FR: Day game in Covent Garden

October 26, 2009

Saturday 24th October and I’m feeling good. I sit in Cafe Nero. I’m there so often the charming gay dude behind the bar knows my drink and starts it before I reach the front of the queue. As I continue with “Power of Now” (which while I’m open to the message it seems to be awfully esoteric and full of mumbo jumbo) I situationally open a 2-set beside me of HB3 Black and HB9 Black. Unfortunately only one of them hooks and you can guess which.

Outside I meet up with Suave and Chris. The latter is on a tear, apparently having opened 10 sets before I’ve turned up and he rattles off another five before I get started. He’s undergone a major transformation since I last saw him – and all for the better. I start getting competitive.

My first two sets are horrible. I open 2-set HB5 German and HB7 Aussie but they are fairly dismissive if not actually outright rude. Then I follow 2-set HB7 Young Brits into a shop and get rudely dismissed by the target with a “It’s none of your business”. Funny thing is, her friend was smiling and IOIing me. I just wasn’t ready for such hostility otherwise I might’ve recovered it with a dominance show. Two rude sets in a row – that’s rare. Fortunately it improves.

I number close HB7 Asian right away. She’s on her lunch break from a shop (she actually has the shop ID round her neck) and is rushing to meet someone. My hand is forced so it’s most likely a flake cos I was in set less than five minutes. My state is up and I hit a hotter streak.

I get the Facebook of HB7 Thai as I open her right in front of my wings so they actually hear the whole thing.

Krauser: Hi. I saw you walk past and knew I had to talk to you. Are you a dancer?
HB7: Yeah. Well, sort of.
Krauser: I can tell. You have the dancer walk. It’s like an easy feline grace.
HB7: *smiles*
Krauser: Some of my friends dance at the Pineapple over there *points* and they all have that walk

HB7 Thai

I lock in to a fence post and we vibe for ten minutes or so. I’m very relaxed and she’s going with it. On the close I try my new Entourage gambit:

Krauser: Do you like clubs? Good clubs, I mean. Not the noisy Piccadilly ones.
HB7: Yeah…. blah blah….
Krauser: Cool. I do some promoting for some of the high end clubs. Like Movida and Jalouse. I often fill up part of the guest list. They like me to bring cool guys and pretty girls. The sort of people who will be fun in the club. You’re fun aren’t you?
HB7: Yeah
Krauser: Cool. I’ll let you know next time I’m organising something and I’ll put you on the guest list. Here *takes out phone* give me your Facebook.

She accepts the invite the next day. Unfortunately she’s married. One for the entourage, then. I facebook close HB7 Young Brit with a similar routine after ten minutes of vibing then follow HB6 Estonian into Urban Outfitters to number close her. That’s a nice open:

Krauser: Hi. I was just looking at shirts down there when I saw you walk past. I knew I had to come talk to you.
HB6: *nods, listens*
Krauser: I think the way you’re dressed…… that fur coat, the nice jeans, it’s really stylish and works well…… except the backpack. God, what were you thinking. It destroys the image. *smile*

She had an awful luminous “street” backpack, you see. She laughed and hooked. After the number close she lets me know she has a 3 year old child. Ok, no go. Next up is a good ten minute set with HB6 Korean. She’s petite and cute, smiling coyly and clearly enjoying the experience. I number close. She’s a bit ill so I don’t instant date. I add her to Facebook and nothing happens for a while. A few weeks later warm things up:

Krauser: You have funny pictures on your Facebook

HB6: Hey – Isit too late for reply? hehe Sorry, I’ve been sooo busy since school started, woking either. Thank u for sending invite text last time. really wanted to go there but it was closed to deadline, I cldn’t afford it. I hope cld make it next time n see u! J

Krauser: No problem. Talk soon

HB6 Korea

By this point Suave has gone home and Chris is on an instant date. I get horribly blown out by HB8 Slim Blonde and decide I’m done for the day. As I walk back to the station I do one last set with HB6 Turkish. She’s saying she’s in a rush to catch a shop before it closes so I do well to hold her with chat about Turkey then get a Facebook. Surprisingly she accepts the invite the next day.

HB6 Turk

We chat a few times too so it looks like another for the entourage.


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