Economic freedom and Game

January 27, 2010

Since I got into an LTR I haven’t been sarging much lately, just a couple of approaches a week – including recruiting some strippers for the entourage. This allows me to devote more time to ruminating on theoretical concerns. Recently I’ve been organising my ideas on the theme of unity between lifestyle and pick up. Consider these tentative hypotheses:

1. Masculine men tend to be politically right wing. Manginas and women tend to be left wing. Given the total corruption of political terminology, allow me to define it. Right wing has nothing, zero, to do with fascism, racism, the British National Party and skinheads. It is about the principle that freedom of thought and action are paramount and you must suffer the consequences of your failures and the bounty of your successes. Left wing, to the extent it has any redeeming features at all, is the belief that the collective overrules the individual and equality of outcome is more important than justice. The natural conclusion of the Right is to shrink the state to a small “night watchman” role and leave people alone to get on with their lives. The natural conclusion of the Left is to tax the hell out of the productive classes to pay for their social engineering and armies of prodnoses. Thus ALL THREE of the major UK political parties are left wing, and the BNP is an extreme left wing party.

Masculine values include self-reliance, iron will, perserverance, creative problem solving, taking responsibility for your actions, acting as prime mover. These are also the values of a successful entrepreneur. Feminine values are mothering, cheerleading, reaction, support. These are the values of a follower. It’s no surprise that PUAs who take an interest in the societal place of Game tend to read Austrian economics and support low tax / low spend government. The very fact we have manned-up and learned to game through hundreds of approaches and the identity overhaul it requires drives us to throw off the shackles of government, ideology and the constant beta whine of wanting a big brother to solve all our problems.

2. The “field” is a free market and PUAs are entrepreneurs. An approach is a sales pitch in which the man offers a presentation of his product to a valued potential customer. The woman is essentially a window display to lure consumers into her shop. The woman works hard to present the most alluring display possibly while the man hones his product and sales pitch. If buyer and seller meet on the price the transaction occurs. AFCs are poorly run businesses that don’t know how to market to clients and can’t make effective sales calls.

AFCs are always whining about how te market is rigged against them. They want things served up on a plate. They would rather use online dating, speed dating or wangle an introduction at a dinner party. Anything that reeks of being a consumer rather than a producer. They won’t cold approach because that means showing pro-activity. An AFC is the dating equivalent of the corporate drone, setting his alarm, sitting in the cubicle and waiting for his supervisor to spoonfeed today’s tasks and this month’s salary.

3. Game is to dating what scientific method is to the natural world. The PUA formulates a theory, develops a tactic, and then goes into his laboratory to test it against the real world. Evidence is accumulated and the tactic is either kept, honed, or thrown out. It is Deductivism in action. Likewise, when something seems to keep working in the field, the PUA theorises why – inductivism in action.

Blue pill dating advice is the astrology and religion of the dating world. Fantastical complex theories unaffected by evidence or logic. Constant rumination on the surface level symptoms and artefacts rather than drilling down to the drving mechanisms. They survive because they tell the sheeple what they want to hear, they don’t require any lifestyle change, and you can just consume the product place in front of you.

I’m still fleshing out these ideas. I think its no surprise that the destruction of sexual relations occured in tandem with the destruction of free market capitalism.

The horror of modern dating advice

January 26, 2010

Sometimes I forget what it’s like for those lost souls who have refused the red pill. Men who still think girls are pure, innocent and tired of being pumped and dumped by alphas. If only a Nice Guy would come along and rescue them, buy them dinner at a posh restaurant, listen to their emotional problems, and patiently wait for the occasional passion-free sex….

The advice to women is no better. Whereas advice to men can all be boiled down to the statement “Do everything she tells you to, unless she doesn’t want you to, and then she might throw you a few scraps for which you should be grateful“, the advice to women is just “deny reality, do whatever makes you feel good, and when it all goes tits up go get some cats.” I offer today’s Relationships section of the Times online newspaper. Pretty awful.

You can do better than this

Lead story: How long should you wait for Mr Right

The metropolitan trendy-leftism is strong here as the article kicks off with cred-building references to bankers greed (the Approved explanation for the financial crisis) and Brad-and-fucking-Angelina. This shrew hack writer is attempting a take-down of the emininently sensible book by Lori Gottleib that points out the simple fact that most women who hold out for a hero end up sipping Chardonnay on their sofa, surrounded by cats, nursing the bitter loneliness of a wasted life. Be practical – settle. Oh god forbid a woman can’t actually have it all, so Becky Pugh flies into action with an impassioned argument for why fabulous women should net their Mr Big, replete with the mountains of evidence to prove her case.

Let’s look at that mountain. Exhibit #1: A book of fiction, Jane Eyre. Exhibit #2: The fictional Carrie-fucking-Bradshaw. Exhibit #3: An unidentified friend who tries to reframe spinsterhood as independence.  Exhibits #4-6 are random fuckwits. Even the IPCC require better evidence than this.

My comment is unlikely to survive moderation: “There’s a small number of 28-32 yr old women who will read this and take your advice. You have just consigned them to the scrapheap. If a woman has any regard for her own future, she will husband hunt while near her prime sexual market value (aged 18-24), as this is when she can best score a top quality man. As she ages, her choices reduce. By 34 she hits her “Wile E Coyote” moment when her SMV is close to zero. There’s no chance of scoring Mr Big then. That’s why you had to draw your counter examples from fiction. Because reality isn’t Sex & the City where self-important cougars can slut their way through their 20s and then find a cool Captain Save-a-Soul to overlook their sordid past and treat them like the Lady they aren’t. Terrible, terrible advice. You are in the business of making a career out of telling used-up old women what they want to hear. I really hope the younger female readers aren’t taken in.”

Story 2: Women feel more guilt than men

Let’s just tick this off against the list of female shaming language. 

1. The byline is “Women feel guilt much more strongly than men as the latter tend to be insensitive, according to a psychologists’ study” – code black, the charge of misogyny – The target is accused of displaying some form of unwarranted malice to a particular woman or to women in general.

2. “Researchers discovered that not only do women feel the emotion more intensely but that men feel ‘too little’ guilt when they behave badly.” I’m pretty willing to bet that those cases of behaving badly are defined by women and the men don’t think they did anything wrong, whereas women get a free pass for all their disgaceful behaviour, but I digress.  This sounds alot like code silver – the charge of selfishness – It is a common charge hurled at men who do not want to be bothered with romantic pursuits.

3.  “Ms Etxebarria suggested that women felt more guilt because they were socially conditioned to do so, rather than there being a physiological or evolutionary reason for the difference.” This is a implicit code brown – the charge of fanaticism – against men in general – The target is accused of subscribing to an intolerant, extremist ideology or of being devoted to an ignorant viewpoint. In this case, oppressing women with thought control. The next section goes code orange – the charge of endangerment – The target is accused of being a menace in some undefined manner.

I’d also suggest the undertone to the piece is a code green – the charge of puerility – The target is accused of being immature and/or irresponsible in some manner that reflects badly on his status as an adult male. This piece is presenting men as being somehow childish and under-developed. Am I reading too much into it? Perhaps.

Aim high

 Story 3How to secure a first date: Top ten tips for men

It’s a mangina writing this one and he gets straight off on the shaming language front, ridiculing the straw man of “hunter gatherers”, like being masculine is an out-dated relic.  He then points the poor reader to the cougar-hell of the newpaper’s online dating site. I’ll take the tips in turn:

Tip 1 – Don’t learn Game. Hahahahaha. His very first piece of advice is to ignore the only body of knowledge that can actually help. Apparently all it will give you is the ability to nail dozens of hot girls, and that will ruin your life. Ok. Next.

Tip 2 – Be presentable. Fair enough, though hardly a surprise. Assanova says it better, and doesn’t rely on a bunch of female family to identikit dress you. He misses the most important part of presenting well – pick an “avatar” (and no, I don’t mean traitorous liberal blue cat people terrorists) and look different.

Tip 3 – Ask questions. Done properly, I’d agree. And that means make statements about the girl that invite an explanation from her, and make it about interesting things. Mangina-boy recommends the resume-exchange interview and an overt display of too much interest. Fail.

Tip 4 – Hide you obsessions. If the obsession is World of Warcraft, yes. If it is skydiving, kickboxing, writing, chess, your business, travelling, rock climbing, photography, whatever – then HELL NO! Be passionate, talk passionately, pull her into your world.

Tip 5 – Start taking exercise. Spot on, this is good advice. More correctly though is start taking exercise as a natural concommitent to a sporting activity you love. A Fitness First gym body is homo and try-hard (though better than lard-arse). A functionally fit body sculpted from boxing, surfing or some other genuine pursuit is alpha. I’ll bet this mangina only ever uses the treadmill while he waits for the sauna to fill up with hairy cock.

Tip 6 – Decide your goals. Partially true. It’s more productive to screen the girl for how she fits into your goals. And by that I mean where on the hierarchy will she fit from serious LTR, through fuck buddy, down to entourage.

Tip 7 – Pick a venue. Well, duh! I’ll let his homo herb slight against kickboxing pass and just mention that better advice is to set up lots of venues to take advantage of time distortion. Also, DO NOT take up hobbies just to impress women. Learn something YOU want and then draw her in with your passion for it.

Tip 8 – Learn to dance. I’d put this #4 on a list after learn to lead, learn to fight, and learn to fuck. Dancing has only two places in a pick-up (i) during attraction stage on the intial meet, such as a dancefloor opener, or an isolation gambit to the dancefloor and (ii) in a serious commited LTR when you want to have interesting nights out together. Dancing on a day 2 is try-hard and homo. Why on earth would you take a girl to a dance venue in Comfort?

Tip 9 – Be patient: “Don’t be pushy, don’t expect sex, don’t try anything too quickly. Be a gentleman. You’ll be fine.” A huge but is in order (and I don’t mean how her butt will grow huge over time if you follow this twats advice in a LTR). But this is only applicable in two cases: (i) she is one of that 5% of girls who isn’t a slut or (ii) you are already able to project sexual abundance such that you want her to sense it’s no big deal. Otherwise you are failing the girl by failing to move the transaction along. As a male you are prime mover. You are the sexually aggressive male. You are dating her specifically because you saw her and thought “I’ll tap that ass”. The reason you are screening her and qualifying her is because you haven’t yet decided if she’s worth any level of commitment. Remember that in the dating frame (as opposed to SNL thug-fucking frame) it is an open secret that the woman is using sex to secure commitment and the man is using commitment to secure sex. Turning off your sexuality makes you the wishy washy nice guy.

OK, that’s all the dregs of modern dating that I can wade through in one go. Thank god I discovered Game.

A short comment on my misogyny

January 20, 2010

I’m a cheerful misogynist. I suspect this causes some consternation amongst my fellows be it my AFC friends shackling themselves up to ageing western women for a life of indentured servitude and the misery of banging the same worn-out old vagina once a month, or my PUA friends who genuinely like women. For the latter, douchebag game is a strategy. For me, I am a douchebag. And proud of it.

There. I've said it.

The main reason I dislike women as a collective (despite liking many individual women who have earned my respect) is this:  Women deserve it.

The main reason I think men are better than women is this: Men are better than women. Everything of value that was ever created in society was created by a man. More specifically, by a white straight beta man. There’s reasons for this, as the Krauserology links on my sidebar go into more detail.

Quite bold statements, no? I have personal experience of the immoral self-righteous capricous nature of women – to wit, my skank ex-wife. After eight years of an intense, rewarding, constructive, passionate relationship things fell apart within a year. I became beta, boring, home centred and lazy relative to the prior eight years. But I was still a good guy – I’d set the alarm every morning to go to work, do a hard 50-60 hour week in a job I didn’t care for, work the corporate ladder, and come home every night to kiss my wife, pay attention to her, treat her right and provide her with a standard of living equal to my own. I stayed in good shape (great shape for my age). I was polite and respectful to her family and genuinely interested in building relations with them. I continued to develop as a well-rounded person, continued to read books and provide interesting conversation. Even at the very lowest ebb of my value as a husband I was working harder than her in all areas of life and still a top-decile high value man. Fuck, I even spent a few years learning her language until I was fluent.

She changed from being a perfect wife to a miserable harpy. In short, she westernised to the point that I’d rather have a wank than have to fuck her again. This is a girl who was a model until her late 20s and a fucking terrific lay. I went from being in love and totally committed for the rest of my life to feeling uncomfortable near her.

It began when she decided she wanted a job. So I helped her get one including writing her CV and arranging references that would get her what she wanted. She then decided her 35 hours a week earning £15k was a huge deal, whereas my 60 hours a week earning five times that was just background noise. Naturally, her money was a personal stash for shoes and cocktails while my money was hers too. She decided she didn’t need to do housework, or cooking despite working 20+ hours less than me every single week. She became a miserable, stressed, entitled pain in the arse. She failed her primary duty – of making our home somewhere I enjoyed coming back to.

But worst of all, after one year of me slightly underperforming as a husband and her massively underperforming as a wife, she just walked out. No attempts at fixing the problems. No attempt to tell me the gravity of the problem. Just went. Society cheered her on.

Snowwimmin are bitches too

That is the personal reason why I think women are cunts. However, generalisations are possible and there are intellectual reasons too. The Fifth Horseman says it best, so follow the link if you want the details. This is a pick up blog so rather than go into detail here, let’s keep to why I am a misogynist and why it’s good for Game.

The nature of women is to mis-identify arseholes and thugs as Alpha. They crave the men who project high value. If, as a man, you sincerely believe you are better than all women – even the “perfect tens” – then you subcommunicate high value. Guys like RSD tell you to treat the woman like your bratty kid sister. This is a nice way to frame it, but I say cut the shit and just accept the basic truth:

If you are a smart, healthy, fit, solvent, personable man then YOU REALLY ARE A BETTER HUMAN BEING THAN HER.

Women simply are not as good as men. We own the right-side of the bell curve on everything.

Even if you don’t accept that proposition, here’s another one: You must be a misogynist as a defensive mechanism to defend yourself from the predations of women. Now I’ll agree not every woman is a libidinous, treacherous free-loading skank. Like they say with lawyers, the scumbags create a bad reputation for the 5% of lawyers who aren’t scumbags. I’ve met plenty of nice girls who really do have high value as human beings. But it is so hard to identify them. Much of the time you can’t know until you’ve already invested massive amounts of time and emotional energy in them.

Think of it like a risk assessment: If only 20% of girls are treacherous skanks (a conservative estimate) then it is far safer to assume all are until proven otherwise. Trust but verify. Do not leave yourself vulnerable. It gets worse though. As my marriage showed, even a girl who you’ve screened for years and really is one of the nice girls can be quickly corrupted by the she-devils around her and the perverse incentives offered by western society. And once that happens they become cold, pitiless snakes – as cold as if they’d never met you.

The social contract between the sexes has completely broken down. You never know if you’ve found the girl that isn’t a bitch, and by the time it’s tested it’s too late, as I found out to my cost. The responsibility for putting this right is with women as a group – until then I’m not playing ball.


So I am a misogynist. I wasn’t born that way – it was made. Perhaps sometime in the future society will reorganise itself in such a way that I will respect women again. But until such a time comes I will respect only those women who earn it on an individual level, to the degree that they’ve earned it, and I shall never ever leave myself vulnerable to them. Browsing these archives should show you I have respected plenty of women since learning game.

Now, back to the regular programming…….

Some rare night game

January 20, 2010

Friday January 8, 2010 and I get dragged out by Burto and Tony T to Old Street. It’s cold, wet and dead but there’s some signs of life in Zigfrid so that’s where we go. Right away at the bar Burto opens HB6 Tall and her little Bulgarian friend. His attraction game is tight so she’s hooked quick but we slightly mess up the wing work. First he brings in Tony T to DHV him and she wants to learn salsa, but Tony is so funny making her do stupid childish dancing that it leaves Mick frozen out, losing value by the second. We realise the mistake and chat animatedly amongst ourselves so it looks like we have our own stuff going on. HB6 then comes up to me and tries to imitate my accent. Turns out she’s from some shithole English town:

HB6: Whey aye man! hahahaha

Krauser: Yes. Quite.

HB6: You are from Newcastle aren’t you?

Krauser: Yes. And you?

HB6: [shithole town]

Krauser: Oh, I’ve been to [shithole town]. *she leans in, interested* Worst five minutes of my life.

HB6: *genuinely offended* Wha….

Krauser: Yeah, I went to [nightclub name]. *smirk*

HB6: *laughs, smiles, attraction* Yeah!! I virtually grew up there…. *launches into story*

So I’ve accidently fucked up here, because I wasn’t trying to neg her so hard and wasn’t trying to build attraction. I was just trying to hold the line against her mocking my accent, which she was doing in a good-natured manner. So I bail as quickly as possible to leave Burto with the set. As Tony T comments later, girls only have so many “attraction points” to give out, so if we take some it leaves less for Burto. We move back along the bar. I open a pair of black chicks with an extremely disinterested over the shoulder posture and they hook, but they a fives at best. I try to make it up to Burto with the next round of drinks – I take his over while he’s in set with the HB6 and her tall blonde friend and say “Burto, here’s your drink mate. Do you want ice with that?” Ice is code for “isolation”. He says yes, meaning he wants me to fuck off out of the set so I go. Not before HB6 tries to rope me back in:

HB6: Whey aye man! Listen, how is this one? Byker Grooooove!! [kids TV show based in my hometown]

Krauser: Cool. Look, I’d love to judge your crappy impressions but I really have to get back to my friend

HB6: *grabbing me when I try to leave* Byker grooooooooove.

I eject, trying not to be rude. Honestly, it’s a no-win situation. If I stay, I steal some of Burto’s attraction. Even though there’s no danger of me getting the girl, there is a danger of me preventing him from getting her. If I go, I’ve just negged her and projected higher value and thus undermined him that way too. No-win situation.

Burto finally does a takeaway and comes to join is. I position us next to a three set of Polish girls and start asking Tony about his salsa. Mid-way through I lean over my shoulder and open the girls:

Krauser: Girls, just quick. Which is best – sexy salsa or professional salsa?

HB8 [target]: Sexy salsa! *smiles alot*

HB5 [her sister]: Professional salsa

HB5 [third girl]: Sexy salsa

Should have a better pic soon

I say thanks and go right back to talking to Tony, ignoring them completely. I can see them discussing us in my peripheral vision and within a minute the target re-opens me, asking why I asked. I root my opener saying Tony is a salsa teacher and he used to do a really smouldering sexy style when he’s leading the girl but now he’s trying something new and keeping things almost formal and technical, so I wondered which a girl prefers. I was phrasing it in NLP terms with sentences like “imagine you’re on the salsa dancefloor and we are partnered….. how do you feel when…..” Yes, I’m a horrible manipulative cunt.

HB8 is totally hooked and has this beautiful free and easy laugh. Her sister is more sour faced so I do the classic cold read routine of: “Oh, I see it now! You *points to target* are the naughty girl. You’re the one who likes to go out and meet people, do crazy things and have a great time. You *points to older sister* have to watch over her and make sure she doesn’t do something really dumb. I bet you’ve had to pull her out of all kinds of scrapes….”

This wins over the sister. By now my wings have moved in and I can mini-isolate the target by turning her back to the group, I’m running playful kino and adopting her as my kid sister. Classic stuff. We do a few takeaways too so as not to project too much interest. One nice piece is when a blonde HB6 walks past in a revealing toga-style top Tony just grabs her and escalates within about ten seconds. I make the same mistake with her as I did with Burto’s target:

Tony T: You’re a writer? Krauser here has written a few books

HB6: Really? *interested, leans in*

Krauser: Yeah, I used to [background] and I ended up doing a short story collection and a novel. Are you a proper writer, or just some weird blogger?

HB6: *likes the neg, starts qualifying*

This is turning out wrong so I’m looking at Tony hoping he’s going to come back in and save me, but he’s just watching. I find a way out and re-open the Polish girls. Then some gay dude comes over and rudely AMOGs Tony. It’s a hit and run which really can’t be defended because they are obviously good friends with the blonde. He just gets between them and pulls the toga girl away. She doesn’t want to go. Burto is our AMOG machine so he gives it ten minutes then brutally AMOGs the homo, and then again later. Tony gets the phone number. Of the girl, not the homo.

My Polish set drinks up by 11pm and heads off, but not before I easily number close my target and do the routine boobie-to-boobie hug. We soon try a new bar. I forget the name but we are in a normal lounge bar with wide open spaces and not many people in them. The only worthy set is three Aussie girls sitting inaccessibly in a booth. I approach, and damn I wish the cameras were rolling:

Krauser: Hey girls. What you doing right now?

3-set: We’re drinking wine… blah blah    *a “who the fuck are you” look*

Krauser: *brazens ahead* So what is the chances of you, you, and you *pointing* coming home with me *pointing* for a one…two….three…. foursome *holds up fingers*

3-set: *attraction, laughs* blah blah blah. *they’ve hooked, I sit down*

After five minutes I DHV Burto and Tony then bring them into set. We chat about half an hour then bounce them to a members club to a private room. I’m holding court with my DHV stories but for some reason I don’t work kino and the attraction seems to fade. Later on, Tony comments that I stayed in attraction too long and they got frazzled by the endless DHVs and cocky funny. I should’ve taken my target into comfort. She was really cute too. We exchange numbers and Facebook but the girls are only here for the weekend, being at Uni in Paris.

Aussie target

Humourously they try to contend that if I tried that opener in Sydney it wouldn’t work, and how it wouldn’t normally work on them. Girls, I’ve done it about 30 times and it’s only failed to open about three times. The next morning I start up the text game with the Polish girl. This is the banter over the course of a week, generally with a few hours between texts:

Krauser: You laugh weird!

HB8: Oh thanks, it’s good? x

Krauser: Yeah it’s good.

HB8: And you r very cool, you now???x

Krauser: We are at Last Days of Decadence now. It’s burlesque night. I think you’d like it.

HB8: Yes sound good :)))) Enjoy!x

Krauser: Hey! I’m gonna show you the best milkshake bar in London. Is 5pm ok for you?

HB8: Hey Krausie! That’s so sweet. and I need to work at 4 😦 Hope you good x

OK, so I put the Day 2 invite out and get knocked back without a counter-offer. That’s bad. I have to neg to recover the frame:

Krauser: I’m “Krausie” now?

HB8: Oh sorry in English Krauser??? it’s ok? x

Krauser: I’m just messing with you, [HB nickname] 😉

HB8: You messing with me Krausie???x

Krauser: I enjoy it HB nickname! Don’t work too hard   [OK, I admit it, this message was beta]

HB8: Krausie yo r so nouty :)))) Have a nice evening x

Krauser: I had a snowball fight outside work. I love winter!

HB8: Krausie I now a lot of fun :))))) So cold as well.. Xxx

Krauser: I thought you ex-communists liked the cold… 😉 Have you been taking photos in the snow {she’s a photography student]

Krauser: We are going to [cool club] tomorrow. Great bar/club. Come join us. Free before 11pm on guest list. Shall I add you?

HB8: Hi Krausie! How is your day?? Thank you for invitation but I’m working until midnight and later maby shrodich on my way home.. xxxxxxxx

HB8 [3am on Saturday night]: We r in 54, you. X

Krauser [two days later]: Still clubbing at 3am? Naughty girl. And I thought you were a nice girl….

Krauser: I’ll add you to Facebook. What’s the best way to search it – email?

HB8:  Hi Krausie! Ok so that’s my email [redacted].com :)))))) Have a good day 🙂 x

Burto reckons the 3am text was probably a booty call but I didn’t pick it up till lunchtime the next day so I figured I might as well leave it longer still to reply. On the plus side, while she was out partying at least I had a good night’s sleep after finally completing Codemaster’s FUEL game on my PS3………

** QUALITY CONTROL UPDATE ** This post was written while I was waiting for HB8 Polish to accept the Facebook invite and thus the only pic I had was from her profile. I assumed this was a bad photo because she looked so much hotter in the bar. Alas, no. It has now come to my attention that what I thought was a mid-twenties HB8 is actually a 30 year old girl of somewhat lesser beauty. Consultation of my methodology requires this girl to remain an HB8 in the description (as this is what I thought upon initially gaming her) but she’s more like a HB6, perhaps a HB7 if you factor in her lovely feminine manner.

This is why I prefer day game. What I viewed as an LTR contender is now a fuck buddy at best. Bah.

I bang my first curvy Romanian office girl

January 18, 2010

Saturday 16th January, 2010. Oh lordy, this was a long and convoluted sarge…

Flush though I am with the success of banging a fresh new girl this really can’t go down in the memoirs as a textbook case of effective seduction. Quite the opposite. I think it’s taken me a little over the three-date rule to get it done – so thank fuck I wasn’t paying for them. Like all good stories, this one begins at the beginning, which for a day time sarge is the approach. To recap:

Day 1 – Open in Westfields shopping mall, direct. Bounce to ice cream stall, turn into instant date. Escalation: kiss on mouth, no tongues

Day 2 – Milkshakes in The Diner, pizza in Soho, drink in a pub. Escalation: make out, kop a feel of breasts

Day 3 – Entourage game at nightclub.  Escalation: make out, send her back, take the Spaniard home.

Day 4 – Walk along South Bank, drink in pub, Chinese restaurant. Escalation: none

Day 5 – She comes round the house, a drink in a private member’s club. Escalation: barebreasted at my place, some rubbing of pussy

Day 6 – She drives me to Leeds Castle, then sunday roast in a pub, back to my place: Escalation: none

Day 7 – Meet after work, drinks in a different private members club. Escalation: none

Day 8 – Burlesque bar/club ’till late. Escalation: none

Day 9 – Private members club, she stays the night. Escalation: bingo – full close.  *audience round of applause*




This sarge had been maddeningly slow and I just couldn’t figure out how much was me lacking escalation skills, how much was the shitty shitty logistics, and how much is just her as a difficult-to-close girl. Here’s my thoughts:

Escalation skills: I have been nice-guy far too long and it’s tended to get me LJBF’d. I’d hold back from sexualising encounters because subconsciously I was enjoying the validation of bouncing the girls and taking their numbers and raising the stakes would risk losing the girl, and hence the validation. Took me a while to realise that was happening and RSD’s Foundations DVDs helped identify the cause. Losing a girl through sexualisation in no way undermines the value of your original approach and thus doesn’t retract the validation. With HB8 Romania she was obviously into me and the dating frame was bringing out the nice guy again. I was caught between knowing it would eventually happen if I kept ploughing, while knowing equally that she was judging me on not being a desparate horny-dog jumping her at every opportunity. So I settled for the slow gradual escalation, with frequent takeaways / one step forward two steps back.

I was trying hard to calibrate to the girl. Advice from Tony T was to spend more time in comfort and take the pressure off her on escalation. By projecting the attitude that sex is no big deal, if it happens it happens, then she’ll get the comfort she needs to let me go forward.

Shitty logistics: This girl lives and works waaaay out of London. Every time we meet it has to be arranged, in a dating frame. There’s no casual 9pm call of “me and the guys are out at Club XYZ, why don’t you pop by.” She hates public transport, irrationally so, and loves her car. That means she drives in to meet me and won’t drink alcohol. It wasn’t till Day 9 that I finally got her to drink more than a single glass of wine. Achieving that required giving her a pretext to avoid the Anti Slut Defense kicking in. It came in the following text exchange, after she’s initiated by sending me a picture of her car covered in snow:

Krauser: You doing ok?

HB8: Sure, in bed watching a girlie movie. You?

Krauser: I might watch a girlie movie too. Different kind 😉

HB8: :)) Enjoy

Krauser: Heh

HB8: Pervert!

Krauser: Double heh!

[next day] Krauser: Keep Saturday free. We’re doing cool stuff. – [various texts follow on random fluff]

[Saturday] HB8: Mmmh, morning

Krauser: Aye. I’m in a friend’s NLP seminar. Can you get in for 5pm?

HB8: What’s NLP? I can try. I’ll drive.

Krauser: Neuro Linguistic Programming. Bring your overnight bag. We’ll go to the fruit market early tomorrow, finally.

So now she’s got her pretext because we’d twice aimed to go to that market on a Sunday and twice she’d gotten out of bed too late to make it worth the while. Throughout the evening on Day 9 she’s sipping wine in moderation and asking the waiters to go easy on the alcohol in her cocktails. I sense she’s keeping her options open. She doesn’t mention having the overnight bag, or staying overnight, until ten minutes before the f-close. Lesson learned – give her a pretext to assuage the ASD.

She’s tough to close: She’s a bit nerdy, and looks a little out of place in the club environment with party girls around her. At one point I was seriously considering the possibility that no other man had ploughed this furrow. Benefit of hindsight I think this is her playing an instinctive girl game to angle for the LTR. She’s protecting her relationship value by not jumping into bed on the first pussy tingle. It has been successful in maintaining her value in my eyes and making me like her alot. I shall not be performing a pump’n’dump on her, she has proved herself better than that. So she’s played coy but allowed me to push things slightly closer to F-Close City each time. The eventual close began at about 1am in the private members bar. We are sitting across a tiny table after chatting for a long time. We spend lots of time locking eyes and not saying anything. Each time I turn on progressively more sexual energy until I’m giving her full-on rape eyes. No words, just solid contact with me visualising exactly what I intend to do to her when we get back to my place. Her physiology changes – pupils dilate, cheeks pinken, lips get fuller. Early on I’m doing standard triangular gazing from eyes to lips. Late on I’m adding in looking at her breasts and legs.

We get back to my place and she’s protesting about being tired and not looking forward to the drive home. I light candles and go set up my bedroom. I’ve left the heating on low while we’re out so the place is warm. I boil the kettle and put a hot water bottle in my bed and turn the low wattage lamp on. Back in the lounge she is stretched out on my sofa. We make out. I do lots of teasing and build sexual tension. As she starts squirming, I rip off her trousers. This is the make or break where I got LMR last time I tried. She goes with it. I’m about to pull off her knickers when she says “we should go to the bedroom, I’m not comfortable here”.

More makeout and I go to pull down her knickers. This time she says “I need to get something from my car”. I suspect it’s her overnight bag (or condoms) but I don’t want her putting her trousers or shoes back on, so I loan her my outdoor slippers and a long coat. I play protector saying I’ll watch over her from the doorway so she doesn’t get murdered – but I’m at least as interested in watching what she’s doing. She gets the overnight bag and comes back. It’s on. The rest is x-rated.

I think I’m turning Japanese, I think I’m…..

January 6, 2010

Wednesday 30th December and I’m helping Wisdom with his daygame tutorials again. He was my first mentor and remains a legendary daygame practictioner so I’ve enjoyed milking him for nuggets of….um…. wisdom. The rain is pretty severe and the streets around Covent Garden don’t have many sets. It’s not helping that the first student has crippling approach anxiety – he’s been reading material for a year and is still not approaching. Plenty of times we push him after sets and he just walks behind them for five minutes before giving up. Fortunately for him Wisdom is a more patient teacher than I and gently cajoles him till he finally opens a girl – and gets a good response. One hour, one approach. When I have him chasing a girl up by the station and not opening I just get exasperated and open her myself. HB6 Student is down for the New Year from Nottingham uni. She’s very shy and after a ten minute conversation I can’t close. Outside M&S I see HB9 Fur Hat go by and spend thirty seconds watching her walk by, wondering if I should approach. For the first time in months I actually wonder if she’s too good for me.

I’ve been working on an NLP approach anchor today. The idea is to put yourself into a desired state (in my case the feeling of excitement as a child when you’ve just gotten your week’s pocket money and are entering the sweet shop) and then anchor it to a kino, visual and verbal action. Mine is to place my hand on my heart, whisper “boom-boom, boom-boom” and in rhythm visualise a girl’s arse swinging from side to side. I do this and run after the girl. Normal direct opener.

I qualify her right away on her graceful walk and friendly manner, then neg her on the fur hat and coat she’s wearing. She responds brilliantly and is laughing alot. I run the panda stack and we are talking about ten minutes. She does some kind of PR work and is on her way back to work. I think the close is there but she says, spontanteously before I try for it, “I’d love to give you my number but I have a boyfriend”. Phase shift into entourage game and I seed the fashion parties and give her a card. Wisdom and his student are watching.

The next student comes out and after a long chat in Starbucks we get him approaching. On about his third attempt he number closes a little blonde and is totally stoked. Before long its time over and I follow Wisdom over to Regent Street where he’s looking to buy a new coat. I see HB9 Fur Hat coming towards me so as she passes:

Krauser: Hey!

HB9: *looks up surprised, smiles*

Krauser: Are you stalking me?

HB9: *smiles nervously, stops, dithers*

Krauser: I’m going this way *points*. Later *winks, walks off*

I’m discussing with Wisdom whether that was the right way to handle the chance re-meet, by re-opening but moving on right away while she’s expecting me to try to keep talking to her, when HB8 Japan walks past and the eye contact is long enough to suggest an approach invitation. I immediately give chase and open direct. Great response and she’s laughing right away. I do light kino, light negs, and drop a few Japan-related DHVs but without overdoing it. For example:

Krauser: So who are you?

HB8: I’m HB8

Krauser: Nihonjin desu you ne? [You’re Japanese aren’t you]

HB8: *delighted surprise* You know Japanese?!

Krauser: Hai, demo honno sukoshi desu. Mo zembu wasurechatta. [Yes, but only a little. I’ve forgotten most of it unfortunately]

She declines the instant date cos she’s on her way to meet friends. It’s looking really solid but then she drops the bombshell – she’s only got a week or so left in England before she heads home for good. Damn, she had tonnes of promise too – pretty, tall, slender, nicely dressed, smiley, feminine manner. Damn. I number close, boobie-to-boobie hug and then eject. I find Wisdom in GAP and then while he’s paying for a coat in River Island I open HB6 Korea indirect and Facebook close. I forgo the Jambone/Assanova text game on HB8 Japan because her language ability isn’t up to it. Instead:

HB6 Korea

Krauser: Hey HB8. It was nice to meet you. What date do you kikoku? [return home]

HB8: Hi krauser! My kikoku  day 10th Jan 🙂

Krauser: Wakatta [understood].  I’m busy tomorrow but we can meet soon

HB8: Ok c u soon :))

The next night we swap New Year greetings and I invite her out with a text on the Friday with “HB8. I will show you the best milkshake bar in London. Tomorrow 4pm ok for you?”. She accepts and then on Saturday 2nd December we have our Day 2. I meet her outside a pub with my shopping bags then walk her to the milkshake bar with her on my arm. I’m gonna always do this, as it’s like an immediate bounce and beginnings of kino / leading. We get a little booth and she’s loving the milkshakes. I flirt with the waitresses and do alpha body language. I run the usual stories. After an hour I bounce her to a pub and we sit side by side at the bar drinking beer. She’s totally relaxed now and laughing lots, pinging me on kino. I’ve texted the boys so I start getting DHV wing calls:

Jambone: Hey, DHV call. Boss me around [out of HB’s earshot]

Krauser: Thanks for calling. Tell me, did you take notes at the meeting?…… uh huh….. OK. Will you type them up and put them in a Powerpoint presentation and email it to me……… I know but it’s important so you need to do it tonight……… thanks. I’ll have a look at it in the morning and let you know what changes to make……etc

Just as I get off that call Burto calls for another DHV.

Krauser: Did you book the cars like I said?…… I think two should be enough. The girls want to come but I decided it’s gonna be boys only. It’ll be quite a challenging hike and we dont’ want the girls slowing us down…… Just get the best ones, the money doesn’t matter….

Burto: Why don’t you tell me to order the food too?

Krauser: I’ve got a better idea. Why don’t you order the food too…… try Percy. I gave you his number didn’t I?…… he’s excellent for catering…. Look, I’ve got to go. I’m with someone right now. Just sort it out, I trust you.

I continue push-pull kino and we are both having a great time. I bounce her to a private members bar that is a fantastic DHV – the receptionist is super respectful and we are led to our reserved sofa in the lounge room. HB8 is loving it and before long is massaging my thighs while I take another DHV call from Tony T. I really go into self amusement on this one:

Tony T: Ok Krauser. DHV call.

Krauser: Is that Tony? How’s things……. yeah…….. me too. Of course, put him on…… Jay!!!! How you doin’ mate [pretending it’s my nephew. Tony is just chuckling]…… yeah…… uh huh…… really? a snowman? Was it a big one? Big boys have to build big snowmen you know……… The bullies did what?……. and took his carrot nose too?…… Jay, tell you what. Next time I come up I’m going to have a talk with those boys……. the army coat?…… yeah I think it’s cool too……. we’ll both wear them when we go down to judo…..etc

HB8 Japan

We move to the sofa infront of the roaring fireplace and she’s leaning into me, playing with my fingers and so on. It feels like a can’t miss and I’m cursing the fact she won’t be around much longer. Moran shows up with his new Mexican target and after briefly DHVing each other I take HB8 back to my place, but just to drop off my shopping and change my shirt. I’m trying that old Mystery trick of getting her comfortable seeing your place and showing restraint by not coming on to her there. She’s relaxed. I do the photo routine on my Facebook then we head out to Old Street.

At first it’s just Burto and Tony T in a pizza restaurant and they DHV me some more. We order pizza and gradually the rest of the guys show up, including Moran and his Mexican. Massive social proof and I can see the reaction in HB8’s eyes. We are five hours in to the date now and she’s absolutely in deep comfort, joking around with my friends. I am also really liking this girl. Finally she has to had off home, claiming some early meeting tomorrow morning. I DLV myself trying to organise the next date when she resists on account of packing and other excuses. Not horrible DLVs but I push harder than I usually would because of the time pressure. I also fail the kiss close. In the normal scheme of things that would be no big deal, but there’s so little time to work with.

Then we go off and have a normal night of sarging with a few interesting sets.