You should be ashamed of yourself, running around after young women

January 6, 2012

I think we are all quite aware of the societal pressure to date women our own age. Up until you graduate university this makes sense because you are surrounded by your same age-cohort and that’s when girls are in their prime. But as soon as you enter the real world where you have to make all your opportunities, there’s simply no reason to limit yourself like that. Let the over-the-hill feminists scream and wail that they “feel more beautiful at 35” and they “know what they want”. I too know what I want – freshly bloomed girls of 20yrs old. As men we are shamed into dating horrible old women.

This video clip is a great pisstake of it. It begins as a shaming video then quickly turns it around for laughs.


It’s like if the Men’s Right’s Movement met in a pub for a quick drink. Lots of talk about manly things and girls aren’t allowed in the treehouse. When PUA Man comes in they shame him for chasing skirt… and then on the faintest whiff of pussy they are cutting each other’s throats for a shot. A mature man should be solid in his reality, with an unshakeable frame. No little dollybird should be able to lure him off-kilter.

A mature man on-kilter, yesterday

The number of times I’ve seen a young bird place herself into a group of men and immediately become the centre of fawning attention…… ugh.


  1. I could not agree more, people who come up with this nonsense are usually the ones not willing to give up there comfort zone, therefore it’s a case of if I can’t have I don’t see why you should have it.

  2. Agree & amplify. “Yes dear, I am an incorrigible rake”

  3. I’m curious as to up to what age can a man chase women aged 18-22?

    40? 45? 50? What’s realistic today? And I know that this assumes that the man is in really good shape and has value in a number of important categories.

    • ” I’m curious as to up to what age can a man chase women aged 18-22? ”

      What follows is just an indication about the potential.

      Once a year there is a big event at my boy’s school, everybody shows off what they do the whole year round. The last time I played eye contact game: I looked at the girls and their mums in the eye to see who is willing to sustain a ladden stare with a man like me. Both groups were quite open to the game. That means step 1 in the seduction chain was as popular with the sweet 15 to 18 as with their mums of mostly 35+ (most of whom are married btw). There is quite a lot of potential there.

    • I forgot: I’m 44 and in good shape, i.e. I look mature but not aged or old.

  4. The women who put all of this pressure on men to date their age are the same women who would have either rejected those men when they were younger or would have expected those men to kiss their asses 10 years earlier. Women love to control dating and hate it when they lose their dating power in their 30s and later.

  5. I’m curious as to up to what age can a man chase women aged 18-22?

    The often bandied-about guideline is half the man’s age plus 7 years old. That said, fuck the guideline. A man can chase any woman no matter how young as long as he knows what he wants to do with her and is confident that he can do it if and when he catches her. If, on the other hand, he is the proverbial “dog chasing the car” (i.e., What the hell does he think he will be able to do in the event that he even catches it?), then it’s just a bit sad.

  6. The women who talk like that are easy to deal with. I just tell them that they are over the hill. Let them scream and scratch, I don’t give a fuck. The men who talk like that are a little trickier. I just avoid manginas who spout feminist propaganda. If for some reason I HAVE to interact with them, it’s strictly business and then out. You have a strong reality you can deal with that crap. Someone like me whose frame is not yet strong, best thing to do is avoid them as much as possible.

  7. No problem dealing with the manginas. Tell them to put their money where their mouth is and go after women there own age and leave the field free for those who don’t have the same thoughts about age as themselves.

  8. The guy to the bar at the right at 1:26 looks like Alec Baldwin.

  9. “I too know what I want – freshly bloomed girls of 20yrs old.”

    fuck yeah

  10. The funny video is actual truth. I’ve experienced it many times. That’s how you know their shaming is BS.

    Latest episode. I hang out with two 18 year olds, let’s call them “Jane” and “Ann”. So I go out with two male friends and I make jokes about how hot Ann is, you know just male banter.

    They turn to me and start the shaming (just like in the video above)… I go home and I tell ann about this hot guy she needs to meet (one of the the two shamers). The next night she goes to the club where he hangs out, basically throws herself at him and they hook up.

    Case proven. The guy who was shaming about being “perverse” for the mere act of talking about how hot Jane is – hooked up in 2 nanoseconds when Ann threw herself at him all drunk.

    Men who shame you for going for younger women are all hipocrites. None of them would reject Miley Cyrus if she jumped on them. [Agreed. K.]

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