Daygame opener in coffee shop video

April 13, 2012

Here’s a short video showing the kind of work we’ve been doing in coffee shops lately. Unfortunately we didn’t actually video the best sets and this one is merely so-so. For example we were too lazy to do the preapproach value properly (Only one half-arsed sentence for the DHV when it should be an animated conversation).

Still, total dogshit or not, it shows the first half of what we were doing.


  1. It’s better than 99.99% of the mannish male to female encounters. Believe me, even half cheeked you are much better at this than you think. I got five solid leads where I’m at could have been more yesterday.

  2. i liked! Very smooth and chill vibe. I need to do this when I go for a eurotour!

  3. Damn, the vibe you guys put off is excellent. [Vibe is the most important part of game. K.]

    Most day game videos are shit, but this is cool because A) its very natural and free flowing B) Your vibe is very relaxed and chill C) The humor is excellent for the daytime, enough to make them laugh but not too much.

  4. “yeah roll off” – lol right in the middle of the set. The longer pickup stays fringe, the better for all of us practitioners.

  5. Bad luck this set, they left a few moments later and we didn’t feel we’d built quite enough comfort to make it a solid number so we let them go. However, 5 minutes later we were in a four set of really hot students and closed on three of them so… that’s Zagreb for you.

  6. nice camera you got there. what kind of camera and how do you keep it hidden. it seems like one of those gun cam from china.

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  8. So interesting. It reassures me that I’m doing something right. I”m able to do a lot of the same types of things. Unfortunately, few of it has led to numbers, dates or sex. Please post more of this type of stuff with the labels describing it. I never knew I had “hooked” a girl, but I guess I have. I may not be recognizing when things are going well. Or if I do, I get so excited or panicked that I don’t know what to do next. Keep em coming.

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