I hope narcissism is a good thing

February 4, 2012

I was browsing Yohami’s blog this evening and saw he’d scored himself on a Narcissism Quiz. Sounds good to me, let’s give it a try….

Jesus fucking Christ am I that full of myself????? Brilliant. That’s one third of the Dark Triad sorted. Now I need to work on my psychopathy and Machiavellianism


  1. Holy crap. You probably only need 4 more points in Exploitativeness to cover the Machiavellic base.

  2. you lie

  3. Thank god! I thought I was an outlier at 33!

  4. Is this supposed to be a good thing?

  5. I scored 20. The problem with this test is what if someone actually *IS* exceptional? So them thinking they are so is a “disorder”? So you’re only ‘normal’ if you believe you are no different to others despite evidence to the contrary? That sounds like delusion. Of course, truly deluded people really believe they *are* exceptional though, right? So in conclusion both the delusional and the exceptional (who are not delusionally modest) score the same.

    In answer to your question no, narcissism is not a good thing; it makes you a wanker. Being a great person though, is, but only if you manage to keep the egomania in tow.

  6. ps. talk of the ‘dark triad’…. mmmm…. are you going to the Dark Side?

  7. Sometimes alpha bloggers wonder how they will manage when the betas have all learned Game. The results of your test show why for most of us “learning Game” will never work.

    It also answers a question I had about your conversations in your recent (February 2012) posts with the Thai girl and the girl in the Islington bar. How do you not merely learn what to say, but have the barefaced cheek to say it?

    Yes, it’s great to read the blogs, learn about the lies that society has told us, and get some tips on correcting negative behavior that women actively dislike. But most of us cannot become “alpha”, because narcissism cannot be faked.

    [If you delve into the archives you’ll see none of this stuff came naturally to me. K.]

  8. 26…actually a little suprised its not higher

    I took this test I found in Roosh’s comments…


    It shows results for all three


  9. You can surely work on your Machiavellism, but you cannot work on your psychopathy unless you find a way to change your actual brain and work on your amygdala. But guess what, you’re already a psychopath. It appears like you don’t know it, but still, it would be much funnier if know it but act like you don’t know it.

    • Your first sentence is true and your second is probably not true. From an early age psychopaths know they’re very different from other people and they build a mask of normality in order to survive. The quiz is pop nonsense.

      • How do you define a sentence? What are you referring when you say “your second”? Is it after the first comma (“but you cannot work…”) or after the first full-stop (“But guess what, you’re…”)?

        Yes, the quiz is pop nonsense. I was just playfully wondering if he is double playing. If he is doing it, he has a great potential that could be used way more powerfully than on the matter of chasing girls.

        It is not exclusively to survive, normal people call it “mask”, but from a psychopath point of view is just the most useful thing to do in order to get what he wants. The brain of a psychopath is essentially and physiologically different from the brain of a normal person. A normal person can only see the external behavior of a psychopath and then the normal tries to inference what he is thinking. Even if the psychopath shares his thoughts, normal people cannot internalize what the psychopath says. On the other hand, psychopath can see clearly what people think and he can easily predict what their next move.

  10. There is disinformation promulgated on the subject of psychopathy, which should not be surprising if the major institutions of our society were controlled by psychopaths. For a start, their representation by Hollywood as synonymous with serial killers has to make one wonder, since it is flat out wrong and Kevin Dutton and Channel 4 are not much better with their attempts to normalize psychopathy. I recommend the works of Hervey Cleckley, Robert Hare, Thomas Sheridan, and Martha Stout.

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