Daygame in Croatia – Another high value / high esteem girl

December 9, 2010

Here’s another from Croatia. I’ll try and get round to giving a commentary but I’m a bit backed up with material right now. This girl is fucking beautiful. Decent set but gonna take alot of work to move it forwards.

I guess this set is most noticeable for how I plough and kill momentum because it was tough to do so. I also do more challenging comments than usual.


  1. you went to the cock(park)….or was that just me

  2. “Are you going to see Zigmund Freud?”

    LOL hilarious quip

  3. Wow, really tough. She even tried to preempt the number close. Closing this one will be an amazing achievement.

  4. Interesting footwork. There were two or three instances early in the set where you took a slight step back and she stepped forward. I love looking at subtle body language cues.

  5. I have thought you did well in some of the previous recordings I have heard, and I enjoy reading your blog, but this approach seemed pretty average to me.

    You asked her lots of boring questions about her. She was never engaged into the conversation. You spoke a little bit too fast. Your energy level seemed to be in no mans land, there was an eagerness that was more than calm but it wasn’t infectious, you didn’t pull her into your world, perhaps a little with james bond references.

    I would have busted out some hard core cold reading. Started telling her about herself, what she likes, what she doesn’t, how sometimes she thinks she is too calm and worries about missing out on the emotion of life. The eyes would have glassed over (in a good doggy dinnerbowl way).

    Also, despite what anyone says about eastern european women being more beautiful or more feminine (the guys who go to thailand say the same thing), it’s got to increase the western PUA’s status to be a traditionally poorer country, not good for really pushing your game.

    Apologies if I sound like a prick, lots of great content on the blog, just calling it as I see it.

    • Hey Braid, you forgot to leave an infield vid demonstrating what you mean. Put up or shut up.

      Props Krauser. No BS ever.

    • Braids analysis is spot on in my opinion – this is a poor set by Krauser but I would put against that the fact that this girl is extremely confident in herself – look at that assertive body language, she never takes a step back and doesnt move to increase her personal space…a tough customer…

      Everyone has room for improvement, even a semi-pro like krauser, its good to see the poor sets as well as the great ones… cheers.

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