I bang my first tall 22 yr old half-cast office girl

December 12, 2010

I’m out on Friday night with some old uni friends. They are all coupled up so there’s no sarging going on, just beer and chat. I’m in the mood to get smashed and I’m a few pints to the good when we find ourselves in the Counting House near Bank (that’s in the finance district of the City of London). It’s an old style English pub with bright lights, brass fittings, and full of finance chodes. Not a venue worth sarging in the unlikely event you can even find a woman in it.

Things take a turn towards the interesting because out of the five of us, two are former players who used to do pretty good club game years back before they got coupled up and regressed into chodiness. There’s another guy I’m meeting for the first time who is starting to show interest in game. So naturally conversation turns towards girls. I’m a bit drunk but I think what happens next is this…

Post-booty call, two weeks later

Finally a stand-out girl walks into the bar, with a fat cockblock and two orbiter chodes in tow. She’s about 5’10”, long legged, long straight black hair and very strong features. One of our gang points her out with “is that a tranny?” I look over and think she’s actually pretty hot, if a little high-T. I decide its time for a demo set. Fortunately her group stands nearby so I edge round till I’ve got my back to them then open over the shoulder with a classic opinion opener on the cockblock. Can’t remember what it was, but I’m basically running a douchebag Mystery method.

Obviously the target, HB High-T, wants in on the fun. She’s aggressive, confident and brash. So I neg her, turn my back and ignore her. It’s playful so eventually I let her into the conversation and soon I’m leading the whole group. The two orbiters are soon dick-tucking and letting me tool them though I don’t do it overtly because I don’t like aggressive amogging. Just enough to lead the group. Before long High-T is trying to isolate me by offering to buy a drink. I refuse and insist on paying for my own (this isn’t a tactic – I don’t like strangers buying me drinks). She tries to lead me to Abacus with her group and I refuse, saying I’ll take her to my favourite bar but only her. I join her outside for a smoke and show her pictures of my new girlfriend. She agrees to the bounce then wanders off to shit test me by flirting with some chodes then dragging my friend outside and coming on to him. So I go back to my friends and forget about it for 20 minutes till she comes back. We drink up and move on.

It’s physical in the taxi and I kiss her, then we start to connect in the next bar. A bottle of champagne gets me drunk and she starts crying on me over something or other. I tell her I’m a pickup coach and have a harem. She doesn’t seem to mind. After a few hours we taxi back to her place and she gives me LMR. I persist a little while then roll over and go to sleep.

Next morning I wake up with a sore head and dry throat. She claims she doesn’t have any juice or coffee. We chat for another couple of hours as we lie in bed and then she starts getting horny and can’t keep her hands off me. I hold steady and let her come to me. Finally she’s grabbing my cock so I say “I want to fuck you now.” She says ok. So I do.

The moment I put my cock in I realise I’m feeling extremely hung over and just can’t be bothered with a good session. So I say “I’m tired and it’s Saturday morning so this is gonna be a slow fuck.” She wants it hard so I make a half-arsed effort then roll off after about five minutes. She gives me a look that seems to say “that was ok, but I want more” soI tell her “You should’ve got me some juice”.

We swap numbers and I leave for breakfast at a nearby greasy spoon cafe. I get a strawberry milkshake, white coffee, then beans on toast with a fried egg and two hashbrowns. Lovely.

No photos or videos. I’d put her at a 7.


  1. wondering what half-cast means on the title

  2. i can’t take this krauser, i must look at pretty girls…even if i’m sure you did:)

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