A short comment on my misogyny

January 20, 2010

I’m a cheerful misogynist. I suspect this causes some consternation amongst my fellows be it my AFC friends shackling themselves up to ageing western women for a life of indentured servitude and the misery of banging the same worn-out old vagina once a month, or my PUA friends who genuinely like women. For the latter, douchebag game is a strategy. For me, I am a douchebag. And proud of it.

There. I've said it.

The main reason I dislike women as a collective (despite liking many individual women who have earned my respect) is this:  Women deserve it.

The main reason I think men are better than women is this: Men are better than women. Everything of value that was ever created in society was created by a man. More specifically, by a white straight beta man. There’s reasons for this, as the Krauserology links on my sidebar go into more detail.

Quite bold statements, no? I have personal experience of the immoral self-righteous capricous nature of women – to wit, my skank ex-wife. After eight years of an intense, rewarding, constructive, passionate relationship things fell apart within a year. I became beta, boring, home centred and lazy relative to the prior eight years. But I was still a good guy – I’d set the alarm every morning to go to work, do a hard 50-60 hour week in a job I didn’t care for, work the corporate ladder, and come home every night to kiss my wife, pay attention to her, treat her right and provide her with a standard of living equal to my own. I stayed in good shape (great shape for my age). I was polite and respectful to her family and genuinely interested in building relations with them. I continued to develop as a well-rounded person, continued to read books and provide interesting conversation. Even at the very lowest ebb of my value as a husband I was working harder than her in all areas of life and still a top-decile high value man. Fuck, I even spent a few years learning her language until I was fluent.

She changed from being a perfect wife to a miserable harpy. In short, she westernised to the point that I’d rather have a wank than have to fuck her again. This is a girl who was a model until her late 20s and a fucking terrific lay. I went from being in love and totally committed for the rest of my life to feeling uncomfortable near her.

It began when she decided she wanted a job. So I helped her get one including writing her CV and arranging references that would get her what she wanted. She then decided her 35 hours a week earning £15k was a huge deal, whereas my 60 hours a week earning five times that was just background noise. Naturally, her money was a personal stash for shoes and cocktails while my money was hers too. She decided she didn’t need to do housework, or cooking despite working 20+ hours less than me every single week. She became a miserable, stressed, entitled pain in the arse. She failed her primary duty – of making our home somewhere I enjoyed coming back to.

But worst of all, after one year of me slightly underperforming as a husband and her massively underperforming as a wife, she just walked out. No attempts at fixing the problems. No attempt to tell me the gravity of the problem. Just went. Society cheered her on.

Snowwimmin are bitches too

That is the personal reason why I think women are cunts. However, generalisations are possible and there are intellectual reasons too. The Fifth Horseman says it best, so follow the link if you want the details. This is a pick up blog so rather than go into detail here, let’s keep to why I am a misogynist and why it’s good for Game.

The nature of women is to mis-identify arseholes and thugs as Alpha. They crave the men who project high value. If, as a man, you sincerely believe you are better than all women – even the “perfect tens” – then you subcommunicate high value. Guys like RSD tell you to treat the woman like your bratty kid sister. This is a nice way to frame it, but I say cut the shit and just accept the basic truth:

If you are a smart, healthy, fit, solvent, personable man then YOU REALLY ARE A BETTER HUMAN BEING THAN HER.

Women simply are not as good as men. We own the right-side of the bell curve on everything.

Even if you don’t accept that proposition, here’s another one: You must be a misogynist as a defensive mechanism to defend yourself from the predations of women. Now I’ll agree not every woman is a libidinous, treacherous free-loading skank. Like they say with lawyers, the scumbags create a bad reputation for the 5% of lawyers who aren’t scumbags. I’ve met plenty of nice girls who really do have high value as human beings. But it is so hard to identify them. Much of the time you can’t know until you’ve already invested massive amounts of time and emotional energy in them.

Think of it like a risk assessment: If only 20% of girls are treacherous skanks (a conservative estimate) then it is far safer to assume all are until proven otherwise. Trust but verify. Do not leave yourself vulnerable. It gets worse though. As my marriage showed, even a girl who you’ve screened for years and really is one of the nice girls can be quickly corrupted by the she-devils around her and the perverse incentives offered by western society. And once that happens they become cold, pitiless snakes – as cold as if they’d never met you.

The social contract between the sexes has completely broken down. You never know if you’ve found the girl that isn’t a bitch, and by the time it’s tested it’s too late, as I found out to my cost. The responsibility for putting this right is with women as a group – until then I’m not playing ball.


So I am a misogynist. I wasn’t born that way – it was made. Perhaps sometime in the future society will reorganise itself in such a way that I will respect women again. But until such a time comes I will respect only those women who earn it on an individual level, to the degree that they’ve earned it, and I shall never ever leave myself vulnerable to them. Browsing these archives should show you I have respected plenty of women since learning game.

Now, back to the regular programming…….


  1. I’m with you on this one Krauser. I was raised to be a white knight. After falling on my sword enough times for women, I became a dark knight misogynist.

  2. yeah i was raised to be a White Knight as well, but then I figured out that none of them really deserved it, and the ones that did, or that i thought did, I really didn’t want. weird.

    anyways, great post. i’m glad i found this blog.

    just a question, so you wouldn’t get married again? i’m a misogynist too, but i still want kids, preferably sons.

  3. Alkibiades – I was strangely conflicted on that issue. Intellectually I used to think like a white knight, but I never actually acted upon it because instinctively I didn’t feel it.

    Prime – I wouldn’t get married again, that’s definite. What I haven’t yet decided is if I would co-habit and raise a faimly. I really wanted kids up till a year ago and I expect I will want them again but having them exposes me to all the same risks as marriage. I’ve spent a long time thinking about it and still don’t have an answer.

  4. I just shuttered after reading that.

    Gives me more resolve to continue being an asshole to women.

  5. Krauser – how old are you?

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  8. Krauser,

    Let me know if you figure out a solution to the kids issue. I’m in the same boat as you. I will not get married again but I would like kids. I’m not signing up for the cohabitating “marriage” trap either.

  9. Krauser – any chance of a post on your boxing training. How you got into it and it’s benefits.

    • Probably. Short answer is this: I went through my teenage years being slightly below average athletically, never fighting, and generally stifled around the tougher boys because I knew in any AMOG scenario they could escalate and I’d have to back down or take a beating. I tired of this and decided to get tough.

      Not knowing about fighting, I first tried karate. Then ninjutsu. What a load of shit. This was before MMA, mind. The first UFC happened just as I first took up ninjutsu and wasn’t actually released in the UK on video till a few years later. No internet then to learn about it and all the shitty “traditional martial arts” mags were suppressing it because of how it exposed the pretty lies of their Eastern bullshit monk dancing.

      I stumble onto doing boxing and love it. Then I watch the UFC and take up BJJ, and have been obsessed ever since. Main benefits are:

      1. Functional physical fitness that helps you get through the day with ease
      2. A legitimately attractive physique
      3. Huge physical confidence around others, including rivals
      4. Elimination of the beta rage to “prove yourself”. You prove yourself in the ring every week.
      5. A remasculation.

      • That’s a great story. Reminds me of the US TV show ‘The Rockford Files.’ Some guy tries to use Karate on Rockford but Rockford has poured liquid soap on the floor. Guy lands on his ass and Rockford sucker punches him with a fist wrapped around a roll of quarters. He tells the guy, ‘the problem with karate is you’re assuming the other guy fights fair, and I don’t fight fair.’

  10. I really appreciate hearing about your personal journey, and the perspectives that it has shaped. I definitely agree that there are a vast number of women who are too “westernized” and selfish to be able to either love their man, or even hold a rational perspective on a relationship. It is truly a sad state of affairs.

  11. Krauser,

    This was good! I might run it on my blog, because my sentiments are in basic agreement with yours; MABTW, Baby!


  12. Basic psychology suggests a different perspective of your “learned” hatred of women. Of course you weren’t born a misogynist, however I don’t believe your ex wife is to blame. I don’t know the root cause as that would probably take several months of psychological therapy but its obvious that you were a misogynist before you ever wed. You mention your ex failed at her first duty; to make the home a pleasant place for you. That sentiment reflects a misled and completely 1950s approach to sexual politics. Of course its quite cute that you completely lack any self realization. Honestly I feel sorry for you. Perhaps one day you will stop feeling inadequate, and like a scared little boy. However, I doubt it. You will die miserable and alone.

    [this is what an undersexed mangina looks like – K.]

  13. If you find a mail order bride, you should specify that you want sex, and housekeeping with no outside employment. Many prostitutes would be fine with that arrangement.

    The rest of us are not driven to clean your house or have sex with men who don’t respect us. We want a human connection with someone who actually listens to us. We want to know good men and connect with the person under all those layers of anger and fear.

    I have a beautiful 6 year old daughter. It saddens me that in a few short years you will make posters about girls like her with the most humiliating inscriptions. She is a sensitive child and she has a deep need to connect, be understood, and love other people.

    I have no doubt that you’ve met some horrible women in your life, but why you want to become one of them is beyond me.

  14. Sorry, Sweets. Straight white men have brought us a world on the verge of destruction. It is women who will save us. thanks for playing though.

  15. Some people just need excuses to hate and to have a club of those who hate the same thing. It lends creedence to their arguments and makes them feel good. I stumbled on this when I was trying to find reasons why my misogynist husband married me in the first place since he hates females. Of course men have contributed more in science, literature, history …because of the historical place and view of women. Because of this influence, men have been more at liberty to screw up the world, and this they have done royally. Men have screwed it up. That is a fact.

    • Wrong. We made it great. Feminism is destroying it.

    • Women have literally not contributed anything important to humanity besides male children. That is a great honor and gift you give to the world. Embrace your role, that is what makes a woman beautiful. Try to be a first class woman rather than a second class man.

    • ” Of course men have contributed more in science, literature, history …because of the historical place and view of women.”

      You are mostly wrong. Men have contributed more because there are far more men who are geniuses than women. (75% of geniuses are men.)

      Men screwed it up when we gave women the right to vote and abandoned Patriarchy. That is a valid complaint.

  16. Great post, even more entertaining were the responses. I love watching the chickens voice their two cents. Keep straddlin dat der grrrrlpowahhmovezzz

  17. Men is the subject.
    Fucking is the verb.
    And women are the DIRECT OBJECTS!

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  19. Enlightening read and I agree. It has been a slow descent for me into outright male supremacy, and while some small part of me still wants to believe in universal love towards all women and all people, I frankly have absolutely no reason to see women as my equals–besides the very small group who have developed their hearts and minds as individuals. It is terrifying how shitty women have become in the West.

    Respect to the respectable. Cheers my brother.

  20. Not a criticism of Krauser–I’m a “misogynist”, too, lol. Gamer Maxim: Pussy is just pussy. Old wisdom I heard from my grandpa.

    I married a woman who is likely a unicorn. She still has to be gamed. It’s part of marriage–don’t be Blue Pill and whine that it’s not faiiiir. As if you expected your wife to think like a man.

    Mrs. Gamer had turned our sex into another chore on her list and I objected and told her that I wasn’t interested in that. Mrs. Gamer was whining about me gaming her and about the Red Pill blogs I read, lol. I just smiled. She went upstairs to her bedroom doghouse. (Normally we sleep in our family room because I need to sleep in a chair.) I quickly went to sleep. Next morning she came down wanting attention. I told her she’d have to wait for it til noon. [a game move–implication that I’d rather wank than do it with Mrs. Gamer if there’s no passion] I was late for our appt. [inadvertent because I was on my mission–a game mentality] She eventually dressed up in her slutty black outfit to get the bang. I made her wait a few more minutes for it as I showered. [More laughing.]

    Pussy is just pussy. An easily replaceable commodity. Whether “pussy” stands for woman, vaj, or sex with a particular woman–it’s all replaceable.

    Unicorns aren’t replaceable. But of course, they act like unicorns and are sweet-natured. If the horn falls off and you discover that it was papier-mâché, replacement becomes an option.

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