Mediocre nightgame in Camden

April 28, 2011

I’ve been experimenting with ways to shoot nightgame sets. It’s kinda hard because of the darkness and noise. Here’s a taster me and Burto did last weekend. No real magic to be seen in set. We were just drinking and seeing what we could do with the paucity of fuckable women in the bar. Got a couple of facebooks from the Finnish girls that I never bothered adding.


  1. What kind of equipment are you guys using to record these videos? Some kind of pocket pen camera right? I wonder what kind of system big budget undercover TV shows use?

    These videos really bring the site alive.

    Good luck with improving the quality of the sound and vision.

    [this was the watch cam. K]

  2. It shows how good you two are. To be honest, if I was a girl in a bar, hoping to meet a ‘hot’ guy, my heart would sink when opened by a man who looks like an unwashed King Edward.

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