Another 17 year old Croatian minx

January 8, 2011

This one isn’t bisexual. Sorry.

There’s not much to say about this video in terms of game. I wasn’t really on form and I struggled to create sexual tension. The girl shows great confidence and thoughtful attitude – a real prime example of why European girls are so much better quality than their unlikeable Anglosphere sistas. I get decent vibing and rapport, even fairly good investment but the sexual energy isn’t there.

She’s on irregular facebook chat now. I’ve closed girls from this before (Muslim Virgin had a very similar uncommitted stance in the initial interaction) but I’d put the odds at 1/4, and that’s assuming I go back to Zagreb in the next year. This blog isn’t all about my successes. Sometimes sets just don’t go where you want them to go.


  1. The girl is really sweet, seems almost too young for pickup, but just looking at this video reminds why eastern european girls are so amazing.

  2. Was just reviewing an earlier video from croatia (first approach on arrival) and after 2 mins you cut away to a view of your body language which was really instructive – I assume Jambone was winging you.

    If you can on future videos (or you could do a special post on just body language) your regular readers would love to learn from how you position yourself during the approach, your body language, lack of movement, lack of leaning in etc. The Yad street close video you posted is great for learning there too.

    What does everyone else think – when available would you like more bodylanguage shots?

    • Stand straight. Don’t move your feet once set. Gesture as feels natural but not much of it. There’s not much to it other than the self-regulation of knowing what you’re doing. Think of yourself as the oak tree and her as the squirrel.

  3. Good thoughts and views on this one yes she does seem sweet.
    Nice conversation at least it seems, sometimes that is an enjoyment in itself. The moment of interaction.

  4. How can I tell whether the sexual energy is there or not? How do you tell?

  5. Halfway between a girl and a woman –> I’m like britney! Hahaha, thats masterful. Also interesting to see that you dont give her any validation after that (you dont laugh with her), maybe because too many guys try to supplicate the girl in a situation like that?

    Btw would you ever make a video of yourself while talking to a girl, to see your stance, gestures etc, or do you want to keep your anonymity?

  6. Regardless of success or failure, that girl was simply lovely. I think that’s the kind of person that could almost want you to forget about game.

  7. krauser,

    What software do you use to edit/process the clip before uploading to YouTube? I’m trying to do similar things.

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