Infield with the London Real guys

May 25, 2012

Ok chaps, I’ve been busy enjoying this excessively hot London weather sipping Pimms from my hammock. Not much going on and not much I have to talk about. So here’s a little infield video with the LondonReal guys.

I was quite surprised by the uniformly positive response to the interview. Decidedly less haters than I’d have expected the topic to attract.


  1. Haters be damned. You’re doing a good thing, keep it up.

  2. They were nearly the perfect pair of personalities for interviewing you. Skeptical, but open-minded guy on the one hand, deeply interested but wary guy on the other.

  3. Props to them for giving it a go and putting themselves out there. This video and the interview even more so were well done. Very interesting.

  4. Krauser,

    You only got 50 women?

    That is demoralizing for me…… I will never be a GrandMaster, I am just an average guy who wants to get good Game. If Krauser only got 50, I doubt I will even get 3…

    Thousands upon thousands of approaches for 50 lays seems insurmountable.. [If you want to rack up numbers, lower your standards and do club and online game. That was never my interest. So long as I was getting one new girl a month I was happy. I’m more interested in the quality of girl and quality of interaction. I’d rather have one catwalk model in love with me than twenty SNLs with girls I don’t want to see again. But that’s not for everyone. K]

    • Really? I think thats the point that motivates me. That you have to put some effort to it. I have rejected women I could have because I didn’t like the prospects. The point is to get what you want.

    • That is it! Anyone can learn pickup, some can be good at it, few are great at it. Quality women and quality interactions will help you progress as a man. Ultimately this is the path for fulfillment. Thanks for the video.

    • “Only” 50 over a few years? Oh dear! How very demoralizing! (ROFL).

  5. Love the moment at about 12:30, where you’re giving tips and the bus comes and says ‘straight talking’ just behind you.

  6. Really enjoyed this and the interview. Your explanation of game is so clear and on point.

  7. Pity you weren’t wearing your watch cam or necklace cam that you used to record other interactions close up (what exactly do you use by the way?). It would have made the video even better if we could have heard exactly what the girls were saying to you and the boys.

    Good video though, well done guys.

  8. Excellent interview and like the previous interview, some really good information in there. It was great fun watching the boys have a go at it.

  9. Nice video!

    Krauser’s secret weapon is his accent. Girls melt when they hear it!!

  10. Krauser’s secret weapon is his accent. Girls melt when they hear it!!

    er…. if this video is actually in the UK, his accent would be considered local there…

  11. Krauser,

    On one hand, you say you had a perfect 10 for 8 years…

    On the other hand, under methodological notes, you state : “This is a chronological record of my development from latent-alpha / betatised divorced chode (April 2009) to master pick up artist (the future). ”

    Can you reconcile this for us?

    If you were already a master who could be married to a perfect 10 for 8 years, you were a major natural. Anyone seeking to learn is obviously not starting from a level you were at even a decade ago… [I got lucky. She was the hottest girl I’d ever dated, by a long way, and I caught her at the right time and just coincidently did all the right things in the first few weeks to set the frame. K.]

    • Krauser was obviously a natural to begin with – if you look at his 2009 videos when he started he obviously didn’t have any problems approaching women and getting a conversation going naturally.

      One of the best things about this blog is the number of infield videos – but it would be great to see a PUA go from genuinely clueless to completely natural and have the progression recorded on video. But then I think Krauser has said that most of his advice isn’t really for beginners.

      • If you follow his blog from the beginning as I have, you would never call him a natural. By his own concession he lucked out snagging a high value girl while pissed in some pub and going douchebag on her in the initial interaction and after the divorce its been relentless hard work to get where he is now.

      • I agree. Even if he ‘got lucky’ with the first hot woman, that still makes him far more of a natural than most other guys learning Game…

        Most of the introvert/beta guys learning Game get trapping in the torture zone – where they have all the theoretical knowledge but cannot put it into practice, hence don’t get results even though they know the material in theory…..

  12. K: “until the huuuk point”
    Interviewer: “The hook point?”
    K “The huuuk point, like as in fish and huuuk, Wae’aye man!”

    God bless the Geordies…

  13. Krauser drops excellent Daygame science in about 20 minutes, a great watch for those both new and old to the Game.

  14. Krauser can you do a post on Indirect-Direct Game? almost like a how to. This seems to be the only consistently effective game [Read the archives. K]

  15. Just Discovered your stuff Mr K, I do like your style, very matter of fact, no big daft hats, magic tricks or circus clown behaviour. the fact you are a fellow Geordie makes it all the more real to me.
    did you ever practice this stuff in Northumberland street? [Nope. If there’s a pretty girl in Newcastle, I never met her. K.]

    • you must have incredibly high standards, plenty of pretty women hit Newcastle, fai

      r share of whales etc also

  16. Amazing stuff. Thanks for your hard work, Krauser.

  17. Nick, I have to compliment you for these videos. I wont lie, it’s incredibly validating to see you apply with success (as well as school the show’s hosts) the principles I’ve written about for so long that Game deniers criticize as ‘only theory’. I’d love to get some correspondence going with you via email soon. [Thanks fella, I’ve learned alot from your blog. I’ve sent you a mail. K.]

  18. Holy shit! Running up behind girls in an inner-city street and grabbing at them?
    Might work in SWPL-land, I suppose. Good time-saving technique, allows you to crack on through the day.
    Here the result would be much the same as creeping up behind a Rottweiler and jamming your finger up its arse.
    Mind you, the same visual effect can be achieved by simply jamming your finger in the locals’ gobs. But the smell is nauseating.

  19. Krauser’s secret weapon is his accent. Girls melt when they hear it!!
    Nay, ’tis true ’tis.
    Northeast accent even beats a (non-ned/chav) Scots one, probably ranks just below Irish (Eire; otherwise no chance, unless you look like a 17-y.o. George Best) and Scottish gàidhealtachd (Islesmen using English. With a proper kilt, this is a lethal combination).

    I’ve seen not a few take-your-breath-away-beautiful, highly educated Brit girls and women literally squee with delight and wriggle, when subjected to the full idiotic majesty of the Scotswood Road Doric by a mate from work. (An utter pleb, like me. Normally they’d have called Pest Control if any of us had even so much as coughed near them).

    On bumping into her again one would beg him (much to his embarrassment, the fool!) to repeat “dessicated coconut” (don’t ask why!) and other random bits she’d remembered, and go through the whole practically-wetting-herself routine again, put her hand on his (admittedly expansive) chest & shoulders, getting right in his face with constant eye-lock and a beaming smile, the lot.

    No, I never found out. Tight git.

  20. You have a really good voice. Those guys were already alpha, they looked like they had a lot of fun. That last girl was really hot.

  21. You were approaching from behind. Isn´t it a mistake according to the PUA manual? [Burn the manual. K.]

  22. @matthew

    “They were nearly the perfect pair of personalities for interviewing you. Skeptical, but open-minded guy on the one hand, deeply interested but wary guy on the other.”


  23. Krauser, how come you don’t fuck big girls? [Because they disgust me. K]

    • Im new to your blog was wondering where did this interview go? (The vid I just watched was of a metal artist) [Updated. Thanks. K.]

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