London man šŸ˜› i am in cinema watching a cool romantic film šŸ™‚ Ā [warm response, good]

Me: Ugh… Romance šŸ˜› Ā [set up first challenge, a bit of hard dominance]

Her: heh, it was good, not too much pathetic. Uh… I am ready for sweet dreams šŸ™‚

Me: Hahaha. Girls really like the romance Ā  [soft dominance]

Me: I’m sitting in History bar, sipping coffee, being very civilised šŸ™‚ Ā [a window into my world]

Her: Nice, good time with your friends. I am going to bed now, zzzzz šŸ˜›

Me: Sleep well šŸ˜‰

So far so good, but the next day the logistics fail….

Her: Hi Nick, I changed the plan and today I am going to Dubrovnik. Have a good time in Zagreb these few days. And I hope you will welcome me when I come to visit London soon, hehe šŸ˜‰ Ā  [sounds like she’s happy for long game, her giving the come on, a good sign]

Me: Young lady, you will be my honoured guest šŸ˜‰ Enjoy Dubrovnik!

Her: O thank you, older man šŸ˜›

This is progressing like a normal set, gradually easing into flirting and rapport while waiting for logistics to pan out. I add her to skype and settle in for the long game. Then, out the blue I get a spider-sense tingle that she’s more sexual than I’d first figured, so I test it with an overtly sexual comment….

Her: Hi Nick, are you still in Zagreb? Some Englishmen are sitting in front of me in bus, so I think of you šŸ˜‰ Today is friday 13th, be careful šŸ˜› Ā  [another IOI and a nice jumping off point to try sexualisation]

Me: Be careful of what, young lady? Of a cute little sex maniac? šŸ˜› Ā  [I usually accuse them of being sex maniacs]

Her: Haha. Which sex maniac? Me? Oh, you uncover me. I was that sex maniac who spy on you last night šŸ˜› Ā [she plays along rather than backpedal, another good sign]

Me: I thought I heard some heavy breathing and moaning from my closet. I thought it was a bear. Ā  [don’t jump in too eagerly]

Her: Haha, maybe it was your friend with his girlfriend

Me: OMG you really are crazy. How is Dubrovnik? Ā [and snip, so I don’t look too keen. I want her to feel like its a mutual sexualisation]

Her: Hahah. Sorry,I am sometimes a little bit kinky šŸ˜› [brilliant!] it’s ok, sunshine, hot.. later i will go on the beach to swim and sunbathe…Jeej

Me: I shall require a bikini picture, of course. That’s one of the rules.

Her: I have a small breasts, so i can’t show you topless picture, haha. Ok, we will see, you must deserve that with nice and polite behaviour šŸ˜› Ā [trying to get me jumping through her hoops, a reflexive behaviour to see what I’m made of]

Me: Nice and polite? I think you have me confused with someone else šŸ˜‰ Ā  [so I refuse]

Clearly the sexualisation was accepted and I was able to push, though I was careful not to break rapport or sound too keen. I’m just a sexual man who doesn’t mind letting the girl know I like sex. A couple of incidental rapport texts fly and then it gets ramped up again….

Her: You are man of the world šŸ˜‰ And I wish to travel, but when I grow up, someone could kidnap me šŸ™‚ Ā  [another come-on from her]

Me: I thought we already agreed… I’m going to kidnap you. You’d be my cook and sex slave… Beware! Ā [I always throw in cooking with the sex to look more demanding and position her into a womanly role]

Her: I will fulfill your every pervesian fantasy and order. It will be my pleasure… my dear lord šŸ˜› Ā  [she likes it, great. If this comes off, I think I’ll really like her]

Me: +10 šŸ™‚ I’ll keep you very busy. I’m not easily satisfied! Ā [but in for a penny, in for a pound. So I continue to frame her as chasing and qualifying because ultimately that’s what we both want]

Her: Don’t doubt in me. I know what I need to do šŸ™‚ I am going to take a shower, I am salty of the sea šŸ˜›

From then on I’m out the country so it moves over to Skype chat. I figure there’s a total green light here because she fancies me and is liberal about sex. I might put up a post of those chats too. Anyway, to cut a long story short this one is still in the balance. She’s obviously up for it but there’s not getting around the fact we’ve only met for ten minutes and have horrible logistics. Time will tell.


  1. These reports are the bomb! Very well played and explained! Thanks man!
    Keep up the fucking good work Krauser!

  2. Nice man. This helped me realized that I screwed up a recent text chat with a cute Spanish chick a month ago by losing frame and not progressing the sexual angle… Practice makes perfect though!

    Thanks for this. Cheers.

  3. watching this happen live and seeing the reaction of the film crew guys it made me glad we day game.

  4. I have a question for you Krauser. Offtopic.
    You seem to have massive succes nowadays but i want to ask you this:

    We all know as men, we need to have a clear purpose in our lives, if not we are in big trouble. We become very rapidly depressed, needy and ultimately unattractive for women if we lose our direction and goals.
    I want to ask you how did you managed to keep a good balance between your purpose and chasing women in the begining of your training ? A few years ago you looked as if women was the primarly goal in your life. This is unhealthy and I know this because after a year of chasing women trough daygame I can’t do it anymore. I feel the urge to do something with my life and also I feel that if I keep doing this the results won’t improve – in fact I feel will get worse.

    So I think you did daygame intensively for 2 years, correct me if I’m wrong. In all this time what else did you do with your life beside chasing women to keep you from becoming insane [The first year I worked at my normal job, gaming weekends. Second year I hit it fairly hard but was always on trips or teaching to give direction. Now I don’t game much unless I’m on holiday. Generally, I agree. A man needs a purpose. Chasing pussy is not a purpose. K.]

  5. Good to read. A lot of good cues in there to put in my own text game – which I hate. šŸ˜‰

  6. Please more of long game text posts. Seeing his in text helps me immensely. Especially with the commentary in italics there. It ingrains these general ideas in my head.

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