FR: Now I’m an instructor!

October 12, 2009

Sunday 11th October and I’m sitting in Cafe Nero in Covent Garden again. I still fully intend to take the day off from sarging and the cold I came down with on Thursday night has still got me sniffling a little. I settle into a chair and start reading Dr Aubrey Andelin’s Man of Steel and Velvet. It inspires me. I start to notice the pretty girls walking past outside. One comes in for a coffee and I find myself straining at the leash.

I text Instinct and Prize. Busy. I think I’ll sublimate the urge so I text Subzero and suggest we just have coffee. On a whim I also text Suave, a noob I once daygamed with after he say me number close an HB9 Russian Ice Bitch. He says he’s on the Sarge School bootcamp this weekend and is loving it. They are doing the daygame session in Covent Garden in an hour’s time.

Things click into place.

I text John, just intending to bounce off their group every hour or so to maintain state. Instead he asks if I’ll help out with the instruction. Baddabing! I become an instructor. Sort of.

We meet. There’s five students plus John, Jimmy and Ace. I’m looking pretty damn cool so the students just assume I’m doing this all the time. I’m determined not to disappoint. John takes us into a quite alley and gives his group talk on the basic approach. Then we pair off with students and I take an Aussie lad through the specifics, drilling it into him with about thirty practice approaches with me as the HB. He makes quick improvement.

Then we pair up again and I’m taking a Teenage Tim out for his first approaches. He’s really nervous and can’t even memorise the three sentences. I put on my PUA instructor hat and try to figure out the best way to proceed. He’s clearly going to need lots of work but his attitude is good – he is clearly prepared to put the work in. So I think let’s keep it simple and just push him into set.

HB6 walks by. I point her out and say “go”. He wavers. I grab him, point him towards her and shove his back. GO!!!! He goes, he opens, she stops, smiles, she walks on. Well done lad, you’ve broken your duck. I keep up the momentum and push him into two more sets quick-time. The lad is giving it his best shot.

He’s doing everything wrong but I figure it’s a mistake to point these things out. What he needs is a half-dozen approaches under his belt then we can start on the refinements. So in the 45 minutes we are together I get him into six sets, two of which go pretty well and the girls give him beaming smiles and stop to chat for a couple of minutes. Tim is getting some nice early reference experiences – they didn’t kick him in the balls, tell him to fuck off, or call the police. He’s pleased. And lest you think I’m just spectating, I give him encouragement and also open a set as a demo.

The team regroups and next I take two lads out, Asian and Aussie. These two are mid-20s and more assured as men but still pretty nervous as aspiring PUAs. It’s raining so not many sets around but they open and I give feedback. We chat about 2-sets and they want to know how its done. I explain, then get them to point out a set. I facebook close HB6 Israeli 2-set as they look on. It’s a beautiful sarge too, one that deserves an audience. I’m stoked, and they think I’m the Man. [She adds me to FB and messaging ensures]

Later they want to know how to open an HB6 Canadian who is idly browsing at a food stall. I show ’em. No close, but nice open and a few minutes chat. It’s a tough set too because it’s so crowded.

It’s a very pleasant experience. I feel good instructing, and by thoughtfully watching my charges I learn things too. They have confidence in me which greatly elevates my state. It’s only a short session and the SS guys invite me out for the night game in Old Street.

Subzero has shown up by now so we have a coffee, eat and then regroup for the evening at 10pm at the Electric Ballroom. I’ve dusted off my snakeskin jacket and snakeskin shoes, experimenting with a new look. Unfortunately there’s a dearth of sets. We all end up in Zigfrid and Asian opens the one good set. He does really well too. Lots of mistakes, but getting alot right too. Aussie wings for a while but runs out of steam and ejects.

I’m looking at the set seeing the obstacle falling further out of the conversation and see a cockblock coming. I’m enjoying chatting to the lads but figure it’s time to wing. I walk over.

Krauser: Hey Asian! You were awesome last night. I gotta get you a drink.
Asian: Krauser. Cool man, thanks. blah blah
Krauser: So, who are your new friends?
* introductions *
Krauser: [to target] Play nice. He’s a good friend of mine. [turns to obstacle] So, that accent…..

I’m totally outcome-neutral (she’s HB3, unlike her HB8 friend) and knowing I have to demonstrate wingwork to the students I’m more conscious and more diligent in implementing technical game. I entertain her with DHV stories, reward and punish with body language, high five, neg, sprinkle in higher learning etc. She’s really enjoying it. Importantly, the two things I pointed out to the other students pre-winging are implemented – I keep strong upright body language (no pecking) and I mini-isolate by turning her away from the target. Asian does a good job at his end and number closes a genuinely feminine HB8. I’d have liked her myself. Good work my young jedi knight.

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