An international man of mystery sees the whole world as his playground and it’s women as his targets. Here’s my flags in order of collection. In all cases there was full vaginal sex unless denoted with an asterix*

– English only until I graduated
– Japanese (many times)

New game flags

– Nigerian
– Romanian (5 times, including threesome)
– Thai (3 times)
– Libyan (anal*)
– Tunisian (anal)
– Turkish
– Kazhak (twice)
– Polish
– Dutch
– Croatian (three times)
– Australian (anal)
– Lithuanian (three times, anal, threesome, virgin)
– Latvian (four times, anal)
– Uzbeki (anal)
– Brazilian (four times)
– Canadian (twice)
– Russian (eleven times, anal)
– Estonian (anal)
– Spanish (2 times, anal)
– Italian (2 times)
– Norwegian (3 times, anal, threesome)
– Chinese
– Bosnian (2 times)
– Czech (anal)
– Serb (twelve times, anal)
– Belorussian (anal)
– Portuguese
– Chilean
– Colombian
– Swiss
– German
– Mexican
– Suriname (anal)
– Sri Lanka

– Argentina (virgin, anal)

– Slovak

– Ukraine (twice)

– Montenegro (virgin)


  1. Didn’t you get a frenchie too? [Born in Tunisia, raised in France from a young age. K.]

  2. I am surprised you dont have an indian flag yet considering you are in london.

  3. dude, how many threesomes have you had? did i miss some posts. holy shit. [Three. K.]

  4. really have flag counter!

  5. hey , i m from Kazakhstan, did you fuck a kazakh girl? how? was it good?

    i would really be proud to hear that our girls are good )))

  6. gfy, i m asking krauser pua, not you, fuck ur opinion. it is not diff. for me, i m asking FOREIGNERS about our women, once again , gfy

  7. well, i’m french from lyon.
    i have to admit it like krauser too, tunisian girls are so fucking sexy, they are one of the best quality girls in the world, i adore them….
    here in france we have many of them…
    i think they are very similar to serbian and bosnian girls in looks and character.. mediterranean vibe…
    i have also been 2 times in tunisia for holidays,
    i have found that local tunisian girls are even more hotter to the ones of them in europe lol, BUT BUT while you can chat, date.. them, it’s so fucking damn hard to sleep with them…
    they are the most open minded girls in arab and muslim countries i think but yeah it’s not easy..
    here in france they have more libertiy and you can play with them easier but in their country(while nothing is impossible) you have to have a certain level of game, good logistics and also a lot of luck.
    it’s a challenge.

  8. Lou Charmelle is Tunisian 🙂

  9. Any Paki birds son?

  10. Krauser, that’s quite an international list so I have a quick question for you. would you say all of this ” I cant get laid because girls in my country are too feminist” is true or just a lame reason not to try?

  11. Romanian girls are awesome

  12. Montenegro woman are top notch.

  13. That is an impressive list… To the question earlier who asked why you cannot fuck your own local girls so easy… I was talking to this Turkish chick I had from tinder in Istanbul and she told me she only fucks with blonde foreigners because the local guys don’t want to commit to a relationship with her…I also see it with the local girls here, they make me go through all this hustle to get them laid…different with women who come to my city from somewhere else…mostly easy fucks. Same with girls I meet in other countries… Fast escalations.

  14. Since getting into game, have you banged any English women? I go to London and easily 60% of the above average attractive women I open turn out to be English.

  15. tell how many years have these girls , not from where they are ? Secondly who are they , status martial … engaged , with boy , man etc…

  16. It would be great to have beside the age of each one of these girls. The average beta/gamma/omega reader of yours would get even more jealous and condemnable.

  17. As a Serbian, I am intrigued. Why so many girls from here? Are they more receptive, you like them more, any other reason?

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  19. I think you forgot to mention USA, can’t imagine you don’t have this flag

  20. Mate is this a really old post or you only got 3 croat lays despite doing the whole infield product in Zagreb? And only 2 Ukrainians?

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