Sets that didn’t go according to plan

April 7, 2010

Since I got my in-field tech sorted out it’s been really easy to put up vids with synched sound, thus I’ve been recording nearly every approach from the past few weeks. I guess peeps could be getting the idea that I’m cherrypicking the best ones to try and make myself out to be hot shit. Not true. Every approach is getting a mention whether it’s a full vid or just a throwaway “did another three sets that didn’t hook” comment.

But I guess it’s fun to see people fucking up, so for your viewing edification here’s a compilation of sets from the past three weeks where I completely failed to hook. Some of them were quite painful to endure – in a humorous sort of way, as I stand ploughing and thinking “why do I even bother sometimes”.

Point and laugh…..

and just to remind you I’m not totally shit, here’s one I closed earlier….


  1. Good stuff Krauser.

  2. The first video is painful, especially the second approach. “This is a bit strange isn’t it?” Too bloody right mate. Nothing you could do about the other sets, especially the final girl and the Italian.

    Thanks for putting these up though. I always feel like a fucking loser and a weirdo when girls don’t react positively to my approach (not talking about not getting the number, but when they ask why I’m coming up to them like I’m a psycho).

  3. The most important thing to realize is that her response is not your responsibility. Be humble. If she doesn’t want to talk, give her 1 more chance. If no dice then say pleasure meeting you and leave.

  4. Ouch @ failed sets. Couldn’t even watch all the way through. This is why I’m not a PUA. Couldn’t put myself through that.

    I mean, technically speaking, I could. I just couldn’t live with myself afterwards. That you just keep doing it regardless is very impressive …

  5. Nice going Nick! Esp liking that apocalypse opener! and that crafty guy in the background ;-D Hope all is well mate.

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  7. Just happened to stumble back across this post. Good to see Krauser go through some of the bullshit approaches the rest of us go through….

  8. Oh god the first video is painful dam man. But omg that girl on the 2nd video was great my kinda girl

  9. Its crazy how some of these women act when being approached it kinda makes you think how they have any friends in their lives since most people are strangers at first anyways. Its like broad daylight tons of people are walking past and they still put on the face that they are just about to scream out rape its like calm the hell down love. All in all i dont blame some of them because they must get some weirdos trying stuff but i think if you got a smile be polite and funny then they shouldent be so rude surely they can see you arent a total bum loser weirdo

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