FR: Dusseldorf

October 5, 2009

I spend two weeks in Germany for work and I decide that’s a good opportunity to lock into my reality the idea that I can go to any country and solo sarge. I don’t try too hard and there’s not much time or opportunity but I get in seven sets and a number close. In rapid order:

I check into the hotel and go for lunch. I immediately open HB7 German 18-year old. She’s pretty surprised but stops and smiles a bit. Definitely a ploughing opportunity but it’s the end of my lunch break and I’m not too enthused with her short answers. I eject.

A couple of days later I’m eating dinner with the team and HB6 Petite walks past our table. I hum and har (my starter is coming) before giving chase. Good 15 minutes chat about movies and stuff, with a number close. I take the rest of the week off but again as I check in on the Monday lunch time I open HB7 Portugal who is really nice. I lock in and transition very well, picking up on the Portugal link to talk about my holiday there, about cork, and the Napoleonic wars (she seems academic). But I didn’t see her engagement ring cos of the books she’s holding. Damn.

Other sets include running out of a first floor Starbucks to chase HB8 Tall Blonde but she’s in a hurry to catch up with her mum. HB6 College opens at the pedestrian crossing but we are suddenly joined by six other girls keenly watching the interaction in a huddle around us so she clams up. I get a good ten minutes with HB8 Polish but I’ve only got one day left so I don’t try closing. She gives plenty of IOIs.

One Comment

  1. I really need to get overseas again. A Texan in Europe is just so much more marketable than a Texan in Texas.

    I had a tremendous amount of fun in Prague several years ago, I want to go back for an extended visit.

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