More Hamster Inanity on Facebook

April 12, 2011

Regular readers with be familiar with my current long gaming of the Lithuanian hamster. She’s got low esteem and is a relentless games-player, but I do think she is genuinely kind at heart so I’m not simply trying to cop myself a slut. My plan is just run comfort and have fun being filthy every now and then. When I fuck her it’ll be unexpected and impulsive from her. Till then I just chip away at her frame and don’t let her milk too much validation out of me.

Me: you good?

Her: KRAUSIE KRAUSIE KRAUSIE :))))) I am great because today we have SUN 🙂 God loves LT,finally,how is your MALAGA???where are u?

Me: I’m back in London got back yesterday been catching up on sleep

Her: nooo..u should stay in lovely spain was it?

Me: great fun I put a few photos up hot, lazy sitting in tapas bars drinking beer

Her: wow…AMAZING :))) many girls? [Test 1 – failure would be variations of “no, I like you” or “yeah, I fuck loads of girls”]

Me: yeah, a bunch there was a Portuguese invasion, my favourite

Her: :))))) u are lucky bastard!!!!I am going to [spanish resort island] on Sunday,lucky me.that is why I am so excited :))

Me: what you gonna do there? [get her jibber-jabbing about something she’s excited about – investment]

Her: sun,beach,sangria and I hope some nice spanish guys,at least one :))) [Test 2 – failure would be to talk her out of it, showing jealousy]

Me: good luck! how many of you are going?

Her: me and my friend :))) but she is a little ugly..I know I shouldnt say about people like I hope all atention is going to be at me :))) I know that I am writting like a totall bitch..but I am a little desperate now..and I need boys :)))) are u going to Latvia with ur student? [I was tempted to tell her off for this but decided to be unreactive]

Me: Estonia June do what makes you happy Hamster

Her: that is what I am thinking about wright now because I think that the winter is over and the summer will soon come…that is why I need to put all the shit in the past and enjoy the future :)) what about u???are u happy?sad?? [she’s often random like this, so I respond by not getting sucked in]

Me: I’m happy 97% of the time just had a great holiday with good friends

Her: and the rest 3? 😦

Me: I get horny and want to fuck girls in the ass while pulling their hair and calling them bitches [ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer. This sets an implicit boundary on how much random girl bullshit I’ll take, while also sexualising]

Her: but that is a normal are the man and all man want to do this..I can’t understand completely why but I understand that it is a dream of every man.You should do what u want KRAUSIE 🙂 just don’t hurt others..pulling the hair can hurt Are u celebrating Easter? [unfazed and snips, exactly like I expected]

Me: I’m not ashamed of it. I like it. The girls always like it I was gonna go to Sarajevo for Easter but had to cancel

Her: where???why to Sarajevo??

Me: Me and Burto were gonna go and pick up some girls there. Jimmy says its got the most beautiful girls for my type but then Burto got put on a new project at work and can’t go

Her: don’t u celebrate Easter with ur family?

Me: no [note I’m not matching all her smilies and energy. That would be falling into her frame through my form of communication as well as the content]

Her: why not???it’s not like Christmas for u???because in Lt it is..

Me: I’m not religious

Her: I see that :))) but all we have a little children inside of us..and i celebrate Easter because it reminds me of childhood 🙂

Me: I like easter eggs

Her: I like playing with eggs ..and coloring them..but not eating..and I like whitte rabits

Me: for some reason, I knew you like white rabbits I don’t know if it’s because you’re cute or they are innocent or you are crazy like Alice in Wonderland [push pull]

Her: everything is very simple- it’s the last reason..I believe that my destiny is to follow white rabbits and see where they will take me :)) and yesterday I even got a postcard with white rabbits and it’s not even an Easter yet :))

Me: yup, crazy what are you wearing? [I’m bored of this so I self amuse]

Her: I know that I am crazy..but that is me..better to be yourself that someone else!!!I will send u beach pics from M. wearing what u like :))) [she’s been doing bait-and-switch on the naked photos for a while so I’m not biting]

Me: just a bikini and a nice smile will be nice for the photos maybe playing in the sea

Her: ok..I will try my best with the smile :)) an Easter gift for u can celebrate Easter and let out your inner child :)))))

Me: I hope you enjoy the holiday. I’d like you to feel happy and peaceful [I snip the photo thread to show how little I care, but do so by adding comfort]

Her: WOW thank you for such nice wishes..nobody writes me like that :))) and u enjoy ur life and reach for 100 percent!!!

Me: have you decided when you’ll visit London?

Her: summer is a good time to travel :)))

Me: true if you wanna come see me, try to do it before May xxth [fear of loss]

Her: why?

Me: I got a girl coming to live with me then

Her: from where?that sounds very serious :))

Me: Vilnuis

Her: :)))

Me: I told her I might not date her but I’ll help her out. I organised a job placement for her and her friend she’s here 3 months [this is all true and a good DHV]

Her: she will live with u??so I should come before because there will be no more place or what?

Me: She’s living here 2 weeks while they find an apartment there’s space for you. We have 5 guest rooms now it’s not that When you visit I’ll give you my complete attention so I don’t want her to feel bad by doing it at the same time [I lack soft dominance so I put some in here]

Her: :))))))) ok KRAUSIE ,but I have friends in london no worries about space..I am not a hobo :))

Me: yes you are but I’d actually enjoy having you stay here. I like having my own private cook.

Her: :))) i am a person without place but not a’s not the same!!!I like cooking but the problem is that nobody eats it so I don’t think that throwing away the food when people starve in Africa is a good idea 😦 i am going to smoke..see u later:)

Me: ok



  1. ” follow white rabbits and see where they will take me” – Was that a Matrix reference?

  2. Krauser, how long have you been doing the fb game, like how long did it take to get comfortable with it?

  3. Welcome back from Spain K, you got hit by a lucky weekend, here in Valencia we broke record for this time of year.

    This girl comes across as a lovely keeper – I love positive and relatively innocent girls, brighten up the day – the one thing I can’t stand is negativity in a girl (and excess bmi).

    How do you compare the Spanish lasses in terms of gaming to your preffered EEurope garden variety? Language is certainly problem down here because the level of english is pitiable… your tm “Excuse me, hows your english” gets a lot of blank stares here, all the more surprising when I immediately switch to fluent spanish 😉

  4. She tastes like a bitter pill to me. I don’t know why you persist. When you get the lay, make it extra rough.

  5. Flahute: She tastes like a bitter pill? Because she doesn’t put out immediately or act like a slut? Because she’s chaste?

    Surely this is the type of girl we learn pickup for – girls to even consider as possible LTR material. Did I learn game to bang as many sluts as possible?

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