FR: House Party

December 2, 2009

Friday 27th November and I’m at a house party in central London thrown by a group of Eastern European student girls. We are invited but its a weak connection – Wisdom number closed the host ten months ago and hasn’t really seen her since but she asked him to bring some guys. Everyone has to wear a wig.

First thing I do is walk up to a four set of girls and introduce myself. Girl number 2 (Latvian HB7) is my target for the night. I can’t think of any funny thing to say on the spot so I neg Girl 4 (English HB6)

Krauser: Hi, I’m Krauser. And you are?
HB6: Hi, I’m HB6
Krauser: You are awfully posh *stands back, cocks head, looks quizzically, still holding her hand* I’ll bet you’re from the South-East. And you’ve got private school manners.
HB6: Heeheeheee. No! How did you guess *starts qualifying*

Within a minute I accomplishment-intro my wing:

Krauser: Burto, come here a second. I’ve got some people who should meet you
Burto: Hey girls!
Krauser: This is a good friend of mine Burto. He’s the only person I know to run naked through Red Square.
Girls: Heeheehee wow etc
* introduce girls, and he shakes hands in turn*
Krauser: This is HB8. This is HB7. This is HB7. And this is…..erm……erm….. Posh Girl
HB6: Heehee. No! *playful punch*

The party is mostly in the lounge area. About 25 people, 15 of them girls, half of them sarge-worthy but no stunners. I do an extended run with the target, alternating between C&F and comfort building. She hooks good and qualifies like crazy.

HB7 Latvia

Krauser: This wig works for you [it’s a pink bob]
HB7: Thank you
Krauser: Come here, I’ll show you *isolates her in hallway in front of mirror, sits her down and sits behind*
HB7: Teehee
Krauser: You’ve got distinction eyes. Having the fringe come down low like this *brushes her fringe* really brings that out. It was the first thing that caught my attention.
HB7: *flirty eyes, smiling, enjoying the kino*
Krauser: Then the bottom curls in like this, right at the end of your smile. You’ve got a good smile.
HB7: *beaming smile*
Krauser: But unfortunately it brings out your Bugs Bunny cheeks. They’re kinda cute though.

Plenty of fun. Other things like I’m talking to the target and her friend in the kitchen:

Krauser: So if you were both lesbians, would you be cool lesbians like in pornos, or manly bull dykes like in real life?
Girls: Oh, we’d be the cool lesbians *look at each other and pout*
* Big tall girl overhears and comes over, stands in front of me looking serious*
Butch: I’m a lesbian. That’s offensive.
Krauser: *state control, decides she’s fucking with me* But are you a cool lesbian? I only like cool lesbians.
Butch: *grins* I’m soooo cool *laughs*

I do a few AMOGs on the other guys. One young lad is on the sofa with three girls around him. I go over, shake his hand, pull him up, turn him around and steal his seat. He wanders off and the girls stay.

I number close the target about an hour in. Burto tells me I should do more comfort because the attraction is locked in but unfortunately the opportunity never quite comes up and we leave soon after. Other interesting parts to the night:

Hot girl was supposed to come this party with me (had already accepted). The HB8 Indian from the earlier Starbucks post. On the night before, at precisely the time I know she’s meeting friends in a bar before going to a club, she texts me:

HB8: Hi krauser, I can’t make it on fri, family duties
Krauser: (10pm the next night, at the party) Ok
HB8: (one hour later) Lol did u only just get that? And we should def meet up soon!

That follows the Roissy rule on flakes. If a girl flakes, don’t respond until five minutes before you were due to meet. It shows alpha indifference and gives her a trigger to make up with you.

Wisdom and I were walking through the pouring rain at 3am to get a late night bus home when three french girls open us, asking for a good club. We bounce them immediately but one is cockblocking so I number close HB7 French. We’ve swapped a couple texts since.

Following Tuesday I decide to reopen the HB7 Latvian with text game:

Krauser: [Name]. Just looked you up on Facebook. Didn’t find you. [Surname], right? Krauser
HB7 (2min later): Salut! =) you got the surname right, just my name is spelled with an “s” [name]
* three hours pass*
Krauser: Ok. I’ll look again. Help me out – make your FB profile that silly pink wig, then I’ll recognise you 😉
HB7 (10min later): Haha, this is a huge drawback of meeting people in wig/costume, it’s impossible to recognise them after. =)

Looks solid right? That night I search and get zero matches in Facebook. So I text:

Krauser: No matches. Hmmmmmm. Search [my email] and add me.

Two days later she adds me.


  1. The dude just let you take his spot on the couch? Thats not good. I would have knocked your teeth out.

  2. I had already befriended him earlier in the night, DHV’d him to a non-target, and did the whole thing as a joke. He actually laughed at having been had.

    He was also 20 yr old and herb-like. Not a fighter.

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