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February 2, 2010

Those of you who know me are aware I’m a libertarian. I believe in maximising freedom of thought and action in the public sphere, but like the classic liberal dilemma, my right to throw a punch ends where your nose begins. As a free market capitalist I also believe that in the private sphere the management has the right to refuse admission. I believe proprietors can do whatever the hell they want with their own business concerns and punters who object can go elsewhere. The only right the punter has is to hold the proprietor to the terms of the contract.

This blog is a private concern, and until two months ago was locked down entirely. That it is now publicly accessible is my gift to you the dear reader, but don’t get ideas that you are a stakeholder. I value comments and have been fortunate so far that nearly all commentors have been fellow bloggers who I respect and admire. Invariably, over time, this blog’s comment section will become home to blithering idiots and resident cunts. I’m telling you all right now that I will indulge them only when it pleases me, and boot them when it doesn’t. Simple guidelines:

1. Spam is deleted and the spammer banned. This includes tedious cut’n’pastes or repostings of comments from other blogs.

2. Sockpuppeting likewise will not be tolerated. Once I figure out how to recognise it.

3. No personal information is to be exchanged by anybody about anything. Although I’m rare amongst Game bloggers in that I post detailed field reports and include photos, I still take steps to prevent the girls from being identified. Any attempt to “out” the girls will result in instant banning and start up the engine of relentless revenge. Same goes for people posting info about me. My identity isn’t a secret but I don’t want to make it easy for my enemies.

4. I have no problem at all with racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-islam or whatever the current -ism de jour is. Unfortunately WordPress does have a problem with it. Keep it subtle and intellectual (e.g. HBD, MRA) rather than slinging slanderous phrases.

The above policy is subject to change at any time, may or may not be enforced depending on my mood, and will be happily inconsistent. If you’ve got a problem with that, invest your time in a different blog.

UPDATE: I will ignore all questions that relate to issues I’ve already discussed on my blog. Use the search function, do some work.


  1. Ok, I’ve just discovered your blog and will attempt to follow your rules. One question though, how personal does something have to be to be classified as “personal information”? I think that things like age and city are probably impersonal enough, but what do you think?

    Also, do you realize that capitalism rapidly becomes extremely anti free market? There are a lot of examples of that in the US these days.

    • 1. Age (in years) and city are fine. No full names, no email accounts, no workplace names. If a girl says she works in the XYZ pub in area ABC then do not post that. Anything that allows a particular person to be tracked down is a no-no. Example:

      OK: I met Tanya from Latvia in Trafalgar Square. She’s 22 and studying English here.

      NOT OK: I met Tanya Ivanov from Latvia. She’s doing Art History at LSE.

      IMMEDIATE BANNING AND HELL TO PAY: I met Tanya Ivanov from Latvia. It was her birthday today, she’s 22. We went back to her house on George’s Road in Camden.

      2. Capitalism -> That’s the corporatists taking over. The capitalists resist but capitalism is a very delicate system that takes real effort to preserve. But it’s the freest best system there is so it’s worth the effort to fight against the socialists, communists, fascists, corporatists and democrats who try to kill or subdue it.

      • Capitalism is part of an expression of what’s good and true about the West, but it ought not be fetished. It is part of the fabric of a wider civilization.

        Some of the hardest realists and Occidentalists at this stage are (as far as I can observe from my little key hole view onto the world) certain Austrian-minded capitalists and investors. Yet, when one starts delving into libertarianism proper and official, one does uncover seething pockets of Leftists, who wish to take the side of the Other in every debate. This frame of mind is a threat to order, and to the extent that libertarianism houses it, libertarianism must be challenged.

      • Also, if there is a Western fascist movement that constitutes an authentic threat to our civilization, such that fascists can even be mentioned on the same page as socialists, communists, and democrats, I would like to see it documented. Let’s not mslead about the Leftist character of all elite, respectable classes and parties. In the U.S. there is nothing even suggestive of fascism anywhere in the debatable spectrum. The basic tenets of leftism and multiculturalism, meanwhile, function as the court religion.

      • Interesting. BTW, I consider Obama to a be a fascist straight out of the Mussolini textbook.

  2. You’re kind of anal. Libertarianism fits. xoxoxo

  3. Interesting. BTW, I consider Obama to a be a fascist straight out of the Mussolini textbook.

    Besides being seriously unfair to Mussolini, you’re being misleading. In spite of the Mises Institute line (which is a transparent PR script designed to be grafted onto the Leftist grid of reality), there obviously is more to fascism than a cooperative, shady relationship between business and government. The fascists sought to salvage what they could of traditional European society, its archaic character and virtues; this goal is basic to fascism. It won’t do to apply the fascist label to multiculturalists whose whole identity is a rooted in a revolt against that notion. Obama obviously is in with those who would uproot traditional society wherever possible, and anyone who misses this fundamental point needs to be corrected. I’ve learned a great deal from the Mises Institute and agree that there’s something in the libertarian critique, but this is one area in which the Austro-libertarian camp needs to shape up.

    Notice that I am not indicating any fondness for fascists in general or Mussolini in particular. I am merely demanding a higher degree of terminological accuracy from libertarians. It’s hard for me to overlook a rather glaring mistake in their historical narrative.

    • I’m not meaning to be shrill. When I find people who seem potentially able to dialogue and who hang out in similar ideological neighborhoods as I, I just get straight to the point. My mind can be a solitary place.

  4. Hey Krauser,

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    Take care,
    Aaron Sleazy

    PS. Feel free to delete this post after reading it. I posted publicly because you don’t have your email address on your blog.

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