FR: Beginning Entourage Game

October 23, 2009

I like challenges. I like pushing boundaries and exploring new things. In the past week I came across three different PUA materials pushing what could be called “entourage game”. Namely:

1. AFCAdam’s speech at the 2007 Global PUA Summit outlining the basic concept of turning up to clubs with ten hot girls in tow and how that triggers pre-selection and social proof attraction switches. He recruits through day game, then promises the girls a night out during which they get to see him at his most attractive.
2. LSS forum member Uncle B’s series of posts detailing how to social proof exclusive clubs to guarantee free entry, free drinks, and free tables
3. Gambler’s natural game talk about how to network the club patrons.

Seeing all these things one after another actually made me feel inadequate with my level (which I’d still class as lower-intermediate) and put me in a pissy mood. A mood so bad I ended up tooling some poor sod in sparring when I went to boxing in said mood.

But on Thursday 23rd October I suddenly decide over lunch that tonight’s the night to actually try it. Uncle B is pretty specific in his rules and I follow em.

Suave recently met a fellow Brazilian promoter in a club and has been texted an invite to the guest list for a high-end club. We decide that’s the venue. I try to rustle up some girls. Easier said than done with four hours’ notice but HB7 Spanish agrees. I’ve no idea if it’ll work out and fear disaster (like, what happens if we get refused entry? I’ll be badly DLV’d) so I only text girls who have gone cold. I get an interesting learning point right away

Of the eleven girls I text, only four ignore it. Seven reply pretty soon, and all make excuses designed to procure a later invite. These leads have been warmed up. Cool.

Suave get’s Subzero and I on the guest list along with HB7. We want to get in early so we can chat to the doormen, door whore, and bar staff while it’s quiet and they are not busy. Before we’ve even arrived I’ve opened two doormen at a bar/restaurant across the road and then gone inside and done the same to the female maitre’d. More of the same at the pub we meet in. So I’m feeling pretty social as we enter the club.

I immediately open the barmaid over the shoulder as she gives us free drinks. I have HB7 next to me. I’m not pushy but clearly engage her. She IOIs and gives us all a second free drink. I transfer attention to the barman and more of the same banter. They’ll remember me. Suave and I go round the corner and social proof the two barmen there. The idea is to slowly (over the course of several nights) get your face known and approved.

The promoter comes over and he looks like a PUA. We chat and I clearly convey I’ve brought HB7 and could bring more girls if I had more notice. To DHV to the promoter I need to bring the currency of the club – hot girls. Again, it’s just light chat and not pushy. I never ask for anything.

As the club fills up I sit back on a sofa and game HB7, letting her IOI madly to the view of all onlookers. When a bevy of HBs come in (all linked to the promoter) I show pre-selection by walking through them leading HB7 by the hand. I do similar things around the venue. Before long the promoter introduces us to the HB bevy and we are soon locked into that set.

It’s still early days. I haven’t hooked the set, and most of them are ignoring me. Suave does a better job of talking. Mostly I sit down at the promoter’s table and let HB7 game me. More free drinks. At one point one of the HBs takes HB7 to the VIP area for a dance, though she’s soon coming back to me.

We don’t hang around late. By midnight the place is pretty busy and it’s still about 3-1 girls/men ratio and very high quality of average tottie. Night One’s job is done – we’ve brought a little value to the promoter, got face-to-face time with him and the staff, and practised some techniques. Best not to overstay our welcome. So we leave with an invite to come back again.

We’re all pretty pumped. It probably sounds like nothing, but we really got an insight into what’s possible. On a basic level, this is what we had:

– Free entry to a hot club
– Free drinks
– A seat at the promoter’s table, surrounded by HBs
– An invite to the next one
– A great time

The plan is to do a better job of it next time, preferably turning up with five or six girls. Continue to get my face known.

On the way to the bus stop Suave opens a 2-set of Czech HB6s. I DHV him with HB7 as a pivot and he number closes. I get the number of an Italian HB7 promoter near Piccadilly, but that’s a social networking link, not a game close. HB7 Spaniard comes back to my house, IOIing me the whole way but I put her on the sofa and go to bed.

I intend to classify my closes between “harem” and “entourage”. She’s the latter. The general rule is if I feel the close isn’t strong I’ll put them in the entourage so that it’ll raise my value to them. If I get LJBF’d, the entourage is the back-up plan to still get value out of them.

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