Don’t judge women for their beauty

January 10, 2013

Sometimes when I look at beautiful women and then frumpy women, and then back again, I’m overwhelmed by the feeling that I’m looking at a different species. A different breed. Just as the elegant athletic lines and purposeful snout of a Siberian husky are worlds apart from a waddling bootfaced pug, the clean curves and majestic features of a top-drawer woman are worlds apart from the stove-pipe block that is a modern woman. Miss Worlds apart.

In the unlikely event Hugo Chavez rolls his fat thieving socialist arse out of the hospital bed he’ll surely attempt to make Miss Venezuela – now Miss World – his concubine. I certainly would. Just look at her. Beautiful.


I once dated a 3rd-placer in Miss World

I once dated a 3rd-placer in Miss World

Who could possibly object to such a fine specimen of female beauty gracing the world’s stage, shining her star for the pleasure of millions of men and a role model for young girls to aspire to.

Oh, someone objects.


Jesus fucking Christ. My eyes!

Jesus fucking Christ. My eyes!

Two different breeds.

What possible motive could this ugly rabble of halfwits have to wish to stop women being judged on their beauty? Would they perhaps be making a virtue out of necessity?

Look at them.

These wimmin need MORE power

These wimmin need MORE power

Telling the world you aren’t ugly doesn’t make it so. If any readers stumble upon a photo of a beautiful feminist, please let me know. Photos of unicorns, bigfoot, or a PUA Hater’s girlfriend also welcome.


  1. A man who learns to desensitize himself from a woman’s beauty is essentially a man who’s able to take away the only form of power a woman has control of… Sex.

    Take that away from them, and they are left with nothing else besides be forced to please you in other ways. And that my friends is what makes a woman want to be the best woman she can be.

    It’s time to take back whatever power the femcentric society has taken from us.

  2. Beauty attracts in order to perpetuate the species…. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder, NEVER the beheld.

  3. Now show us a picture of your mom.

  4. thieving socialist

    Lol @ wage slaves who hate “socialism” (whatever they think that means). One day you’ll hit it big! Maybe selling pua books will finally take you out of the rat race. Until then keep shilling for the guy fucking you in the ass.

    • Hell yeah!! It is soooo much better to be fucked up the ass by the Government, which has unlimited powers to screw you and take all that you own and throw you into the Gulag than it is to be fucked by an employer in a voluntary relationship that you can leave at any moment if you aren’t satisfied! You really should get your own blog and tell us how intelligent you are and how you have everything figured out….

      • My family used to live in a communist country. Things weren’t great but everyone had a job, time to socialize and live decently with your fellow human beings, the culture upheld a certain standard of behaviour (enjoy your chavs shitting in the gutter, that’s freedom for you), and if you weren’t an idiot or an ideologue you didn’t get thrown into the gulag. You think you have freedom, it’s laughable. Libertards think freedom means the freedom to starve to death if you don’t sell yourself to the nearest bidder. You don’t even know what freedom means but you like to prance around and chant about it, when you’re not slaving for your boss or watching niggers on tv flash rolls of cash you can only dream about having.

      • The nice thing about capitalism is you only starve in a gutter if you are a lazy idiot with no skills or motivation. I have friends who cannot even read or write who make 6 figures because they can fix anything. Go to Hell, commie.

  5. “Miss World is the jewel in the crown of rape culture”

    People actually write stuff like that? I thought that kind of thing was just used in the manosphere to parody feminists, but it’s real. smh

  6. i lol’ed. naomi wolf is a pretty prominent feminist and she isn’t too bad looking. but she is more of a moderate feminist. this is a good fucking blog

  7. “Or a PUA Hater’s girlfriend also welcome” bahahaha.

    ‘Instead of trying to improve ourselves and get chics, lets spend all our timing hating on other guys trying to improve themselves and get chics.’

  8. I am a pua-hater, but my girlfriend is not frumpy at all. She is a normal nice (maybe a 6) girl, but nothing more. Although I had had girlfriends before I had discovered the game, I struggled with the game for more than a year until i get this girlfriend. My wingpartners are usually better looking and taller than I and I have noticed that their girls are more willing to be engaged in a relationship, but these guys are freaked out of that. I have dated many many girls in the last year but the 99% of them blew me off after 1-2 dates. Only the uglier ones were receptive. I have no other choice but to stay with this girl. Many attraction bias helped me to score with her: she has no prior experiences with boys at all, has no other suitors and so on. I think I could get girls frequently if I were good looking. Despite my wingpartners have somewhat childish and narrow fields of interest (they are getting dropped out of university, they wants to get rich by playing poker, they cannot speak any foreign language, and so on) they could get better girls than I. I have a decent engineering degree, my hobby is producing electronic music, I read a lot, I have own flat (inheritance). I have never ever memorized routines, I prefer instict and spontaneity. The one of my wings uses the same silly routines almost every time but girls like him. Girls like me, too, but there is a moment, where all the attraction vanishes. [You sound more of a PUA Disliker than a PUA Hater. K]

    • It comes to a point where everyone who has been “gaming” for a while will say that they “hate” using PUA terms and all that. Even I hate using terms like “sarge”, “pick-up”. But does that mean I think game doesn’t work? Nope. I just think it perpetuates a certain technique-based mindset that doesn’t work for me.

      Now PUA haters are a different thing, which if you went to PUAhate, you’d know.

    • “Girls like me, too, but there is a moment, where all the attraction vanishes.”

      Attraction cannot vanish if the man has Value. It is impossible.

      So you are telling me you don’t yet have enough Value. Or you DO have enough Value (your engineering degree, etc.) but you are not conveying it properly through Game.

      “Good looks” and “routines” matter only at at the margins. Your good looking friends are showing some kind of value – beyond their looks – that you don’t yet have

      You also sound like a victim who is wallowing in your own mediocrity.

      Game can’t help victims. You can’t inject ambition into men – they either have it or they don’t.

  9. in addition:

    the wing guy I portrayed before, has the following mantra:

    “the good looking guys get the stunners”

    these guy could get 7s, but 7s are not satisfying for him, so he whinig about the looks. He has a massive .jpg collection of model girls, he spends hours with admire pictures of these women, and he can differentiate 9s from the 10s based on a single photo. I cant sense any differencies between women in the 9-10 era, this women arent exists in my world.

  10. I felt like emptying a bottle of hand sanitizer into my eyes..

  11. I’ve been flicking through some old issues of Penthouse and it’s amazing how beautiful natural women were in the 1970’s. They would put that Miss World to shame, not to mention those feminist mingers.

    A poster above mentioned Naomi Klein [Wolf. K]. There’s a common link between her, Rosa Luxemberg, Emma Goldman, Susan Sontag, Gertrude Stein, Gloria Steinman, Erica Jong, Andrea Dworkin and most of the other feminists you’ve heard of. [Top lefty intellectuals are usually Jewish.]

    • Many of the right’s main intellectual figures are Jewish too (Mises, Milton Friedman, Ayn Rand, Alan Greenspan, Murray Rothbard). We can do without the “Jewish lefty conspiracy” trope, BMC. [Greenspan is no right-winger. He’s a full-on collectivist. K.]

      Although I do like Paul Krugman. Krauser we still have time to convert you to Keynesianism, join the dark side… [Krugman is a moron. An Ellsworth Tooley. Keynesians are clowns]

      • The same Greenspan that oversaw a lot of the deregulation of the financial system in the 90s, and was a huge fan of Ayn Rand’s work? [He’s a James Taggart type, going for crony corporatism not capitalism. He’s also a strong fiat money advocate whereas Rand was for sound money. K.]

        Krugman also has the virtue of his predictions being pretty much dead on for the last four years, whereas Schiff hyperinflationistas have been incorrect. I also wouldn’t put Krugman’s keynesianism as far left as the Tony Benns of this world (who I think are way too far left). All Krug wants is some immediate public spending to make up for the output gap, right? [His predictions were appallingly wrong and Schiff is not the counterargument, Mish is. If public spending and money printing fixed solvency crises then Japan wouldn’t have 250% debt-to-GDP and an economy entirely reliant on exports. I’ll repeat, Krugman is a moron. Like all Keynesians he can’t see a solvency crisis when its staring him in the face. To them it’s all about aggregate demand and liquidity. A total clown.]

      • That’s fair enough, Greenspan is into free markets plus central banking and fiat money, which I guess is more statist than Austrians like. I think most people would class him and Friedman as right-wing. Mises and Rothbard are definitely Jewish and definitely Austrian though. [Most people think if something isn’t self-declared Marxist then it must be right wing and capitalist. A false dichotomy. For example the Nazis were national socialists. 100% collectivisits and fully left wing. As are the BNP. I strongly disapprove of the BNP’s socialism. K.]

        I’m not well versed at all on Mish, if we’re facing a solvency crisis here in the UK/US, where have the bond vigilantes? Why are borrowing costs so low? I can understand why a fundamentally insolvent country without its own currency such as Greece would be facing a bond vigilante attack, but not a country like the US where investors are paying the government to keep their wealth safe (because adjusted for inflation borrowing costs are actually negative). I’m interested to hear your opinion on this, it’s always good to hear an opposing perspective to what you’re used to. [Just read Mish. He explains it all better than me. This is something I’d discuss in a pub but can’t be bothered to write about. K.]

      • Using the words left and right to describe political and economic positions doesn’t help, especially nowadays. It is a one dimensional way (literally) of describing a much more complex phenomenon. [Theoretically yes, realistically no. Most people do split along the same fault lines. Lefties are almost always totalitarian, collectivist, green, feminist and multicultural. Rightists usually aren’t. K.]

      • There are different variations of the left-right political spectrum, with different criteria. The basic economic left-right spectrum is pretty much as Krauser describes – the further left you go the more state intervention in markets is advocated. Where the “centre” is is pretty much defined by the political culture in each country – the “centre” in the US is generally less “state interventionist” than in the UK. The way I see it is anything left of centre is “left wing” and anything right of centre is “right wing” – of course it’s all a matter of degree. Note the difference between calling something “leftist” and “socialist” – the status of a political position on the spectrum is largely determined by political culture, so in a staunchly anarcho-capitalist society Robert Nozick would be a leftie to them! However to someone in the UK…

        To Krauser: I’ll read mish. It’s too long and off topic to get into a long discussion about macro here. On topic, are there any hot feminists? As in not Naomi Wolf, who was OK but not really hot, but are there actually any feminists who are totally gorgeous?

      • “Theoretically yes, realistically no. Most people do split along the same fault lines. Lefties are almost always totalitarian, collectivist, green, feminist and multicultural. Rightists usually aren’t. K.”

        These fault lines are more like “how to pigeon hole middle class english people”. Not a serious description of variations in political thought and economic policy internationally and across time. Just one example the “liberal” values of the liberal conservatism that you associate with the right originally belonged to the left wing (stuff like meritocracy, rights of the individual, free trade, free thought and so on). It’s all arbitrary.

  12. Sorry dude, but that miss Venezuela doesn’t appeal to me at all. Her face is just ugly. I find the redhead in the 2nd picture having a cute face. I would choose her thousand times above that first pic. And in my experience those feminist cunts ALL ride the cock carousel.

    • I agree with “Gilgamesh” that I’d rather be nailing the redhead than the beauty queen. That “I’m always practicing my expressions in the mirror” look just doesn’t do it for me. [She looks like a sad turtle. I can only assume you people are the ones who used to buy Razzle and pass on Men Only. K.]

    • i wnat the broad in the 3rd pic,the one with the short gray hair. i wnna taste o dAT poozie!!!Yummy!

  13. Hi Krauser, on a side note did you ever find in your approaches you’d run out of things after to say after opening or feel a holdback from within when going for a direct approach? With regards to this article some good points, think Slyvin’s pretty accurate though.

  14. A couple of chicks (blonde and redhead) on the right of the first feminist picture could look decent with a little touch up.

  15. My Belorussian has a dutiful boyfriend of 3 years, a rich patron of 4 years, and me. I give her nothing. Guess which of us gets anal. 16 hours ago

    Krauser, I for one would be interested in how you are working this.

    You seem like a guy – somewhat unusual from many PUA’s – who can actually afford to flash some cash and high social status ( finance field, high responsibility high brains etc)

    Yet you are not doing this. I’m trying to train myself around girls to refrain from the money status angle, it keeps coming out unconsciously, perhaps some left over upper beta insecurity on my part. Perhaps a future post to consider. [This girl plays men for money and considers them chumps. So I just stay out of that bucket and tell her “no” frequently. When I do DHVs that normal guys would call money or status-based, look again. I convey them all as freedom, achievement and talent – things which money enables. Personal charisma is what gets women for free. K.]

  16. the ukrainian feminists group femen are hot, in the sense that they are hot looking, but ugly in terms of personality and borderline male bull like behaviour

  17. For example the Nazis were national socialists. 100% collectivisits and fully left wing. It’s to put that o some peoples minds, but i keep trying.

  18. hey Krauser just curious, what blogs/publications do you read regularly

  19. Krauser, I stumbled upon a hot feminist. [That’s your idea of hot? She’s a five at best, and that’s before factoring in her attitude. K.]

  20. John’s definitely gotta be a troll.

  21. Simone de Beauvoir, Naomi Wolf and Gloria Steinem were all pretty good looking. But, yeah, the general trend is the opposite.

  22. Ok, I can’t be the only person who’s noticed this – hasn’t everyone else noticed that after all the complaining feminists did about “guys” judging women based on their looks, that it’s women who define who a woman is by her looks?

    My worst reaction as a guy to an unnatractive women is to ignore her. No, I don’t want to date her, but I expend no energy on tearing her down based on her looks – who cares?

    When someone is berating her on her looks, talking about how ugly she is behind her back, making fun of how she’s dressed or her makeup, or excluding her from their group, it’s almost always other women. If a woman breaks down in tears over being called ugly, it seems like the person doing it is almost always another women, or the girls mother.

    It seems like the usual “women don’t like something, so it must be mens fault” rhetoric.

    How many times have you seen a women dress all up for a family gathering? Or going out with her girlfriends to places where they actually are never going to meet any guys? How many times have you heard a story of a woman who doesn’t want to dress up for her guy, but does for hanging out with her girlfriends?

    I kind of feel sorry for the less attractive women. Men don’t want to date them, but other than PUA sites, I almost never hear a guy expend energy bashing unnattractive women – he just doesn’t care. If there’s an half hour conversation on how ugly some girl is, it’s always another girl talking about it.

  23. A Randian bankster. Shocker!

    If only the government would stop doing stuff (like pretty much hand me my entire living because I make it off the same rigged financial markets and institutions I’m criticizing) then people like me would be true ubermensch like Galt!

    BTW, are we talking about the same Mish that had made one good call in seven years and has been underperforming since that call and getting all his posted predictions wrong?

    I actually like the guy and a lot of his analysis, but like you he is a major idealogue.

  24. Krauser, any sympathy or tips on women who are born homely?

  25. Holy shit! This isn’t satire, is it? You guys are pathetic! [Thy name is gamma. K.]

  26. It’s perhaps interesting that (according to this left-wing source), the term ‘feminist’ has become a term of abuse even within the far left! See in this article about the Socialist Workers Party.

    “It may shed some light to learn that ‘feminism’ is used effectively as a swear word by the leadership’s supporters.” (in the section “Power, sexism and the left”)

  27. Some of those Femen broads look pretty hot. Form usually follows essence, though, and this shit has just started to infect the former Red nations. So give it a couple decades. If they haven’t ballooned out to 1000 lbs, I’m sure their daughters will have.

  28. The only beautiful feminist I can think of is Naomi Wolf…Ali G show had an interview with her while back.

  29. The thing is that feminism, like the psychedelic culture of the 60s, and “rock” music, and modern islamic “terrorism,” didn’t arise through spontaneous generation. Each of those social phenomena have documented roots in the Anglo-American intelligence agencies.

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