Some thoughts on the Yucatan

January 7, 2012

In keeping with my goal of financial and geographical independence, I’m experimenting with spending my winters outside of London. Although I think its good to keep my base in London – it’s where most of my friends are, the most lucrative work, and it’s just….. English – I want to be able to travel anywhere anytime at the drop of a hat. So when Toe started his six-month Central America tour I decided to join him in San Diego and then again in the Yucatan. As I write, I’m sprawled out in a hammock sipping coffee listening to The Clash on the hotel speakers. We had a swim in the sea earlier and we’re meeting two dappy tarts from Mexico City that we picked up yesterday lunchtime in a grotty (but delicious) local eatery.

Local eatery tarts, yesterday

My dance card is pretty full. I had that bootcamp in San Diego, then went up to Newcastle for Christmas. New Year in London was pretty wild. Now I’ve got three weeks in Mexico with a sojourn to Cuba next week. No sooner do I get back to Old Blighty but my bird swoops in from Lithuania to lick my balls for a week. Then I pack my bags for Thailand and a month of hardcore muay thai / hitting up university girls with Bhodi. I’ve barely got time for Skyrim.

I’m rather unimpressed with the girls here. It would appear there’s two entirely different species of local. There’s the Mexicans, who are normally-proportioned, kinda pretty (both girls and pretty-boy greasy men), and basically humanoid. Then there’s the Mexican’ts who are 4 foot tall, 4 foot wide, with no necks and little Tyrannosauras arms. I’m leaving the latter for Toe. He’s got a couple of girls into him from earlier work.

They must be the next beach along, or something

I think I’ve done about 5 opens since I got here. Just not in the mood and it doesn’t seem the most conducive environment cos I can’t speak Mexican and there’s very very few hot girls. I street-opened a really lovely Mexico City girl last night and bounced her to a two-hour i-date and kiss close. Lovely elegant girl but it was weird because she was in Playa Del Carmen with her boyfriend (temporarily separated on the way back to their hotel) and her friends were at a pub across the road unaware of my nefarious attempts to bang her. It was fun seeing the age-old forebrain/hindbrain conflict as her eyes spazzed, she kept pawing my forearms, and complimenting my good looks (yes, really) then worrying her boyfriend will be angry that she’s late. I straight out told her I want to fuck her and she invited me up to her mum’s house in Cancun later this week.

I suspect it won’t go anywhere…


  1. Krauser, do tell us about your time America . Jimmy gave us his view in a previous post. Your thoughts of the US as a day gamer?

    [Short version = there were no hot girls in San Diego. It was winter in PB so there were no people. I did about 6 sets in a week, all of whom opened easy. Instant-dated 2 hotties – ironically a Jap and a Mex – who both were well into me. It seemed easier than London and I think if I went somewhere that had lots of foot-traffic it would be really easy. Nightgame was different. It was effortless to get into set but I found myself really disliking the girls. K.]

  2. The language is Spanish, not Mexican.

  3. The tart on the right. Fuck her for me.

  4. Ha ha. Rivelino lowers the tone 🙂

    There’s a blatant lie in this post. She said you were good looking. Ppfffpfpfpfpfpffpfpfptttttt. You don’t need to make things up K.

  5. Isla mujeres, bro. Isla mujeres. Go to the bigger hostel, the one called “your home in the caribbean”. Where quality and quantity are not a problem.

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