The Jeffy Show

October 5, 2009

New sports go through a rapid evolutionary process. Mixed martial arts (or “ultimate fighting” for the casual fan) is a textbook case. For decades there’d been an uneasy co-existence of narrowly circumscribed combat sports (boxing, judo, wrestling) and lightly restricted but never-tested eastern martial arts. So there soon developed a cadre of guys extremely skilled in an unrealistic sports environment, and a phalanx of paper dragons incompetent and unpracticed in no-holds-barred combat.

In 1993 the UFC decided to combine the two. Since then MMA has advanced rapidly in all areas. The rule set allowed for almost-no-holds-barred, frequent, competitive testing of new theories and techniques. The crucible of the Octagon forged an ever evolving sport. Natural selection in action.

Game has gone the same way. Early though it is in my PUA adventure I’m constantly on the lookout for the next big thing. What is the future of Game, because that’s what I want to learn firstest and mostest. Right now I believe RSD is at the cutting edge – the future is inner game, via the Blueprint, expressed through vibing sprinkled with occasional routines and button pushing.

And then there’s Roissy / Douchbag game.

So I’m watching RSDs The Jeffy Show and it’s like he’s already combined RSD and Roissy. It’s a sweet sweet DVD set and funny as fuck too. I’m now thinking of following through the set as a homework project and giving myself exercises to work through. A few pointers I picked up, unsystematically:

– “Do you like douchebags? I’m a douchebag, will you be my friend?” opener
– “I’m stupid as fuck. Will you be my friend?” opener
– First message: “Hi, it’s me. I’m kinda in and out right now. Try and catch me. Talk to you later. Bye”
– The my-cat-got-laid story
– Extreme unreactiveness to shit tests, and the “your mom” generic comeback.
– Open a set like you’re trying to tip a cow. Shoulder charge it (figuratively) don’t just pitty pat
– Extreme persistence on call two to set up the date. “Irrelevant”, “what the fuck”, “doesn’t matter” let’s meet, let’s meet, let’s meet
– You have to hit on them at some point, so start the kino early
– An attitude that it’s all fun and let’s do some crazy shit just for the hell of it.

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