FR: A brush with celebrity

September 11, 2009

Between the Russian HB8 open and this one I do 11 approaches, number closing HB7 Aussie and instant dating / number closing HB7 Biotech Italian after she gives me an approach invitation through eye contact. But best of the weekend is my instant dating of a girl voted one of the top ten beauties of sport (per my google search when I got home). I’m afraid I have to hold back on the photo simply because she’s way too easy to identify.

August 23rd, 2009. I have a lunchtime Day 2 with a Russian HB8 (see earlier post). After I release her I join two wings to day game Covent Garden. My mobile is almost out of battery. On my very first approach I hook strong with an HB7 Italian tourist and spend ten minutes in set, number-closing but failing to instadate. I have to close on pen and paper cos my phone is dead now. My wings have wandered off to await my call, which never comes. I follow their proposed route but can’t catch up. So I decide to go solo. My state is excellent – a good day 2 followed by a number close on the first approach.

The Sarge
I spot a young-looking brunette in sporty gear wandering through the market. I give chase and open direct. She hooks easily and I lock in against the wall. After about five minutes I bounce her to the ice-cream van for a lolly then start walking her around. Easy compliance but I forget to start kino until about fifteen minutes in. Turns out she’s a member of a women’s under-20 World Cup team [not saying which one] – which I learn about an hour in and IOI her for (i.e. Mystery A3). I’ll call her HB8.

I pull her into a retro clothes shop and we roleplay dressing up for a party. As I walk her up through Soho she tells me she’s in the UK for a month before returning home for university. I do lots of leading, such as grabbing her shoulders, pointing her in a new direction then giving her a shove in the back. I drag her around and so on. She’s fully compliant but passive.

We have a drink on Carnaby Street. I’m mostly vibing but throw in a few routines like Murder/Marry/Shag and some DHV stories. I give strong eye contact but she’s across the table from me and I feel like this messes with my kino. I seed the idea of lunch next week. About an hour there then I let her go. Don’t try hard for a kiss close but get a hug / cheek kiss at her bus stop. Total time in set: 2 hours.

I call two days later at lunchtime. It rings off then goes dead. Try again in the evening. About a minute later I get this text:

HB8:Hello you tryed to call me i don’t know this cell number. I just can’t respond because of my [foreign] cell, just text. Sorry
Krauser: Hey it’s Krauser. Put the number in your contacts!
HB8: Ok. No problem. I hope you are fine. See you later.

The next morning I send:
Krauser: HB8. I promised you lunch at St Pauls Cathedral. Tomorrow 12:30 is best for me. Krauser.
HB8: Ok. I will be on the st paul cathedral’s steps at 12h30. Have a good day.
Krauser: Cool.

Day 2
She’s early. I walk up there with two (fairly cool) workmates until she sees me. I gesture “come here” and she comes, by which point my workmates have walked on. I start with a hug, we get a sandwich from Pret (she buys her own), eat in the cathedral garden where I start up light kino. We walk down to and along the South Bank and I do more of my leading and pulling her in.

We meet again after work the same day and I take her to a pub in Blackfriars and start more kino, DHV stories, cube routine, and mostly vibing. Walk along South Bank to Embankment and to another pub where I introduce sex talk, e.g. we play the question game:

Krauser: Where’s the strangest place you’ve had sex?
HB8: In a park in [hometown]. How about you?
Krauser: Hmmmm, not easy to rank them. *thinks*. Probably in a lecture theatre at university. It was empty at the time. How many men have you kissed, with tongues?
HB8: Eight. And you?
Krauser: No men. For girls, I’d estimate about a hundred. [bear in mind I’m 30+ and she’s 20]

I try the odd bit of C&F, like when she’s telling me a fairly dull story….

HB8: Blah Blah….
Krauser: That’s boring. Let’s talk about something interesting. What’s your favourite colour?
HB8: Red
Krauser: No it’s not. It’s blue. What’ve your favourite number?
HB8: I don’t have one
Krauser: Yes you do. It’s 26. etc……
*get her to answer questions again, giving “my” answers as hers*

I try a kiss close at the bus stop but get rejected. Just a hug. That’s the Thursday after our Sunday instadate.

Day 3
Meet her again on Sunday for the Notting Hill Carnival. We are there seven hours and wind up in a bar. Three pints in, I chat to a middle-aged black couple sitting next to us. It’s decent polite chat (not even vaguely AMOGing) until we do introductions, then this happens:

Dude: Is this your woman? *asked earnestly*
Krauser: *not ready for such a question* Too early to say. I’ve only known her a week.
Dude: Oh. So not your girlfriend
Krauser: *really off my flow* Um, not really something to talk about
HB8: [to me] We are friends. Right.

I end up giving her a piggy back to the station cos that was the forfeit in a game we were playing all day (a spot-the-Starbucks with an under/over of 7 for the day – I lost, deliberately).

Day 4
She comes down to my work again and we have lunch, spending a while in a cafe. I decide to back-off and try aloofness and one-word game. I throw in a few light negs and do more C&F. She’s laughing, turned towards me, filling in all the conversation pauses, but no kino. A few days later she returns to her country. I get this text:

HB8: Hi Krauser. Just to say you that i go back to [country] on this afternoon. Earlier than I thought at the beginning. I’m happy to have met you, i had a great time with you. I hope we will see each other soon either in [country] if you come or in london if i come back. See you soon
Krauser: Yeah, I had fun with you. Good luck with your course. It’s probably easiest to stay in touch on Facebook. Watch for the friends invite.
HB8: No problem. We keep in touch on facebook. Have a nice week. Bye

I wait a few days, send the invite and she adds me within a couple of hours.

OK then. I think this one’s probably LJBF. That’s not such a big deal cos my number-generation machine is still humming nicely. But where did I go wrong? I suspect it is:

– Should’ve kino’d immediately after hooking
– Should’ve sat next to her in the pub on the instadate
– Should’ve showed much more sexual intent on the instadate and after
– Should’ve isolated to a dark corner of a pub and tried a kiss close

It seems I get too much into rapport building (which I’m good at) without showing intent. So I intend to use this one mostly for social proof / social circle. I figure if I’m in her vicinity it’ll be cool to get taken around her Uni with a gaggle of 21 yr old hotties (“Girls, this is my friend Krauser. He’s a great guy”). Or next time she’s here I’ll take her out clubbing and show pre-selection.

That all sounds very “game”. Fact is, I really like this girl. Even if I don’t get to bang her I’m gonna value the friendship (while avoiding orbiter status, naturally). She’s just a pleasure to be around.


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  2. You have made remarkable progress after only a few months, yet you said in your London real interview that two years was the expected time to develop to PUA competence. [Didn’t fuck her. Getting in the friendzone is easy. K.]

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