Daygame Mastery is finished!

January 8, 2014

The book is finished.

It’s taken me six months of thinking, writing, editing, soliciting feedback, commissioning art, fine-tuning layout….. but that’s all done now. My layout guy sent me the final PDF today and it’s ready. In a week or so I’ll received a test print from my publisher and, assuming no weird printing errors, I’ll be ready to offer it to the world.

Offer it in stages, that is.

The final release schedule is subject to change but for now I expect it’ll look like this:

  1. Limited hardcover release to London daygamers, late January
  2. Hardcover international release early February via online ordering system
  3. Softcover international release early April
  4. Kindle release Q3 2014. This will only happen if I’m satisfied with anti-piracy controls and a successful paper launch.

So let’s talk about Stage One.

I’d like to reward all the hardworking daygamers of London with a launch event towards the end of this month. I’ll hire a function room somewhere central on a Sunday afternoon and set up a projector. I’ll present an hour or so explaining my model (using my fancy new infographics), how the book works and answer questions. Probably there’ll be a couple of special guests giving short talks too. Consider it a meet’n’greet with extras.

I’ll have some special limited edition hardback copies of the book to sell, which will be numbered. I’ll even sign them if you’re so inclined. This will be a pre-release version with a unique cover, the very first copies anyone will ever see. I’ll pass one copy around for everyone to look at before parting with their cash. I’m pretty damn confident that anyone who lays eyes on this book with immediately begin reaching into their wallet.

first buyer

Price? Haven’t decided. Probably I’ll only bring five or ten copies.

Pre-orders? Maybe. Leave a comment if you’d be interested in paying up front for one to collect in person on the day. If there’s enough interest I’ll figure out how to do it.

All relevant details will be announced on this blog in the next week or so. Time, place, seat availability and book price. 2014 is going to be a bumper year for daygame!


  1. Congratulations. I won’t make it to London but will order the hardback in February. Then probably paperback to educate some friends with desire to change.

  2. Is Steve Jabba going to be there? [It’s probably going to cost £5 per touch and £10 for a wedgie. K.]

    • I’ll be dressed up in a nice skirt like a dolly bird, handing out the snacks and assisting in the presentation.

      PS I took a sneak peak today and this new book is a fu**ing work of art.

  3. Congratulations. Would love to order one, will you be selling an e-book verion? On Amazon? Please let us know.

  4. Krauser,

    my man my man. I’ve commented on your blog here and there for awhile now. Can’t thank you enough for putting this gold out. Going to be ripping shit up this summer 2014 armed with KPUA Day Game Mastery. Thank you sir.

  5. I’d be happy to pay up-front for a pre-order if you end up doing that.
    Congratulations on finishing the book, looking forwards to it !

  6. congratulations my man. in 2014 you are going to hit the big time.

  7. put me down for a preorder, of course.

  8. I’m down for this event Nick. [Be good to see you again. K.]

  9. I plan on attending the event and would preorder if available.

  10. “This will only happen if I’m satisfied with anti-piracy controls”

    Wouldn’t bother with it then.

  11. “This will only happen if I’m satisfied with anti-piracy controls”
    Come on, you are a libertarian or a socialist pussy? [What does that even mean? K.]

    • “”If nature has made any one thing less susceptible than all others of exclusive property, it is the action of the thinking power called an idea, which an individual may exclusively possess as long as he keeps it to himself; but the moment it is divulged, it forces itself into the possession of every one, and the receiver cannot dispossess himself of it.”
      Thomas Jefferson

      Copyrights are state enforced monopoly privileges. [Sounds like you just want a moral pretext to steal someone else’s value. K.]

      • Think about the fact that you have way more at stake than me on this topic, so your intellectual and moral stance are way more susceptible to be a idiosyncratic rationalization than mine.

        A proof of the sensitivness of this topic for people whose livelihood is based on copyrights law is that Jabba become agressive. Civil servants become agressive too when you try to explain them that they are unproductive.

        Initialy it was just a random tease. I like you Krauser, even if right now I don’t plan to acquire your by book by any means, and I don’t really care what you do for earning money.

        In few years, when you will think about this topic maybe you will realize that there are strong ideological, economical and political implications behind copyright laws that fall beyond the scope of sheer rationalization.

        May you earn a lot of money in the meantime (but not Jabba).

      • So is the right to enjoy a house you bought, or would you agree with me coming mob handed to throw you out of yours and turn it into a squat?

      • Avraham Shekelberg you apparently don’t get the difference between rival goods (e.g. real estate) and non-rival goods (e.g. digital books).

  12. i have searched myself for anti-piracy controls to protect info i want to publish, but with no satisfaction so far, i dont think anything suitable exists. i think the first e-ripoffs of The Game, were scanned from the hardcover book. thiefs gonna thief.

  13. If you can see it with your eyeballs it can be copied and reproduced. [The point isn’t to have 0% piracy but to have it low enough that it’s worth my effort to produce material. K.]

  14. Krauser

    Congrats. I have several choice cigars and some exquisite single-malt waiting in time for my first read.

    You should price this at $97. Ignore the industry pricing for books, don’t be intimidated if someone tells you people won’t buy a book at that price

    Keep in mind you are discussing a high value subject to men: namely “SEX.” Namely how to get into the pants of hot broads during the day. Next to the subject of “MONEY” there is nothing more high value on a human hierarchy of needs.

    A legendary marketer, Jay Abraham, famously priced one book, entitled ” Stealth Marketing” at $1,000.00.

    This is a man who knows how to price to market

    He has been selling this book at this price for at least 15 years, inflation adjusted

  15. Looking forward to order a copy all the way to Montreal.

    It would be appreciated if you could possibly record the presentation and release it to those who order a hardcover internationally.


  16. Really anticipating the release, and was wondering if you were going to sell the hardcover and paperback versions through Amazon? [probably. K.]


  17. I suck men’s dicks

  18. I’m an annoying gamma cunt

  19. I already have your first book , do I really need this ? And if yes , then why ? [“Qualify to me, Krauser” K.]

  20. Many congratulations on finishing the book. I look forward to hearing more and buying a copy when it is released.

  21. People have been copying text for over 500 years so I’ll happily wait for the e-version nicely downloaded for free, thanks. However, I do wish you all the success – I’m sure a signed copy is worth the money. Honest! [Classic gamma – thinks he’s being clever, has no idea how bad it makes him look. Does anyone want to take a guess if this attitude gets him laid? K.]

    • @Krauser, gamma or dark triad? The very behavioral traits that excite the ladies are the same that don’t care about the ethics of intellectual property. NAPUAALT, but in large part your audience is drawn from that sort of personality profile ( or wannabe.)

      • Stealing from people who add value to your life is dark triad? Yeh but in a Gollum sense rather than Patrick Bateman. I’ll bet that goes for 99.9% of guys giving themselves Dark Triad medals.

    • Why make anything an ‘opportunity cost’ when something can cost nothing? Poor form maybe, but don’t hate the player K.

  22. Hey Krauser, have you given any thought to serializing or teasing a few chapters or content in your blog? Alternately would you post any video supplements or infields as teases or supplements or to coincide with the launch since many of your fans won’t be in London for the launch.

  23. How many pages it have?

    And, post the fronte page of the book. [“Dance, Krauser. Dance!” K.]

  24. Will Johnny Berba be a special guest at the launch? I would come just to see that aspergers fucker talk about natural game i.e. how to creep the fuck out of girls and talk bollocks to LSS chodes. Why hasn’t that cunt been exposed by the community? Only just seen his vids.

  25. PLEASE try to get it on Google Play. I have switched all my reading over to the Google Books app.. I don’t want to have to get it from Amazon and do some borderline piracy to get in Books.

  26. I already have the products, Tom’s book and your first book. All the fundamentals are there. I follow the Daygame Blueprint and use the Girlfriend Sequence for dates. It seems that the theory is all down and guys just need to do it. I am genuinely curious if your new book has radically different models to the ones already out there. [Yes. it’s way better. K.]

  27. Krauser – is it possible for a woman to be ‘gamma’ in terms of her mindset alone (rather than looks)?

    I made the mistake of reading through the twitter feed of MaryAnnPenniman yesterday. Her problem is not that she has a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp, it’s that she dines on the drama of other people’s lives, injecting herself into issues that don’t concern her and vacations in other people’s despair – Broadwater Farm, Palestine, Northern Ireland etc – a muslim who wants to fight homophobia , LOL – a muslim feminist (Chapter 4, verse 34 anyone?) LOL. All to make herself the righteous one in the centre of the action.

    Years ago (I’m older than you) I recall seeing white students who’d never been further from the UK than Benidorm wearing T-shirts and badges pledging their support for the Sandanistas in Nicuaragua (and who today remembers that great cause du jour?) as if it affected them personally – all such an obvious affectation.

    Once I would have argued with her, or tried to reason. But as she’s still attractive enough to get the attention of pick-up artists on the street (2nd Jan “Unbelievable. On my back from St James’ demo I was stopped by a fucking pick up artist. It’s safe to say he wasn’t expecting my response.”), I will just assume that in due course, the Wall will sort her out – and she will discover the hard way how much people were truly interested in her opinions, and how much because she was young and female.

    How does a woman get to be like this?

  28. I think people who got your first book should be able to buy this one (if they want) ahead of the general release. Or people who did a bootcamp/workshop with you. Basically, I am interested in getting it early. 🙂

  29. Does the book have a section on how to exit a lady’s life in the smoothest possible way, once you’ve attained the lay?

    This will ultimately determine whether I buy the book or not. Pulling the girl and getting the lay is pretty easy; staying unattached and breaking it off without hurting her/ being an absolute cunt is much, much harder.

    Also a discussion on how to deal with the vast expense of it all would be extremely helpful.

  30. I’m a total cunt. Could this be why I don’t get girls?

  31. I’ll be waiting for this book, I know it’ll be worth my money.

    I took some very good lessons out of ‘Daygame Nitro’, I noticed that some of the technique ‘s (not the best choice of words, but w/e) described natural INTJ behaviour, when he is at his best.

  32. Hey Nick good talking to you in Trafalgar square on sat. How can we put a deposit for the book? I don’t want to miss the chance of getting it at the meetup as I may have to work on the 25th. Hopefully you will host on the 26th. Zaf

  33. I think it’s the wrong idea to hold off a kindle release. Esp. if you think that will curtail pirates.

    If people want to pirate your book – they will. But I can tell you I bought Roosh’s books, I bought the books of others. Please release to kindle ASAP man.

    When people pirate, they’ll scan your physical book – even kindle format – no matter what you do – is able to circumvent. Look at major book publishers.

    There are more honest people out there that appreciate your work than you know.

    The people who pirate your shit – they’re the people who probably won’t appreciate the weight of your words anyway.

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