FR: Malaga

December 2, 2009

We’re on the first day of the holiday, touching down in Malaga late morning and finally getting all our stuff together by early afternoon. We are totally shagged from the clubbing in London the night before so we have a “quick” nap. I collapse and barely stir until 7pm. We rustle ourselves into a group and head into the centre of town.

In front of the train station I open my first set, 2 seated HB6s. Very young looking but even I’m shocked when they say they are 14. Not that I was trying to close, it was just a warm up. Goes ok. Open another set as we alight in the main station and then a third outside. It’s just easy indirect stuff. We have local sherry in a traditional wine cellar and then I do my first proper set – 3 set of 18 yr olds. I open simple asking for directions, DHV a bit and then start to reward their IOIs. Tony T and Shameem have joined to wing and it really heats up.

The language is quite an obstacle but we make do. Tony is salsa spinning his target while Shameem is doing his usual intense eye contact thing. I’ve got the prettiest, a petite HB8 with a big cheesy smile.

HB8: How old are you?
Krauser: Too old for you
HB8: No, really. How old?
Krauser: Guess.
HB8: Thirty
Krauser: Very close.
HB8: How old do you think I am?
Krauser: Dunno. Stand up and give me a proper look at you
*she stands. I check her out head to toe*
Krauser: Turn around
*she turns around. Waits expectantly*
Krauser: 12

Just routine stuff like that. I lower-back lead her off a back street and the set follows. It’s really high energy and lots of smiling and laughing but there’s some underlying resistance. Tony T’s girl keeps asking for 5 euros fee for giving directions so I give her my Zimbabwean $100billion note. She puts it down her bra and tries to get Tony to take it. He’s not taking the bait.

About fifteen minutes in we sense it’s not going much further. Tony’s target shit tests us pretending to steal my money so he deliberately kills the mood by telling her off and showing paternal disapproval. She’s deflated and meekly gives back the money. We move on.

One of many sets that weekend

Now we are on the main shopping street which is lit up bright. I get a quick instant date (see other report). Coming back from that I see a 7-set of 18 yr olds giving what may be a promixity IOI to our group. So I open them. I think it was random shit. It hooks easy and I bring Wisdom into set on the pretext that he’s an awesome dancer and we need to find a club worthy of his new moves. Two of the girls really show interest, HB7s, and pretty much take us on the instadate.

We end up in a teeny-bopper club and things are interesting when the girls are waiting for drinks that we refuse to buy (I go to the bar and return with a JD&coke for me and one for Wisdom). We practice a few compliance tests and lock-ins. The girls start shit testing. Given their youth it has to be subconscious. They start dancing together just behind us – beta bait. Wisdom and I just talk about men stuff and give them barely a glance. So the girls try harder and hand me their camera to take pictures.

More beta bait. I take a few pictures of me and Wisdom, holding up a finger and admonishing them to wait. Then he jumps between them for a photo and I do the next one. Didn’t quite have the nerve to do my “zoom up onto the girls breasts” photo routine.

I decide to do a mild punishment / DHV and walk off and open a 3-set of Greeks who are further along the bar. Nice girls but I don’t hang around. It’s just to see the effect on the target set. We happen to bump into them a few hours later so its a warm set then.

They are doing the typical young-girl indecisive stuff and try to shit test us again – this time saying they’re going to meet their sister and come back in half an hour and can we look after their coats. I say no. Obviously. So I just take my target’s number and let them go.

Our crew has split into a few bars now so we meet up in a cougarish bar next door. Wisdom and Lee do a good set and then Jambone and I head back to the shopping street to do some day game. It’s still target-rich. I stop an absolute stunner. Quite likely a 10. But she can’t speak English at all. Her manner is lovely and she shows interest but there’s no way to take it forward and she moves on. Virtually right after Jambone opens another 10. He does it right in front of a seated 3-set of young HB7s who watch with intense interest. I use that as my opener: “Watch this, it’ll be really interesting”.

Jambone has the same langage barrier but the girl’s sub communication shows it would’ve been on if they’d been able to understand each other. He comes to wing my set – playing up the “She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen” love struck angle. And it’s half true too. This set is ok but they are clearly waiting for someone – boyfriends we find out but by then we are already in the next set.

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