We are giving dynamite to children

March 17, 2010

The pick-up community is all about getting laid. Sure there’s various adjuncts and build-outs which go into lifestyle design, alpha mentality, self improvement and whatnot but at it’s core they are teaching guys to get laid regularly.

Be careful what you wish for.

Seduction students are adversely selected for the simple reason that guys who are already swimming in the pool of luxury pussy do not shell out £800 for a bootcamp. We get guys who have a problem to fix. Sometimes they are like me: pretty experienced with women but suffering from a serious setback and taking it as the trigger to fix all the other issues I’d never addressed because I’d had girls. Others are a more serious proposition: nerds and virgins who have shitty social skills and have always been like the poor kid with his face pressed up against the sweet shop window but never allowed in to eat. The easiest students are the young guys who are doing kind of okay with women but have set themselves loftier goals.

Generally, we are getting students who are seriously vulnerable to the predations of women. Like a dog who chases a car down the street and then doesn’t know what to do when it catches up, like the fool who grabs a tiger by the tail, we in the seduction community are teaching guys to walk into a trap. What trap?

  • False paternity claims and ensuing child support that will cripple them financially
  • Emotional abuse from passive aggressive bitches who try to destroy your self esteem and your faith in humanity
  • STDs, some of which can ruin your fertility or harm your future wife
  • False rape claims that will see your reputation ruined, your career ended, and likely a long stint in jail just because some whore gets buyers remorse

Now I’m not going into the topic of whether the PUA life is a shallow one. That’s an oversold meme and I care little for it. I’m talking about this:

By encouraging naïve men to sleep with many women, we are exposing them to risks they don’t even know exist.

We are handing dynamite to children. I think the seduction community needs to take responsibility and teach the other half of the picture. The other half isn’t mere “LTR game”, it’s about grounding our students in the realities of the sexual marketplace and the realities of a misandric society. But is anyone going to do that? Guys like Roissy or Ferdinand Bardamu – yes. But actual commercial “I’ll teach you to bang supermodels for $1999” outfits. Ahem.

Beer companies don’t advertise hangovers any more than tobacco companies advertise cancer. We aren’t likely to see pickup companies take responsibility for this. They’d much rather take the money, hand the guy his machete and push him into the jungle.

This isn’t because pick up instructors are evil geniuses. They are blind to the risks. Really, how many guys are out there who have (i) legit game (ii) manosphere social awareness and (iii) chosen the instructor lifestyle.  A handful? If that.

Most pick up instructors I’ve met do not have life experience with women and they lack the sociological imagination. For the most part they actively reject the manosphere because “it’s not a positive frame, dude”. Many of them are, intellectually, little boys in peacocking costumes. They’ve done 2,000 approaches, they’ve fucked a fistful of hot girls, they really do have legit teachable pick up skills. But they are also usually under thirty years old, focused entirely on small-scale social dynamics, and by flitting from lay to lay they’ve never really lived with women and gone through the date-love-marriage-beta-divorce cycle.

Lots of technical knowledge. Not much wisdom.

So here’s my blueprint for teaching Game so the students get laid but don’t get raped:

  • Learn to recognise damaged women in sets and tread very carefully;
  • If your spider sense is tingling, eject. Do not let that woman into your life;
  • Be as anonymous as you can. Number close on a pre-pay phone if necessary;
  • Get video evidence whenever you can. Failing that, audio. Keep a recorder near your bed and start it recording before you dip your wick;
  • If you are getting LMR, you must have the episode recorded;
  • Always use your own condoms and flush them personally;

I’d appreciate more ideas. I intend to include this in what I teach.


  1. I was always just assuming the $2000 three day bootcamp PUA sthick was budgeting $500 of the $2000 for prearranged hookers for the unwitting AFCs to get busy with so as to prove the training works.

    Maybe I’m just cynical though.

  2. this is pretty insightful. knowledge versus wisdom is a powerful and fitting metaphor

  3. Another thing… hard-core PUA’s are protected by their very lack-of-caring/commitment. Chickie has an instinctual understanding that this is a guy likely to “fail to properly commit” if she pulls an “oops” pregnancy.

    Beta-guy? She thinks she can bully him.

    Oh sure, the state has taken “child support” and “child welfare” to such insane levels that chickie probably could get away with it with a PUA to….. but it doesn’t FEEL like she could.

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  5. Of course, if you were to videotape or otherwise record your sex session you may very well get accused by feminists of violating consent by not telling the woman. That happened on various feminist sites when the “Hofstra” case appeared last year, in which the videotape made by one of the men in a gangbang was the only thing which stopped them going to prison.

    Anyway, that idea reminds me of the episode of Coupling, with the bloke who has a library of videos of every woman he’s slept with. If a man did it, it would be a sort of scrapbook for when he’s old and all he has is his memories.

  6. Just marketing disguised as evidenceless scaremongering.

    False paternity claims – DNA testing. Problem solved.
    Emotional abuse from bitches – Sounds like you are a damaged male. Instead of teaching lame openers, teach inner game. Problem solved.
    STDs – Condoms. Shit no one knows about safe sex unless a PU instructor teaches them, right? Wrong. Problem, what problem.
    False rape claims – Have there been any cases of false rape claims involving PUAs? Plus, a claim is not enough for a conviction, evidence is also required. One commenter mentions the Hofstra case, I googled that shit reports state that her story was already falling apart before the video was brought into the investigation. Be decent and real in your interactions with women, as I and all my boys have with scores of girls. No problem.

    Terrible post.

    You need to examine yourself, educate yourself and fix your own issues and ignorance before training others with this attitude.



    • Are you nuts, Kowalski? Why the hell are you trivializing false rape accusations? Don’t you understand that in the US and the UK, it doesn’t even matter if you’re convicted in a court of law? Once you’re arrested and accused, your name is smeared all over the news. The press will brand you an “alleged rapist”, but the public won’t hear the accused part. They’ll hear that you were arrested and charged with rape, and assume that you are therefore guilty. Kiss your career and your reputation goodbye.

      The process is itself a punishment.

  7. kowalski… that’s a jew name. figures.

  8. Google “Tom Leykis” and listen to some of his archived shows if there are still any floating around. I would say that you don’t need to listen to every single show he’s done, you’ll get the idea after the first couple because he can turn you into a misogynist if you’re not careful. His show is basically an expose into the dark side of banging every chick that opens her legs for you. The calls that he gets by some of the guys that thought with their dicks first are more horrifying than any STD or Abortion video you’ll ever see.

  9. I agree. Some women can be more than they are worth. My friend hooked up with a HB9 and hit/quit it and that crazy bitch keyed his car…of course she will never admit to it.

  10. Hahahaha … anti-semitism. Nice!

    Actually kowalski is a Polish name meaning smith (as in blacksmith) and is one of the most widespread Polish names there is.

    Ignorance from a nazi … figures.



  11. This is already covered in The Principles of Social Competence. But of course it’s not in the best interest of the Seduction Community to have its leaders (read: used car salesmen) exposed as frauds and irresponsible children.

  12. Kowalski obviously is in denial about false rape claims amongst other things.

    One rape lie is enough to lose your job, your family, your life. Even if you’re NOT convicted. Even if it’s proven she lied.


  13. One of the most dangerous kinds of women is the fake good girl. Unfortunately, the girly girl/bad girl combination is frequently also among the most attractive, feminine yet sexually voracious. The problem is that being able to tell the difference between the genuine good girl and the fake good girl can be pretty difficult and requires experience, not just with bad girls but with genuinely good girls too. Add to the mix the fact that a lot of guys who get into this just aren’t very socially perceptive and you have a recipe for disaster.

  14. There’s nothing in the rules that says we can’t purposely test women to see how they really react on the bad girl / good girl front.

    This is best done by exposing them to a two year old they have to take care of for an afternoon lol.

  15. This is best done by exposing them to a two year old they have to take care of for an afternoon.

    False, false, false. A woman’s love for and ability to deal with kids is not a reliable indication of whether she is a truly good girl. In fact, the kind of fake good girls I’m talking about are not at all rare in the teaching profession. I’ve met way too many kindergarden and elementary school teachers at the clubs and met way too many disguised bad girls through my own work in education ever believe otherwise.

    NOTE: This isn’t to say there aren’t some fairly strong correlations.

  16. I can’t tell if you agree with me or not. 🙂

    You pretty much pass on anyone as wife material that goes to clubs anyway. It’s like fishing from a septic tank. I’m not saying you can’t catch something, just that you won’t like the taste of it.

  17. I believe the good girl thing is alot to do with impulse control. All women have the dual mating strategies of (1) obtain alpha seed with a five minute knee trembler in the nightclub bathrooms and (2) attach to a beta’s wallet via a wedding ceremony. It’s just built into them.

    What determines her disposition to (1) is her general level of impulse control, filtered through a bunch of other factors such as her cultural programming (great in Lithuania, awful in England) and the age-divided-by- number- of-cocks-ridden ratio.

  18. (1) is her general level of impulse control, filtered through a bunch of other factors such as her cultural programming (great in Lithuania, awful in England) and the age-divided-by- number- of-cocks-ridden ratio.

    I agree with you Krauser, the lure of pussy is so strong for under 25 year old males…there are lots of risks involved, a short while ago I was on a rampage on fucking everything that moved and had moisture that was above a 5/10…but now I feel that was not a smart move. I tread way more carefully now, maybe it’s cuz I want an LTR but the risks with crazy one night stands are quite high with all the stds and the fact that women can RAPE you in court when it’s your word against hers…I would say 90% of women I meet are not relationship material and have issues.

    as Iceberg slim says (though he aint a role model), a pimp is not paid to fuck his broads he is paid to say the right thing at the right time, so protect your swipe and make them earn it.

  19. It’s important to recognize that there are traps, but not let them become another excuse not to approach.

  20. Finally, someone tells the dirty side of being a player/pua (terminology doesn’t matter to me). I was very naïve when I started in the game in 2005. I didn’t think it was even possible that a woman could falsely claim that she was raped. I really thought that all those guys in prison who claimed they didn’t do it, were liars. Now, I know different. To protect myself I have an eight hour long recorder under my bed and under my couch. Whenever a girl comes over I record. I also don’t do one night stands anymore, unless the girl is really horny and really into me. I tend to build a lot of trust and comfort before I have sex with a woman these days. Another thing I do is to let her off easy. If it was bad sex or she had some saggy tits, I won’t sleep with her again but I’ll still text with her, maybe meet her for coffee once. I like to leave her in the same condition that I found her.

    I hope newer game players learn this quickly and don’t have to go through a life changing ordeal.

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