Nick Krauser’s opinions on race

February 22, 2015

There’s currently a rather involved discussion going on over at the RooshV Forum about me. You can go here to see what I originally wrote, and here for a thread Roosh started to whip things up. I’m not much interested in the opinions of people I’ve never met, but I am interested in correcting falsehoods that are spread about me – whether through malicious intent or innocent misunderstanding.

So, here are my actual views on race. Normally I restrict the “culture war” stuff to my Twitter so as to keep my blog purely Game. However, this will take more than 140 characters so the blog it must be…

  1. First thing is I am racialist not racist. That means I think race is a natural organising line in humans, just as sex and age are. For examples of this just watch groups in action e.g. prison, dance halls, housing. It takes constant intervention by integrationists to deny this natural human impulse.

  2. Second, I am committed to truth and reality above all else. Any time anyone tries to twist or deny reality, they are on my shit list. I write about this all the time in “compliance” in daygame, in martial arts, in science, and in business. It’s a pervasive human weakness to deny truth in order to advance your goals. I’m against that. I think modern culture has become extremely anti-white, at the expense of truth, and it’s a deliberate cultural marxist front.

  3. Third, I believe each race has a natural homeland – the one they evolved in. So Europe for Europeans, Africa for Africans etc and smaller subdivisions within. That doesn’t mean “no blacks in UK”, it just means UK is a white land and the laws and culture should reflect that. Everyone else has to integrate. Africans are accorded the same control of their homeland.

This naturally leads to a few fairly simple conclusions such as:

  1. Different races have differently-weighted traits, as HBD is quickly proving. Each race has a combination of positive and negative. There is no one “master race” but different combinations tend to lead to statistically observable trends that can be functional or dysfunctional depending on the environment. To deny these facts is to deny reality, which puts someone on my shit list as stated above. In practice in the West differences are usually denied in one direction only: to push down whites and push up non-whites. So, it’s a (cultural marxist) politically-motivated denial. When I highlight non-white bad behaviour on my Twitter, that’s in my mind redressing the balance of selective reporting against whites.

  2. Every race has a right to be proud of it’s own people, culture and to control it’s own lands for it’s best interests. Current Western culture is very careful in protecting these rights for everyone except whites. We are the only race not allowed to be proud. You see this on RVF when I’m immediately slandered as Stormfront and racist. That’s the closet-SJWs having a go. I don’t have any desire to see other races abandon their culture in favour of mine – for example I’m very much against colonizers forcing a subject people to speak the colonial language, and I’m against do-gooder NGOs trying to turn Nigerian schoolgirls into So-Cal SJWs.

Note this is NOT white supremacy. I don’t think the world is the white man’s playground. We have no more business in Africa than Africans have in Europe. So I was against colonialism and when the UK went to war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Kosovo I was against those wars at the time (I have a dim view of what lots of those foreigners were doing, but it was their country and not our problem. We had no right to interfere).

Also I lived in alignment with (2) in my own life: I went to Japan on a legit visa, worked four years, paid taxes, followed their laws, learned their language, then I left when my visa expired. I committed no crimes there. I didn’t apply for benefits. I didn’t try to change their culture to my liking. I didn’t demand regions of UK law. I didn’t shame the Japanese for being “racist” for not letting me vote.

So that’s the “serious” side of what I actually believe and will defend in debate. Now to discuss the inflammatory rhetoric that I often write…..

Firstly, I greatly value Victorian culture. I think that era was the greatest in UK history. One of the cultural habits of Victorians is “casual racism”. It’s basically an intersect of free speech, pattern observation, and ethnocentrism. It’s an expression of national / racial pride little different to what other countries have also used to mythologise their own histories and to provide social cohesion throughout the nation. It’s a crucial part of creating social order and a “we’re in this together”. It’s now fallen out of favour when whites do it because it’s a barrier to multiculturalism and the cultural marxist attack on white identity.

For me, casual racism is fun. It’s like people from Newcastle trolling people from Liverpool or Sunderland. I see identity groups (race, sex, age, region etc) in a good-natured competition, like rival football teams or businesses. For example Bojangles is a Liverpool fan and also my friend. So we chat, have drinks but on match day I’m in the opposite stand singing “scousers are all pedos” and hoping my team wins. I’ll shout at the referee when he disallows a Newcastle goal regardless of whether his decision is correct. I fully expect Bojangles to do the same to support his team and to ridicule mine. Then after the match we are friends again.

I happily embrace people taking the piss out of white Brits whether it’s our bad teeth, vulgar women or stodgy plain food. I fully expect every other race to have funny and offensive stereotypes about my race. They are supposed to. That’s part of their own racial pride.

That’s pretty much my view on race. I have many non-white friends on a personal level because they intuitively sense this. On a public policy level I expect the UK government to protect the interests of my people from predation by rival groups. I expect my Indian friends to expect the Indian government to look after their interests, including when those interests are in conflict with the UK. And so on. There’s no contradiction between this and having Indian friends.

I’m not even anti-Muslim. I’m just anti-Muslim-conquest-of-Europe. I think they have a stupid backward religion but that’s their business. They can do whatever they want in their homeland.


  1. The funny thing is, everything you have expressed here has already been said by Roissy countless times. Somehow, I can’t remember the RVF and ROK boycott campaign against his site. Inconsistency.

  2. And Roosh’s “explanation” is revolving around your commercial activities and the people you socialise with, not really the content of the post itself. Telling.

  3. Nick, with all due respect – I dig your work and bought all your products, but seeing you lose frame like that and getting defensive is something silly and unnecessary. You opened this platform to help folks win the game and not share political/social/moral views that will ALWAYS be controversial cos they’re mind-made and there’s 7 billions of these minds on the planet. A step back and taking a look at your priorities again wouln’t kill you now and i say it as a friend. [Can you expand on “lose frame” and “look at priorities”? Not sure what you’re getting at. K.]

    • Haha. Ignore this concern troll.

      • The only thing Krauser did wrong was be a White Man expressing White Views


        1. Roosh has a Jones against Whites – and as leader of the Multi-Culti Brown and Black contingent of Manosphere – is basically out to cut into Whites and “White Girls” – (who don’t really want to fuck him because his swarthy Persian ) every chance he gets

        2. Number Two – I wasted 6 months of my life following DAY BANG, when it is the wrong approach to daygame. As anyone will tell you. You cannot go indirect on the street, it goes nowhere. So naturally Roosh has a bone to pick with the guys who cracked that code – Krauser and the LD

        This is all about the $$$ because the London guys are taking market share – and DESERVE TO TAKE MARKET SHARE , because they are technically superior on the merits

        Also known as a FREE MARKET ….

        The best wins – Winner Take All

    • I think he means you winced, “I,m a raciialist not a racist” etc. Being rational in the face of irrationality is irrational.

  4. I have found the RVF to be a little soft…boys playing as men if you will. Perhaps they are just a bit young.

  5. To me it does look like you’re losing it when you answer anonymous folks on the internet through your platform just becase they viewed your opinions as controversial or unpopular, whatever they might be. Who cares what they say? You taught us to be immune to that shit, remember? I dig your work precisely because my inner constitution is much like yours. That being said I have a funny feeling now that you took a break from the game after coming back from Prague – you have a lot of unfocused sexual energy. And sense of direction, focus and vision in every conversation I strike during daygame is something I learned from you too.I can’t explain on a logical level very well but I just sense it might hurt your business in the long-run if you direct your energy to political banter and verbal arguments with people who will argue for the hell of it and just because you’re Nick Krauser. Thus I wrote “priorities”. Until know I did feel you walk the talk from your books and it was ultra-refreshing and motivating to be led by example , And I don’t mean to attack, rather shake you here. Cheers from Prague. [Okay thanks. I wrote this because my opinions are being deliberately mischaracterised and I won’t stand lies being spread about me. I don’t give a shit if people dislike me, so long as it’s ME they are disliking, rather than a caricature created by someone else. K.]

  6. Let’s be honest, Roosh is already loosing the credibility he had earned.

    What you said affects him personally because his father too left Iran for better prospects in America.

    A few days ago he posted in the wake of Charlie Hebdo attack that there should be a cartoon test for those who want to come and live in America, because he believes his father and he himself would ace in it – dafuq?

    If you look closely all he wants to do is to denounce his origins, he is from East, when Krauser suggested that there is a homeland for everyone it had to hurt him in the guts.

    So, yeah, Roosh can go do whatever he wants. People aren’t proud of their origins are among the worst anyway, in my book.

  7. The minority Roosh members are easily offended. They resemble SJWs in this. I think I will buy one of your books in moral support.

  8. Krauser
    I’d like to know who has a better income from game book sales you or Roosh- Im betting you because Roosh gets jealous and insecure over competition as Yankee observer I’ve seen this before. Your business model is upscale steak house while his is fast food (cheap and quantity). I think you Brits are wimpy for letting all the foreign mud people crowd your little Island as you can bet your ass that if the mud people in America act up there will be Call of Duty type of action in the streets and woodlands 24/7.

    Also- all this bs academic rhetoric “cultural Marxism” no its the mud people infest the white mans civilization due to the Talmud people. Jacob Javits was the main turd who opened the flood gates of 3rd World brownies to the US and Ive done enough research to know all of the EU has a local plant just like him without makin this an extended bibliography. Its obvious-the Jews run the Federal Reserve, media, courts, key legislative committees. They want inflation and multiculturalism as well as mind control perverted dumbed down entertainment to better control the goyim but the ultimate control of theirs is central banking/fiat money/usury. Throughout history thinkers have warned of their propensity for organization and collectivism at the peril of groups outside of their own. Martin Luther wrote the Jew and Their Lies and was a charitable man to the Jews and a rigorous academic, the Byzantines have warned us, Henry Ford warned us, Nesta Webster, Ezra Pound and the list goes on and on. David Icke is a marketer but he’s right- the Rothshild Zionists run the game and to say otherwise is pussified PC rubbish.

    And no one is a Nazi or hates anyone- just tired of the lies and their consequences. Culture is all such a degradation from its origins in the West by the people are beer sipping stadium crowding Facebook surfing lemmings who refuse to wake up and break the chains of global Zionist tyranny off their backs.

    On upcoming WW3 google Albert Pikes 3 World Wars. It’s all been planned and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.

  9. You were banned for calling half of them liars w/ repect to game and women, the race stuff was simply icing on the cake in terms of a reason to reprimand you.

    Just check out all the anti-Indian (or IRT ) threads, they don’t have much issue with race-related discussions.

    My overall thoughts:

    1) what kind of idiot logs onto a specific interest forum and insults half the posters there? What’s next? Are you going to log onto a basket weaving forum and proclaim that half the forum members baskets look like Walmart knockoffs? That was pure trolling

    2) you did expose the beta or follower mindset a lot of those members have. You insulted them and they liked your post in spades [Most people take issue with the race, and that’s where I care that any hate is accurate rather than a failure in reading comprehension. Roosh didn’t mention race until several pages in. He just wanted to attack my integrity as a blind to justify banning talk of London daygame. So he concocted a false narrative designed to make RVF feel they are being attacked, didn’t correct his numerous falsehoods when I emailed him, and set his mob in motion. Now that he has successfully slipped it past the members, he’s itching to close the thread and move on with his mission accomplished. I don’t need a post about that because it was transparent. K.]

    • I would like to correct the statement that Krauser was banned on RVF. He was only suspended for breaking some forum rules – many even long-term posters were warned that way. He is not banned and Roosh repeated that. Also the thread was later closed as it became clear that there are no winners in such a debate – only losers. Also I would like to stress the point that senior RVF members as well as black ones defended him. There still remains a lot of respect for Krauser in the community. Besides – you don’t have to like someone to respect his accomplishment or expertise in one field.

      • Well, I asked in the post if we’re not blowing the whole thing out of proportion and politely suggested folks go out to game rather than spit at each other and got banned for life, for smth much more minor than “breaking some forum rules”. I’m very grateful now. I did have a couple meetings from the forum and most of them didn’t bring anything significant into my game. I support Krausers’ opinion that most guys that devote their lives to internet forums gathering virtual stars, reps and whatever else cannot be good at what they’re doing PRECISELY because they’re online all their freaking time. Period.

      • I agree.

  10. “So naturally Roosh has a bone to pick with the guys who cracked that code – Krauser and the LD”

    Who are the LD? What does LD stand for?

  11. The RVF is heavily over-moderated. That has unfortunate side effects. People are openly and deliberately group mind oriented there.

    How can a man be man while being so communally minded? Men are individualists.

    A major theme of the forum is to be the most attractive man possible, and yet one is not allowed to be an outspoken individual there. One must toe the line and fit in.

    In other words, you can’t be a real man there. It’s against the forum rules.

    I’m not at all surprised at the ban. Many good posters were banned there – at least one for stuff he said OFF of the forum. I was banned also.

    It’s teliing to me which side of moderation people associate themselves with. The community-firsters are highly suspect to me. They want social cohesiveness more than they want open debate and truth. That’s womanly and weak.

    • Yes that’s what all real men do is turn to furry Arabs, Mexicans, and blacks on a forum to find the keys to the Universe. We’re so highly cultured and evolved now where we need a blogs approval to think, act, or just be. Like the military- the best training that produces results is out in the field not in a safe cyber cocoon of ethnic MRAs sharing gifs, bro sheets on cities, and conformist ideology.

    • “The RVF is heavily over-moderated.”

      That’s an understatement. It is tightly policed so as to serve Roosh’s ego and business interests. Any thread with some level of controversy (= ideas been expressed freely) will immediately result in several bans; the level of censorship is insane. The result is that the RVF is useless. Just read Roosh’s blog, that’s where all what is RVF-correct is first defined, just to be repeated ad nauseum in the RVF echo chamber.

  12. I’ve been feeling increasingly detached from the RVF over the last year or so, and this whole issue that Roosh has manufactured around your supposed “meltdown” is just the latest example of why.

    First off, it must be stated that minorities seem to comprise the bulk of the RVF these days. I’m not attempting to insult anyone or race-troll; it’s just an observation that I’ve made from lurking the various threads and, frankly, I think it’s dragged down the quality of the discourse in the forum as of late.

    Far too many RVF posters seem to fit the “red-pill on women/blue-pill when it comes to issues of race and multiculturalism” paradigm that one tends to notice from minorities in the manosphere. Far too many times, I’ve seen posters on there — allegedly red-pill men — falling back on the usual excuse-making and cries of “raaaay-cism!!” whenever the shibboleths of continued black disenfranchisement and oppression are challenged.

    Far too often, I’ve seen Tuthmosis and the others call out white posters for alleged race trolling, only to turn a blind eye when some of the black posters do the same. Far too often (especially as of late), we get black posters shitting up the forum with feminine gossip threads about Kanye West or Jay-Z or the exploits of various celebrities; threads that offer no serious value to the forum membership and would find no place on any other manosphere site.

    And far too often, I’ve seen His Holiness (Tuthmosis) go off on a long-winded rant about how certain ideas or thoughts are supposedly not what the manosphere is about. What he and Roosh want is to make their definition of red-pill thought the only definition. What he and Roosh want is to shape and control men’s red-pill awakenings and tailor their thought processes to something culturally unspecific and inoffensive to the legions of minorities who (let’s face it) make up the bulk of Roosh’s customer base.

    But, like many other minorities in the manosphere, what he and Roosh fail to understand is that gaming women is merely the tip of the red-pill iceberg; that recognizing just how deeply we’ve been lied to regarding multiculturalism and racial equality is the inevitable end result of truly removing the blinders from one’s eyes.

    Of course, the implications that arise when one truly questions the “everyone is the same” mantra can be very unflattering for minorities. I actually don’t blame them from ignoring or demonizing such insights, in a way.

    But it’s also why I can’t take minorities in the manosphere seriously. They’ve benefited immensely from the very decline in Western standards and cultural brainwashing of the Anglosphere that they claim to rail against; why, then, would they ever truly want that gravy train to end?

    Any white posters who speak a bit too freely on the RVF run the risk of shattering their hivemind “We Are the World”/United Colors of Benetton fantasy. Which is why you’ve been ostracized and the forum regulars are currently engaged in their silly little “RVF vs. Krauser” campaign.

  13. NK – All nicely put. To the readers that believe this post isn’t “alpha”, do you just prefer to let activity that’s one of the root causes of decay go without any discussion? (and yes, that wasn’t the primary point of the article, but still…) [I’m closer to sigma. I don’t care to lead a cult. I just want to be left to my own devices. K.]

    • I don’t care what anyone says, But anyone who puts themselves in a social surrounding and attempting to be the leader of that pack is essentially no better than a brainless beta trying to do the same thing. You’re a slave to the system and rules of that group setting. Your followers can easily bring you down if you make one slip up and have as much power as the leader. Exactly what Roosh is trying to do.

      It’s clear Nick doesn’t give a shit to be involved in it because he wasn’t in it to begin with. A man not part of a structure or convention can’t be controlled or manipulated.

  14. I’m disappointed to see this controversy. I like your work and Roosh’s so this doesn’t do anyone any good. I’m definitely in the race-realist camp, but I don’t understand the purpose of your original post other than to be provocative. Making statements like “Most genocides in history were merely overreactions against a people who had it coming” mutes many of the other things you said which I agree with. That’s as cruel a statement as you can make and I think your wrong about it. Maybe this is the legacy of the mentality that once made England great, but now manifests itself in frustration at what it has become, which extends to the civilization created by whites in general.

    You’re probably the best at what you do, you’ve proven that with your exhaustive writing and evidence. On the political and cultural front I think you also have a lot to say. Rifling off that list on RVF though was no way to convince anyone, attract allies or burnish your reputation. I think you can do better by your readers and those that support your work.

    I don’t post on RVF or in other comment threads very much anymore because of these types of controversies and the posing and lying which you referenced. I wonder if the manosphere is going through a devolution, or I’ve simply reached a point of diminishing returns on the time I spend reading/watching what is produced (or both). The next step in my journey may be to detach myself from most of what had once been a positive influence. [You’re making the mistake of taking a short polemic buried 107 pages deep in a niche thread as some kind of co-ordinated attack on a whole forum. So you’ve already swallowed the first premise of Roosh’s false narrative. He latched onto that because if you can make the people believe they are being attacked, it’s easy to slip anything past them. I believe there’s a famous Herman Goerring quote about that. K.]

    • “Most genocides in history were merely overreactions against a people who had it coming” mutes many of the other things you said which I agree with. That’s as cruel a statement as you can make and I think your wrong about it.”

      So why every fifty years for 2000 years everywhere around the world, the Jews get kicked out of a country or pogromed? It sure has nothing to do with their power abuses, economic predation, and all encompassing criminal organizations… It must be due to “antisemitism” only…

      Same goes for the 10% tutsis in Rwanda, every thirty years they get massacred and yet they always pop up again in all top political and economic positions, abusing their nepotic power… Until the next genocide. [Precisely. The UN would have you believe genocide is as random as a tsunami. No, when you trace history you can always see why it kicked off. That doesn’t make it justified, but it’s very understandable and often predictable. K.]

      • The problem is when you have a minority in charge of a majority. The minority abuses the power such that overwhelming resentments builds and festers until the majority decides to take matters into their own hands i.e. redress the power imbalance. Cultural Marxism is a mass social experiment to mind control the majority.

      • So I guess the Srebrenica massacre was ‘very understandable’ then? [Yes. That doesn’t mean it was a good thing. K.]

    • I don’t think you intended to attack the forum, but I do think its hubris on your part to think this wouldn’t get a strong reaction. You’re well aware that your opinions carry more weight than most men in this neck of the woods based on your reputation in game. If you’re going to make extreme statements you should back up what you say. No historian worth his salt would agree with you about genocide victims who “had it coming” or it being “very understandable”. Roosh obviously doesn’t like your promotion of London Daygame and whatever real or perceived slights that he mentioned, but the blowback came from your post and you thinking that you could write whatever you wanted and get away with it because you’re you. It’s a tone-deaf distraction from whats otherwise been mostly excellent content on your part. [I guess because I pay no attention to someone’s position when judging their words, I project that others are the same. Tone-deaf indeed! K.]

  15. “2. Number Two – I wasted 6 months of my life following DAY BANG, when it is the wrong approach to daygame. As anyone will tell you. You cannot go indirect on the street, it goes nowhere. So naturally Roosh has a bone to pick with the guys who cracked that code – Krauser and the LD” -Lucky White Male

    Kate got banned today from AVFM for basically saying the same thing about Roosh when they had the interview series with him. She doesn’t believe he is a success at pickup, at least not enough to be held up as emblematic of the breed. She left some long comments about his tactics and that moderator chick has had burn for her and banned her.

    I did find Roosh’s comments about the integrity of Krauser to disingenuous and convenient for the moment to justify his actions. I can’t think of another PUA writer that posts as many field reports or who has shown more evidence that he practices what he teaches and that his writing is the result of experimentation and field work.

    To smear the integrity of Krauser on the basis of association, a year and half later, because Krauser made a comment about Roosh’s bread and butter is very Roosh-like. So then in return he smacks back at Krausers livelihood. He takes this holier than thou fucking attitude like he is some high integrity guy when he is fucking huckster selling page views just like Gawker.

    And he acted like it was some great favor that he “allowed” a very well known and well respected manosphere figure to post on his forum.

    Fuck him, it was a symbiotic situation. He exists as a manosphere business exactly because of that reason, that user supplied content, especially from major writers and figures, gets posted on his site. He banks cash exactly because of the good intentions of men to share with others and a desire to be heard. He realized early on that there was only so far he could go with his own Travel Writing and expect to draw in new readers AND get the required number of page views in order for the whole deal to become profitable.. Return of Kings gets him paid exactly because a lot of new writers sort of have to post there because of the traffic it gets.

    He doesn’t do Krauser a favor by Krauser posting over there, Krauser does him a favor. Because if he doesn’t let Krauser post there then Krauser finds somewhere else and that (1) takes eyes of the Roosh empire (2) it feeds and creates alternatives.

    And there seems to be a pattern, if you attempt to threaten his Stalinesque control, if you get too big, too Christian McQueen, too Krauser, to real about Pick up, then off to Siberia with you.

    I agree with Krauser’s assessment about the RVF participants. I think they are a bunch of maladjusted depressed men that throng together and Roosh fucking knows it. It’s the whole “don’t look behind the curtain thing”. Somebody raised the specter that might be so, that his forum is full of losers, then he comes up with this Wreckers accusation.

    It’s all a big show, and getting eyes on pages gets people paid. Rollo has the angry newly divorced pissed off guys and he keeps writing the same thing over and over. I know I was one of them and that was my place and it is therapeutic, a therapy through protest. Dalrock gets pissed off angry divorced and permanently single Christian guys. And keeping those guys single and angry is great business model.

    But then some guy like Krauser actually sells something that can kill that golden goose, actually get you into a position where you actually do something that works. And that shit is a real threat to that revenue stream that keeps those angry guy’s eyes on those pages. It is a lifestyle for most guys that is totally unfeasible. They lack the money and they lack the mental constitution to stay at it. To play a game where it takes 100 rejections to get 10 numbers and then parlay 1 of those into a viable situation is a frustrating game. Especially today with the male/female ratio as it is. Probably most of them, that actually attempt to employ what they learn, get in a position to meet someone, and to be viable in that relationship.

    Ricky Vaughn’s Tweet today says it all:
    “It’s no secret that many here in the right-wing (conservatives NRx, tradcons, WNs, whatever) circles went through a manosphere period”

    There are multitude of other issues that are contributory to causing the societal situation that created the social context that have these men on those sites at the sexual disadvantage they face today. Race and Immigration are equally as pressing, if not greater, to those men as Fat Feminists. Those issues create the economic and political contexts that lead to the sexual context those men face today.

    And there are far, far heavier writers than Rooshv that address these concerns and often feed him the thoughts that he turns into these “deep” pieces that he produces. And there will be no “sexual peace” until these issues are faced and addressed. If it pisses of little Indian and Latin boys that hang out on Rooshv, then too fucking bad.

    To put it in perspective, the writer Common_Filth chided Tuthmosis in his statement about why he banned Krauser by saying “Way to moderate your Girl Chasing blog, Tuthmosis”.

    Those guys, the adults of the alt-right, hold those people in disdain. It is one thing to teach men to be viable in gaining necessary social skills like Krauser does. It is more than beneficial to have them, it has become downright necessary. It is also necessary to point out damage to society of unbridled feral female behavior and to expose Feminism as the social mistake it is. But feminism is just one issue in a whole slew of issues that should written about and discussed by men.

    But to continue to sell a philosophy that maintains men in a permanent state of adolescence is dysgenic, and it is duplicitous particularly because they do so to maintain the business model that gets them paid for doing so.

    If I were Krauser, I would mine the emails of my former clients and begin a counter war. They have to go out into the major manosphere pages and speak on his behalf. This is an attack on his livelihood and in my experience from the Minter is a Phony deal is that you cannot take this attack laying down. You can not go into a hole and hope it passes. Shit will get said over and over until it becomes the truth. You must fight back with all you have got. He has a whole army of minion losers to turn loose on you but you do have the where with all to get your posts in the big aggregation link pages like and get read. And you have to play the whole Google-Terrorism game by putting his name in post titles with inflammatory titles.

    Good luck. [Thanks boss. Interesting piece. I’m not interested in a counter-attack, I just wanted to set the record straight on the race issue. People are welcome to dislike me, they aren’t welcome to lie about me. K.]

    • I agree that slimy two faced Hajee aka Roosh V will pull more desert dweller crap on you Knlike be did to Christian McQueen.

      Minter feminism ain’t no accident it’s the work of the Illuminati/Zionist/Masonic power structure and is a colossal mind f&$& via MK ultra to screw us all- it takes kids out of nurturing homes and puts them in a dumbed down government brainwashing center aka “school”, gives the system two incomes to tax, makes everyone more dependent on the corporate/bank/government grid, stirs strife between the sexes, creates shit dating market demographics, and steals free creative time from people as the Rockefeller and Rothschild scum don’t want the masses to have time to think and get ahead- it’s a safer bet for global jet setter billionaire pro is to keep the hordes dumb and tired so they can retain power and sell them more crap like enviro fascism, spectator sports, and crass consumerism.

      This blog and article says a lot about feminism-

    • If they let it go, then fine. But this is your business. And it is amazing how this shit sticks in minds going forward. I still get harassed by shit he said and that was said that had nothing to do with my reality merely because some commenter “repeated” something he read that was “repeated” by that writer, each step, more shit getting tossed on.

      He could have just let Tuth set the ban and it let it be. Big Deal. Getting banned for saying controversial shit over there is common. The task of moderating the forum would have been met. But for him to send some sermon down from the mount, that was particularly designed to impeach your credibility by associating you with that other episode was a reckless and deliberate assault on your livelihood. It is exactly the same some fucking SJW bullshit “Denouncing” that he claims to be so against. That’s what got Kate banned. She pointed out he will shit all over any Man’s Rights, so how could be held up as a Paragon of Men’s Rights.

      I find this strikingly similar to the whole Mao Cult. Sailer has a post on it today. But I had commented on it before in response to a Sailer post about these Diversity sessions that upscale private school students have to endure. I pulled this blurb out of the larger essay that Sailer references in his today’s post about how the Cult 0f Personality over Mao got out of hand. This is from a section on how “belief” was increased in the less strident participants. The name “Lin” in the section refers to the main architect of this cult. It wasn’t so much that Lin was strident in his own belief about how wonderful Mao was but he knew it was safer to be in front of driving it instead of being caught up in it.

      “It follows that there must have been a huge demand for any mechanism to increase morale, for whatever means necessary. And here comes the “group study” rituals that Lin popularized over the country. Get people together in a small room, make them read a book aloud in rhythmic ecstasy, make them sing some songs, denounce some scapegoat, lynch him together, and then get a communal drink while singing again. Wow, that was refreshing. Everybody likes partying, and communal high-pressure sessions are a staple of all religions, specially new sects. And that is because high-pressure rituals create belief. Some people can get themselves to belief with total sincerity just because they find it in their interest. But most people aren’t that evil, they need direct, concentrated social pressure to get themselves to believe in something. And that’s what rituals are for. Even if you had some doubts about the God-hood of Mao Zedong, after having a quick self-examination session with everybody shouting slogans for 2 hours straight, suddenly your brain has gone blank and all you know is that You Love Big Brother. Oh yeah.”

      So the Roosh cult got together and Chairman Roosh announces the Krauser Scapegoat and then the underlings all stand to fall over themselves to denounce, sing a couple of verses of “Long Live Our Fearless Founder of the Manosphere and Defender of All Men”. Don’t underestimate that yesterday’s party congress was the single episode of it. Especially now that it has spilled outside and other Alt-right communities noted it and are ridiculing them.

      • Minter
        Someone with a good tool kit of skull duggery could put a monkey wrench into Rooshs machine if they wanted too. I think he’s just a greasy Turk so its not important to me what he does or does not do but it does seem that he’s collecting enemies left and right but a Turk getting a nut from some skank in EE- how profound and deep an event at the end of the day that is, right? I really do not care what he does at this point as he’s the ultimate troll marketer. I think a lot of Brits are silly so if that Tom guy made up a bunch of bs to make 100k/yr hustlig to thirsty dudes whatever- it’s like people today are so plugged into the matrix they need a guru to hold their hand while they go pee. The system trains us to learn learned helplessness to keep us plugged into the matrix- I hope humanity will see the emperor has no clothes and spit on the pigs and by that I mean the establishment not Internet blogger marketers as were all being screwed by the banks. [There are many sides to Roosh that I’m not interested in commenting on here, positive or negative: his game, his writings, his political activism, his evidence to support his rep etc. I’m interested in talking specifically about one very narrow topic: his conduct in one thread. This blog isn’t a platform to hurl general invective against him. Please keep it constructive. K.]

  16. Tip for everyone here:

    Sign-up to the forum and read the collected works of AnonymousBosch. Little else has any value and other top-tier posters write elsewhere (MikeCF, McQueen.)

    The comments about over moderation are spot on and communal thinking are spot on. In fact, there’s more than a whiff of Soviet Russia and Tuthmosid heading the NKVD. An atmosphere such as this doesn’t breed stimulating thought. [It’s a sweet irony. K.]

    • I appreciate and chuckle at the irony, though suspect tribal modes of thinking are coming to the forefront of the moderation. The time period when Roosh’s family would have left Iran draws interesting conclusions and expect the obvious in Tuthmosis’ surname if he’s ever outed.

      Krauser, you have our support. Chalk it up to the Yanks never getting it.

  17. Fuck it. Lets all go and pickup some women.

  18. To be fair, those omments were posted in post titled “Post Your Unpopular Opinions”. So to be given a banning of some kind is not called for. Even people don’t agree with the views. [I don’t object to the 7-day ban. It’s the lies and spin following it, stirring up a witch-hunt on a flimsy pretext as a smokescreen for the real purpose: banning talk of London daygame. K.]

  19. Now we have to be politically correct in the manosphere aswell? [If you don’t want to be thrown out of the warren, yes. K.]

  20. This rift was inevitable, due in large part to the sensitivities of the Indian Gammas that seem to congregate around Roosh. And then you have blacks like Obsidian trying to Africanise the Manosphere.

    Your views are very sound, but it would have been better if you had risen above this little girly-drama and kept doing what you’re doing, which is obviously working.

  21. Political Correctness is not Human decency

  22. “The Irish are on the wrong side of the Hajnal Line. They are basically ginger Romanians. I’d rather we pulled out of Northern Island and had nothing to do with them. Leave them to their bizarre world of the Pope, gypsies and large hungry families”
    – Sounds like Hell to me
    Oh look I’m not pissed because It’s just BANTER.
    Now F off ya wannabe squadie for the Romano – Prussian inbreds. 🙂

  23. Just a few points from an Arya.

    1. Most Pink people are genetically derived from serfs. Thats not a dig, its just the truth, but that truth has political implications, one of which is why serfs are not allowed to express publicly pride in your race. Simply put, as serfs become more wealthy from colonial slavery and industrialization, they socially developed a hierarchy of race and state so that they were no longer at the bottom of the european caste system, but at the top of the global caste system. Even when this process begun, the stability of empire started to become unraveled. Royalty can hold empire because people accept that royalty should rule. But when you introduce race as a political reality, the other races also would become racists in response and that would mean winning by genocide instead of battle, gain of resources and serfs, not educated or skilled labor and markets. Global capitalism is a form of American empire. They do not want a repeat of what happened to the european empires, so they are publicly multicultural non racial societies. Royals in europe want to also take advantage of global capitalism, and so have to be seen as even more circumspect and ‘civilized’ and non racial because they need to compete with the Americans over their own history.

    2. Most of the people on the planet are enemies of europeans due to history, race theory practiced by europeans can be undermined and taken advantage of faster by a non european people who would unite the non europeans in empire by not believing in race and using europeans as their ideological foil. ww2 is a classic example of this as Japan was highly skilled in uniting non europeans together hence the very fast and specific political and social propaganda designed to convince many, including those in japan, that japan is a homogenous racial nation. The Americans have convinced the Koreans the same thing to an even greater degree.

    3. Race and ethnicity are two different things. Race as a science is based on skull shape, not on genetics. Many peoples share the same Skull shape and are part of the same Race but are not genetically the same. Pink people have nothing to do with Arya despite the inferiority complex that the germainic slavs have with the Romans/Italians and the semetics over their historical treatment as slavs. Ethnicity is based on genetics. When you people use Race, it sounds uneducated and stupid, say ethnicity or use ethnicity if you want to express pride in your genetics.

    4. Tribalism is caused by security and power, not ‘race’. You would find yourself gravitating towards like minded people if personal security and power was not an issue. What do you imagine the catholic and protestant wars were about? Why do you think that all the european nations fight with each other and form gettos in each others respective nations? These are people who belong to the same race, yet tribalism is apparent and a political reality. Security and power.

  24. Anyone who reads Roosh’s response post will see it’s a business decision, unless they’re an idiot. What’s most telling is all the people who’ve crawled out the woodwork to fire shots.

    • Roosh doesn’t care about race at all, he has written plenty himself on the topic against forced ‘diversity’ and such. It is Tuthmosis who is a creep bitch race troll, who can’t get over his insecurities of race. He leads the minority brigade there who are some of the whiniest people I have ever encountered anywhere, online or in real life. There racial insecurity is incredibly obvious.

  25. I agreed with everything in Krauser’s RVF post. It didn’t come off as anything but well-resoned and true. Never apologize. I’ve lost all respect for Roosh. Typical Persian slime.

  26. Since you’re getting personal, I’ve long been curious as to how your obvious Britishness interacts with the name “Krauser”. Are you like the house of Windsor-Mountbatten or the typical white American? [Wolfgang Krauser, a fighter from Fatal Fury series. K.]

  27. Krauser wrote: “Almost everyone else is leveraging something else – looks, money, a scene “in”, SEA.

    With all due respect, doesn’t everybody leverage something? You chase tourists in the largest city in Western Europe and travel to Eastern Europe. Aren’t you leveraging your flexible time and money in those “scenes”, not to mention your education/work/travel history and status? It’s not as though an average guy with a 9-5 job in Liverpool has the same opportunity. What distinguishes your game from others, and makes it better or more “pure”?

  28. I think the main reason why he got banned was saying that most RVF members are full of shit, specially since he didn’t further explain why, I don’t think it had that much to do with his views on race. [See here the stated reason for the ban: link K.]

    • Very interesting. ‘Race trolling’ above all else.

      Voltaire: ‘To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.’

  29. Krauser
    How many cold approaches do most blokes have to see to before things start to click-1000?

    • Depends on the guy and were he’s starting from for some guy it might just be a month of approaching and he’s good to go another guy might take 5-10 years.

  30. Fuck the haters K!

  31. I love how mention of race can drum up a huge fucking storm like this. Also, Krauser wasn’t banned for race trolling or talking shit about a specific race. He was banned for coming into Roosh’s home turf and basically saying “Most of the dudes here SUCK at game, and are pure bullshit artists”. The undertone of that is “London daygame is the only TRUE form of game”. It would be like me going to a dojo that practices a different style of martial art and saying “Yea, your all cunts. This art is bullshit. Fuck you all”.

    Now banning is pretty ironic since we are supposed to be all about free speech and ugly truths ( not to mention the title of the thread is UNPOPULAR OPINIONS ).

    I’d also be interested in hearing Krausers rebuttal to a rather well stated point by Roosh in his commentary thread. Roosh said something along the lines of “Krauser is so sure everyone here is bullshit, yet his friend Tom has fake infields.” [Glass house throwing stones. Roosh has no business questioning another man’s bona fides when he’s never presented his own. K.]

    By the way on another note, I’m enjoying your memoir. I really hope you continue the series. If the next batch are as good as the first I’d buy them all.

    • Roosh is a Jew I think so the part about genocides and the people had it coming to them must of hit a nerve. [That’s awfully close to invective. Tone it down. K.]

  32. M Minter said:

    I agree with Krauser’s assessment about the RVF participants. I think they are a bunch of maladjusted depressed men that throng together and Roosh fucking knows it. It’s the whole “don’t look behind the curtain thing”. Somebody raised the specter that might be so, that his forum is full of losers, then he comes up with this Wreckers accusation.

    I was privy to a post on a private forum by Roosh in which he characterised the people who showed up for an RVFforum meetup. I forget his exact words, but the impression was that he was surprised how loserish most of them were.

    So Roosh can say on a private forum his negative impressions of his readership, and those who bother to show up for a meeting, but if anyone else dares to, they are somehow, what? Sinning againg, what?

    Seriously flawed moderator, to say the VERY LEAST.

  33. Hey Krauser

    I really dont believe its an attack on white culture actually no its about CONTROL. You really believe these leaders and institution give a shit about minorities they dont it just that they NOW understand that each groups serves the purpose for certain markets. Blacks will gravitate to criminality and serve the courts, Indians and Asians will be loyal professionals, whites will create and maintain the status quo. The establishment isnt going to deviate TOO MUCH to a specific race but it will give treats especially to the minority(Black history month, Chinese heritage month) You need to keep each race happy. Its all PIMPING. Thats why Non Racist Whites who are critical about race are shut down because it UPSETS the GAME

    Nice post though

  34. I believe it was Krausers views on American “culture” that provoced a lot of sourness really…

  35. Couple things: 1) k was suspended, not banned. Saying otherwise doesn’t make it true. 2) many on the rvf are mal-adjusted, sad people 3) some aren’t. Those people were pissed bc k only gains from the forum and never gave anything back. Being objective and looking ar k’s posts, we see he added nothing to the forum and only surfaced when his name was mentioned. 4) because k added nothing to rvf, the suspension will act as an effective ban for reasons just stated.

    • Note the use of the word “we”. “we see he added”. I’ve seen this many times, when people take on the group mind.

      I view group-mind thinking as more a womanly trait. Women solipsistically assume that they speak for all women.

      Men speak for themselves.

      • Thank you for validating my points by focusing on a pronoun and not the substance. If you could have refuted the central argument, you would have.

  36. RVF has obviously eroded in the last couple years, as many have pointed out. Roosh isn’t even amongst the top 50 players on that forum anymore.

    So this begs the question…

    Why hasn’t a new “travel/pick up” forum been created yet? McQueen’s doesn’t suffice since he’s never been outside the US. It’s why I never joined and presumably why guys like xsplat don’t post there. I thought Swoop had a chance at doing it but those guys could never get along with each other and now their blog has lost its steam.

    So Krauser, what about you? You already have a following of top guys who would contribute. As long as the focus of your forum were on travel as a whole, as opposed to just London daygame, I’d imagine most of the top RVF travel guys would participate. [I don’t want a following, I want peers. Naughty Nomad has a forum. I don’t read it much but it seems like the kind of travel/pickup thing you mentioned. K.]

  37. Definitely resonates with me.

    Agree with the importance of a shared identity, of “we’re all in this together,” of “your fellow man.”

    Especially agree that, in the spirit of comradery we should all be racist to each other, including against our own race. It’s all about bringing people together, not PC-proscribed boundaries that put people at a distance.

    Multiculturalism is antagonistic to both of the above. It’s an unhealthy ideology, it involved alienation.

    But I disagree that geographic boundaries and arbitrary histories of nations should be the basis for these identifications, for the basis of “your fellow man.” We can look to the aspects of human nature that are more universal (obviously there are inherent differences among groups, but there are also still universal aspects). As an individual, I want to be empowered as much as possible. Thinking in terms of broader humanity, not just a single nation of people, empowers me more, and it makes me less provincial.

    You can choose your identifications, (and you need concrete identifications), so choose wisely.

    About Islam – if you do identify widely with who “your fellow man” is, having massive regions of people doing backwards stuff brings everyone down. I definitely don’t advocate military intervention (spend that money on something worthwhile), and let them sort out their own political and military affairs, but I think it’s the wrong attitude is to say let’s ignore them and create space, i.e. ‘let them do their thing.” No, fuck it, they’re squandering all their human potential in shit, backward societies. They should be judged and pressured to be better humans wherever possible, because it will make us all better.

  38. Drunken meltdown? Rarely do people that are drunk write so succinctly. Looking forward to the rest of Balls Deep.

  39. Krauser
    You’re right man my invective was off base and Inam wrong for hurling ethnic slurs at Roosh so I apologize for that.

    Ill say from an American perspective Roosh is revolutionary as many guys think that its their fault the women here are so bad when the fact is they are some of the worst to deal with on the Planet. I know Roosh is sneaky and a revolutionary of sorts so if anyone could pull of something crazy to change the game in America it would be him. He’s the kind of dude who could get legislation going to import 1000xs of Chinese or Slavic women and give the entitled prissy chicks here some real future demographic challenges. I never said Roosh was stupid quite the contrary but I was out of line and do apologize to Roosh. [np. K.]

  40. Something stuck out to me when I read Roosh’s response. He said (or suspects) the reason why you wrote your original rant was because he shut down promotion of one of Steve Jabba’s books, a man he said was your friend. Was that really the impetus for your post? [No. Steve deserved the ban and I told him so at the time. I told Roosh the same thing after his response, and included a screencap of FB chat with Bodi where I said so. Roosh declined to amend his accusation. K.]

    • Actually that’s not correct. What actually happened was RVF members (unbeknownst to me) were talking about my book, Primal Seduction. Roosh didn’t like this, and had the thread locked. I wasn’t even aware that the thread was live.

      It would appear that Roosh has a problem with me since I met him once with Nick a few years ago. At the meeting, I didn’t like the way he talked about women and my overall impression was that (i) he’s not good with women and (ii) a good part of the reason for this is his attitude.

      I wrote a thread about the meeting and my thoughts on my website, but did not name him. He obviously got wind of this and took offence and since then he won’t allow me to be talked about on his forum etc. I don’t have a problem with this, it’s his domain, website etc, his rules.

      Prior to the thread about Primal on the RVF, I was banned from commenting on the Roosh V site because I made an innocuous comment about Daygame. I make no judgement about whether this was “deserved”, except to give you the facts about his attitude towards me since our meeting. I will say that I had no intention of “trolling” him, I was actually responding to the thread.

      Overall, It’s all very petty and water under the bridge.

      NB I’ve generally been pretty open about my disdain towards the manosphere in general. on my website, twitter, I think I even talk about it in Primal Seduction. I don’t really rate any of them to be honest, and I consider myself in the position of being able to judge.

      • “It would appear that Roosh has a problem with me since I met him once with Nick a few years ago. At the meeting, I didn’t like the way he talked about women and my overall impression was that (i) he’s not good with women and (ii) a good part of the reason for this is his attitude”

        Was it women in general or just British women? AFAIK one of Roosh’s main points is the gulf in beauty and femininity between Western women and East European women – pretty much all of the Manosphere says the same. As such it’s not hating on Women in general, just expressing distaste for masculine, feminist women?
        I wonder was this video posted around the time you met him in London?

      • @Romeo: no, it is the general disdain about women. Go to the RVF or ROK and just look for the terms slut, whore, bitch, etc. They are uttered in almost every thread. I can tell you that for example the French seduction community hardly uses the equivalent of those insulting terms in their blogs and fora. The difference boils down to the fact that they French men do love women for what they are. Roosh and his followers obviously don’t.

      • The money is in luring in losers like me and getting them to buy stuff. How many people are genuinely putting the effort in to improve? I would bet the clickbait rankings show that anti-feminist whinging gets more hits than – “Hey guys, improving yourself is hard, life isn’t necessarily fair, heres how you can you improve your dating/shagging prospects”. Its much easier to blame everybody else, whether its the evil feminists, the jews, the bankers or whichever villain one prefers. When the fembot types say all these PUA’s/mensrights/NRfreakz are loser men hiding behind computer screens, they really do have a point. A lot of those fembots maybe losers as well, a lot of them are just scam artists, bare faced liars.

        However, it was pretty obvious to me prior to reading all these game blogs that theres ways of being with women which will increase your success. I just never understood it in any articulable way. Remember seeing guys just approaching women and within seconds they’d be picking up them up and the bird seems happy about it! Would piss me off but I could see thats what they liked. Where I was wrong was I thought “guys like me” can’t do that. Clearly you can improve yourself to a point where its at least doable. Even if there are animals like you who’ll piss all over me however much I improve lol!!

        I currently waste most of my time behind a computer screen but of the people Ive read the ones I could believe in are yourself Krauser, GLL and that weird looking one Torero. Saying that, I think Krausers right about you being a good looking game guy. You should be pulling reasonably good looking birds even if you acted like a wet blanket. Don’t think thats rationalisation myself but just objective reality of good looks, whatever they may be.

        About rationalizing. All the evil fembot talk is to deflect from personal responsibility I can see that now having read these blogs. Its a way of excusing yourself from trying. My rationalization is that I’m so much of a loser that theres no hope, so don’t bother trying anyway you just gonna fail! Plus I’m a binge drinking anti-health freak exacerbated by huge streaks of obsessiveness.

        I’d be interested to see a game related blog or product that aims less for the “shagging really good looking birds” end of the market and more towards helping fucked up, all over the shop guys like me actually get to fucking square one and being somewhat of a presentable adult lol!

        As for the supposed “Krauser meltdown”. My take – 1) Krauser isn’t a whiny bitch 2) RVF is infested with race trolling “people of color” who luv to hatefuck whitegirlz 3) Roosh is a cult leader – Return of the Kings my arse, fuckin laughable. Its hilarious that these people think they are on government watch lists and/or part of some movement thats gonna change the world. Red pill talk is pussy talk.

        My mate says “stop being a bedwetter!!!” I say you can’t win nothing under the duvet but staying under the duvet means you don’t get stung. Fight or flight baby!!!!!!

        Sorry for ranting all over your blog, hopefully thats readable and reasonably relevant.

  41. The whole affair reads like the Monday Night Wars between WCW and WWF. It seems there’s taking the red pill and then there’s standing outside the artifice. Another interesting distinction.

    I’ll stay cozy up in the rafters until the greyhounds come out to play.

  42. Mr. Krauser,

    Your clarification was not in vain. Valuing truth and dispelling inaccuracies is not “losing frame”.

    I happen to be a non-white (black American) individual. I only mention race because it is a central point of the current controversy. Voice strong views, especially those involving race and ethnicity, and people get emotional. The reactions to those views are a litmus test of sorts. A few will intellectually test and verify or discard (whole or in part) the information presented in a more or less dispassionate manner – while others, ruled by their emotions, will reject this intellectual process and circle their mental wagons in a rush to protect their hurt feelings.

    I’ve read and gained insight from your blog and books for about a year now and don’t plan on dropping your material because of a few flourishes of rhetorical bluster – so long as you remain authentic and trustworthy, that is. [Thanks boss, I like your attitude. K.]

  43. I haven’t read Roosh’s recent writings on this issue, but in the past I get the impression that he tends to build arguments and then very obviously disavows the clear implications / conclusions of the conclusion that he just built without giving any justification or counterarguments for doing so.

    E.g., “smoking causes lung cancer, smoking causes a myriad of other health issues, smoking causes impotence, smoking is extremely expensive and amounts to $Y million in retirement, and smoking makes you physically and psychologically dependent and thus creates weakness and dependency in a man But I do not believe that we should do something as radical as *not smoke*.”

    I think he did this on immigration (probably due to his obvious personal conflict of interest), which is closely related (no pun intended) to racial issues.

  44. K, as an Asian guy in the red pill / game community who follows / supports both your writings as well as those of Roosh for the past few years, I’ll add my two cents on the topic that is hopefully a balanced view.

    Your writings and products have definitely added tremendous value to my life, such as Daygame Mastery which I purchased a while back. I have also purchased some of Roosh’s products / books and they likewise have helped me in Game and get real results. So in that sense, you have both helped me in my journey. I have day gamed consistently the last few years and have gotten lays both from his “indirect game” style as well as from the direct game of London Day Game Model. To me, they are not diametrically opposites, but are tools to be put into my game tool belt. Better to have more tools for different circumstances and I don’t think one is necessarily “better” than another. To think otherwise seems overly dogmatic.

    As for this drama on the banning and race, I was never part of RVF but have definitely noticed his writings have declined in the last two years from helping men improve their lives into the whole culture wars / anti-feminist topic which frankly is dwelling too much on the negatives and a transparent attempt to generate buzz / controversial page views. Some of his “followers” are definitely very dogmatic and groupthink too much. Your banning from the RVF using race as an excuse definitely seems like him protecting his commercial interests because there is an inherent tension between direct and indirect game. These days your blog definitely provide way better actionable advice that focus on getting laid and Game instead of getting sucked into all this “America stinks / feminism sucks / we should shame fat women” rhetoric.

    That said, sometimes you do make statements, or posts along racial lines which you say are “casual racism” in good natured jest between friends, which is completely understandable. I don’t think you are a racist, nor am I butt hurt, just pointing out that it’s easy to misconstrue and perceive them as racism behind a computer screen without the nuances of body language and voice tone in person. Also it’s easy to tell that you and Roosh both have big egos that can easily clash as you both have superior intelligence, ability, and a large following on your websites. I don’t say that in judgment but merely as a personal observation.

    Anyway, that’s just my two cents on the topic and I will continue to support your writings and your products because it has added a lot of insight and actionable advice into my own life, thanks.


  45. Krauser for prime minister!

    Nick, your views are far too logical and common sense, they’ll never fly with most ordinary idiots. We need someone like you in the cabinet to whip things into shape.

    No to sharia law, respect the rules of the country that graciously allows your presence, add value instead of gaming the system for a freebie, don’t expect the right to vote and all that other good stuff you said.

    Seriously, you would have my vote

  46. Krauser I made a point of coming to this post specifically, to show you my support against Rooshv and his fucking retarded forum. Those guys are the biggest fucking dorks/losers in the world. Major ego/power trip with the moderators, and I actually found the identity of “Tuthmosis” (the moderator) on a seperate website. Let me tell you, if THAT fucking guy is getting laid, then I can breath underwater. Short little douchey looking queer.

    Fuck the Rooshv Forum and quite frankly fuck Roosh too. they banned me within a few posts, for simply trying to discuss some insecurities about my age (late 20’s). It’s a personal neurosis of mine, and a legitimate thing I struggle with…and within 5 minutes I have a bunch of dudes dogging me calling me a troll. And the more I try to question what the fuck they are talking about, the more they accuse of me of trolling. I might take a hard look at myself after such an incident, but was already aware of their nazi like banning policy. And there is testimonial all over the web about similar cases of dudes getting banned for retarded shit. I came there to improve and talk to like minded folks, and I had a naive trust in red pill forums being a safe place to admit weaknesses. Instead you get banned, because a bunch of basement dwelling losers love the thrill of banning users based on their warped codes of conduct,

    Fuck the RooshV forum, and fuck Roosh. And good for you telling them they were losers (albeit indirectly).

    • Dude – I remember you.

      Yeah some guys humored you because your specific case is very unusual. I remember that some incl. me responded you on your points. You were banned mainly because you challenged and taunted Tuthmosis – a mod. The pictures that can be found on other sites were not of him, but he actually never claimed to be a stunner, but more a short average dude.

      In any case – sometimes the mods there ban guys prematurely because they insult Roosh or Tuth directly. Also in other cases they cross a few lines or SEEM like a troll. Focus is on seeming, because there are some who just seem to be so, but just have a very unusual problem.

      Keep in mind that Krauser was not banned, just warned – partly because of being respected greatly by many guys on RVF – even respected by Roosh for his knowledge and contribution to the Game science.

      Either way – your fears are a bit unusual and you were simply banned for challenging Tuth directly. I even saw your last post there where you were already warned and still used sarcasm on a moderator.

      Personally I find strengths and weaknesses in all the groups which seem to splinter – guys, Christian McQueen and his forum, Steve Jabba, Krauser, Tom Torrero, Roosh etc. – despite the differences in character, Game style and lifestyle I find some of their content enjoyable & useful and personally I think they have way more in common than they all think – who knows – a good many of them might be eskimo brothers for all we know.

      • I appreciate you being the devils advocate. But your defense of the forum is BS. Let me tell you why.

        I never insulted him. The guy ragged on me for my initial post. And I was sorta suprised by that, and I said

        “Thanks for the warm welcome. Did you edit my post?”

        That’s insulting? The guy had already mocked my first post. What he said was insulting.

        And then at some point I said:

        “I’m sure me and Tuth will be good friends at some point. Cough.”

        This was after several commentors posts. One of which was your highness, Tuthmosis. He had constructed a fucking elaborate taunt, saying he was going to have a “troll off” where I and another troll fight each other to the death. The winning troll will still be banned. His post included several carefully selected pictures of gladiators…etc.

        *Jack off motion*

        What a fucking dork. Can you say ego trip?

        I was actually being good natured, trying to diffuse it by giving a little shit back. When you look at that comment, you;’e telling me that guys ego is so brittle that this was reason to ban me? What a fuck nut.

        I’ll tell you precisely what happened. I asked a question, which I had prefaced intelligently, trying to point out that I was not whining, or trying to be a troll. That it was a legitimate neurotic thing of mine.

        And i asked it in a forum that apparantly has a very specific code of conduct, most of which has been constructed in a Nazi, facist like way…where the moderator revels in his ability to exert power of anyone who dares to challenge his throne. The level of self importance and arrogance is off the charts.

        I encourage you to take a good look at what you just wrote to me, Zelcorpion..and ask yourself if you are defending the rooshv forum because you are deep within their frame of what is considered “trolling” or “disrespect” to the moderator.

        It’s just some fuckin guy behind a computer, arbitrarily making rules. And i never said K was banned. I know he was suspended. Compare his lengthy criticism to my benign post! And I get banned? Only pointing out the arrogance. K has more cachet than me, sure….but shouldn’t things be fair?

      • There is no “frame” of the moderator. That’s just common sense. You came out angry and screaming off the bat.

        Sometimes I wonder why people are taking things so personally. I never met K – sure I saw some vids of his, but who knows even if we meet, he might dislike me greatly, try to kick me in the balls and walk off. Would that invalidate his Game teachings? No – I might still buy his future books and recommend his stuff, because liking and respecting someone for some of his achievements are 2 different things. Agreeing with someone else’s opinions on many things in life is not a prerequisite for that either.

        You should chill, relax and take things with a healthy dose of detachment.

      • Btw I have half a mind that this post is being watched by Rooshv forum moderators, and that you are somehow involved. You replied pretty god damn quick to me…this is a two week old post. I would not at all be surprised if you are lying about those photos not being him….and were sent to publicly say so.

        If you’re reading Tuth…

        Suck my cock faggot! you reap what you sow! be a douche and I’ll slander your name all over the place.

      • That’s just paranoid. I was reading another blog and this popped up in the message reader of WordPress. Currently I have plenty of time and read and write a lot. I probably have more time than Roosh or Tuths or K for those things.

        Too much anger.

      • Ok ill leave it at this, i have posted too much anyways. I’ll take your word for it. I made my point.

        It’s not too much anger. It’s called defending yourself. I was pretty embarassed after that incident, quite frankly and actually hurt. I had been reading that forum for a long time and finally joined, and I just got totally shit on. I couldn’t believe it. I don’t see how anything I said would necessitate a ban. My opinions on how i should be able to talk notwithstanding, i don;t even think what i said was insulting at all. The quickness with which they assume someone is a troll is completely counter productive to a forum intended for self improvement. It was like a witch hunt…and anytime you have a mob like that (one even accused me of being a female troll…jesus christ!) you can be pretty sure it is full fledged stupidity. Take a look at John Lennon and the bigger than jesus controversy. Obviously it’s not on that scale, but it’s the same dynamic. Bunch of less than intelligent assholes with fixed assumptions and closed minds. They did me a favor by banning me.

        And you better believe there is a “frame” of the moderator. There is an unspoken dynamic that the moderator is someone whos ass should be licked and caressed…and when somebody stands up for themselves and contradicts that self importance…they get banned. Even if what they said was not objectively offensive. It was only offensive in the rooshv forum universe, because he is a pretentious douche bag who again, revels in his ability to control people. I’m not suggesting we draw this out, i don;t hate you, but I would be amazed if you could tell specifically why my posts were insulting him. And you won;t be abe to, you will say “it’s common sense” which is actually code for:

        “You didn’t kiss the moderators ass”.

        I don’t debase myself for anyone. I mildly poked fun at his self righteous attitude, after the code red, level 10 ball busting I got. “Im sure tuth and I will be good friends soon enough. cough.”

        maybe if i had used a gay emoticon after that, it might not have hurt his poor feewings. [All this exchange happened while I was offline. I remind you this blog is not a platform to throw invective at Roosh. Any more and I’ll start deleting your comments. K.]

    • I don’t typically double post, or rant. And i don’t mean to blow up your blog with this, but i do feel it’s relevant due to the accusations made against you.

      I also pointed out that I had bought both his books, and that I resented people telling me I was a troll. I fucking read his blog for years, and actually respected him as a self made man. Although, his site was always on the bottom of my to read list, because it really gives little practical information these days. Lotta whining. I just really wanted to fucking say this shit somewhere, because that infuriated me, as someone who has followed him, and supported him by buying his product. And the guys on the forum had the nerve to rag on me for pointing this out! Would you, Nick, honestly let a moderator tell a long reading/paying fan of yours, that he was a troll, and then deride him and mock him for pointing that out? If he seeks to run a legitimate business, what a fucking fool. I told him as much in an email.

      Can you imagine any other brand or service, where they shit on the customer, and then publicly shit on him some more when they point out he is a loyal follower/customer of the brand? It’s like a mechanic, shitting all over a customer, and then the customer goes on YELP, and points out that he has been using them for years, and they respond by teasing him and implying that they owe you nothing.

      No class whatsoever. Beyond classless. They are subhuman in my mind.

      My life will go on, but what a fucking moron for having such a short sighted disreagard for his followers. I am planning a trip to South America, and was likely going to buy his travel books also. Fucking forget that shit now, as I wrote in the email I sent to him…he 100% lost my loyalty.

      Eye opening.

  47. no prob. i made my point. thanks for letting my comments stand nick.

  48. My problems with Krauser:

    1) Krauser – videos of you trying to get and getting non-White girls. This sets a bad example for young impressionable White men . We should being trying to prevent Whites being absorbed through miscegenation, not engage or encourage it. I understand you wrote that you were once married to an Asian girl. Perhaps you did not know better at the time.

    2) Krauser, you teach non-White guys in seminars how to game. These non-White guys overwhelming want to bed and/or marry White girls. I’m not going call you a sell-out in doing this but…we sure don’t want their genes in our gene pool.

    Besides those points I think you and I agree on a lot. I would go a bit further on race and nation. I think all non-Whites should be encouraged and forced, if necessary to leave White nations. We are our genetics and genetics is everything. Environment acts on genetics and from it flows culture, beauty, etc. [I really don’t give a shit. I’m not forcing myself to date crappy English women to suit your political goals. K.]

    • Do as you will. Just don’t have non-White kids.

    • Genuinely curious what your stance is sleeping with girls from countries you hate? E.g. Muslim girls, does your belief stand that we should kick out all the men and leave the hot women from Muslim countries?

      You seem very anti non British, but yet you don’t like British girls… what’s your ideal country?

      (Genuinely curious, not trolling) [They have to go back. K.]

      • I am not sure you understood my question.

        You DONT like British girls, but yet you only want British people in Britain?

        My question was if you would prefer we leave the GIRLS from these countries and extradite the men?

        If we kicked everyone out, wouldn’t that just leave you with the British hags that you hate and there’d be nothing quality left to day game?

  49. Regarding point #2 in my above comment, I think I will call you a sellout. I was going to say confused but I looked over your twitter feed and overall you don’t seem to be. [Whatever you want. Your opinion means nothing to me. K.]

  50. Don’t worry. Your time will come, sooner or later. [You’re just a creepy freak. Banned. K.]

  51. As someone who’s been casually abreast of the PUA community, a post like this from someone who is considered a peer to many is pretty disappointing. Mr T, an African American (or, black dude) would surely pity you.

    In one fell short list of how you think the world works, you’ve placed anyone with a mixed background in a class of belonging nowhere and having a worthless cultural value unless they ‘integrate’ with wherever they end up. Integrate what? Their culture to where you think everything should work so you’re more comfortable? Or your comfort level of culture to their lives? Those are rhetorical questions. It’s pretty clear your goal posts will widen so you can score points with your own self worth.

    Your post isn’t anything new to people with a mixed background like me. It’s a common straw man false dichotomy from people who believe in bullshit like acupuncture, homeopathy and race based socioeconomic theocracratic nationalism. Usually it’s Americans, because you know, their critical thinking skills are close to yours.

    Although rare, it’s just kind of sad that you left us out on your human value scale. Why leave out us mixed race types or earthling identifiers? Us who check the ‘Other’ box on application forms always get left out.

    Good luck ever living this down. Seriously. There’s no going back after outing yourself as a bigot. [Fuck off, concern troll. K.]

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