Economic freedom and Game

January 27, 2010

Since I got into an LTR I haven’t been sarging much lately, just a couple of approaches a week – including recruiting some strippers for the entourage. This allows me to devote more time to ruminating on theoretical concerns. Recently I’ve been organising my ideas on the theme of unity between lifestyle and pick up. Consider these tentative hypotheses:

1. Masculine men tend to be politically right wing. Manginas and women tend to be left wing. Given the total corruption of political terminology, allow me to define it. Right wing has nothing, zero, to do with fascism, racism, the British National Party and skinheads. It is about the principle that freedom of thought and action are paramount and you must suffer the consequences of your failures and the bounty of your successes. Left wing, to the extent it has any redeeming features at all, is the belief that the collective overrules the individual and equality of outcome is more important than justice. The natural conclusion of the Right is to shrink the state to a small “night watchman” role and leave people alone to get on with their lives. The natural conclusion of the Left is to tax the hell out of the productive classes to pay for their social engineering and armies of prodnoses. Thus ALL THREE of the major UK political parties are left wing, and the BNP is an extreme left wing party.

Masculine values include self-reliance, iron will, perserverance, creative problem solving, taking responsibility for your actions, acting as prime mover. These are also the values of a successful entrepreneur. Feminine values are mothering, cheerleading, reaction, support. These are the values of a follower. It’s no surprise that PUAs who take an interest in the societal place of Game tend to read Austrian economics and support low tax / low spend government. The very fact we have manned-up and learned to game through hundreds of approaches and the identity overhaul it requires drives us to throw off the shackles of government, ideology and the constant beta whine of wanting a big brother to solve all our problems.

2. The “field” is a free market and PUAs are entrepreneurs. An approach is a sales pitch in which the man offers a presentation of his product to a valued potential customer. The woman is essentially a window display to lure consumers into her shop. The woman works hard to present the most alluring display possibly while the man hones his product and sales pitch. If buyer and seller meet on the price the transaction occurs. AFCs are poorly run businesses that don’t know how to market to clients and can’t make effective sales calls.

AFCs are always whining about how te market is rigged against them. They want things served up on a plate. They would rather use online dating, speed dating or wangle an introduction at a dinner party. Anything that reeks of being a consumer rather than a producer. They won’t cold approach because that means showing pro-activity. An AFC is the dating equivalent of the corporate drone, setting his alarm, sitting in the cubicle and waiting for his supervisor to spoonfeed today’s tasks and this month’s salary.

3. Game is to dating what scientific method is to the natural world. The PUA formulates a theory, develops a tactic, and then goes into his laboratory to test it against the real world. Evidence is accumulated and the tactic is either kept, honed, or thrown out. It is Deductivism in action. Likewise, when something seems to keep working in the field, the PUA theorises why – inductivism in action.

Blue pill dating advice is the astrology and religion of the dating world. Fantastical complex theories unaffected by evidence or logic. Constant rumination on the surface level symptoms and artefacts rather than drilling down to the drving mechanisms. They survive because they tell the sheeple what they want to hear, they don’t require any lifestyle change, and you can just consume the product place in front of you.

I’m still fleshing out these ideas. I think its no surprise that the destruction of sexual relations occured in tandem with the destruction of free market capitalism.


  1. i have noticed the mangina tendency of the left wingers. any guy who bows to the big state, help people out with his money ideology is a mangina.

  2. Do you think the qualities of self-reliance, iron will and taking responsibility for your actions only extend to the economic sphere? Lots of game and mens’ rights writers blame the crumbling of traditional sexual relations on the loosening of social and legal restrictions on behaviour.

  3. Jake – I think these core qualities inform how you live your life in ALL spheres. My current thinking is trying to nail down if this is true and how. Another example: when I was beta I tried to man up with boxing. It was mostly successful but while I was plenty happy to leather the heavy bag and do the push-ups, I’d get nervous about sparring. Why is that? Because as a beta I feared standing ring-centre by myself in direct confrontation with another man. That’s the very essence of beta fear and why the primary characteristic of the beta is conflict avoidance (and supplication if conflict arises).

    As I became more alpha I started to relish sparring, because it was now an opportunity not a problem. My boxing style changed from “please don’t hit me” defensive to “come on, let’s get going” offensive.

    It was a virtuous circle because I also carried this postive attitude to physical competition into other areas of life.

    A second example is fashion. Betas all look like the “normal guy” because they want to fit in. What’s the first thing that happens when you dress with genuine individuality? Everyone shit tests the hell out of you with snidey comments to see if they can hammer you back down into anonymity. If you tough it out, they recognise and accept the alphaness.

    Thus I’m currently inclined to think it’s no coincidence that good PUAs / MRAs are right wing, dress with character, and study martial arts or practice other competitive activities. They also tend to want government to leave them alone and confront problems with relish.

    The loosening of social and legal restrictions wouldn’t matter so much in a social free market, much as regulation isn’t really necessary in an economic free market.

  4. Masculine men tend to be politically right wing.

    Bingo. I can’t be the only one who’s become more reactionary as I’ve progressed (hehe) down the path of seduction:

  5. You hit the nail on the head with this post man. Every man’s man I know, everyone who demonstrates proper strength and critical thinking has been right wing conservatives.

    Not Republicans. Republicans and Democrats are two faces of the same card.

    Fuck American politics.

    Awesome post, dude.

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