Some Product Reviews

April 15, 2010

Months ago I envisioned this blog would be papered with product reviews and all my insights gleaned from them. It never really happened because I tend to pull useful ideas from many sources and then roll them all up together into a system I’ve made my own. Thus I tend towards think pieces and synthesis when not just doing the usual field reports. To correct this omission, here’s a quick rundown of the products I’ve used in the twelve months since I first started reading. Purely personal, so if I trash something that has worked well for you don’t be sore. In no particular order

Good (i.e. useful knowledge to retain and integrate)
Undercover Sex Signals (Leila Lowdnes): A mainstream US dating coach goes through a series of 40 or so posed photographs of women explaining how to recognise each signal as an IOI. Her principle is to identify the women that show a subtle interest in you and then sarge them. Theoretically sound signals and I do watch for them.

Blueprint Decoded / Jeffy Show (RSD): While I’m wary of the cult-like RSD organisation and their insane price structure, I still think they have the very best DVD material out there. More than anything else this has driven me away from the trickster-gamer towards the natural-player.

Man Transformation (David DeAngelo): This dude really needs to learn concision because this series could be shrunk to a quarter of the size without losing an ounce of insight, but it’s still very good stuff. My approach is all about making the Beta2Alpha transition and this series is loaded with inner game concepts and direct activities that facilitate it.

How to become an Alpha Male (John Alexander): As a literary piece its raw and disorganised but it gets a lot of clear direct advice into a single volume. It doesn’t fully explore the alpha concepts like DD or Roissy, nor does it nail down the theoretical underpinnings that orient you, but as a first foray into B2A it does the job nicely.

Alpha Immersion (Carlos Xuma): I have no idea about the guy’s personal credibility, having never seen in-field footage. He somehow manages to be alpha and herb at the same time. The series is good for patiently and systematically treading over the nature of alphaness without all the disconnected rambling and too-clever-by-half aphorisms of DD.

Carpe Diem (Bad Boy): I haven’t finished this but I like it a lot. The dude is a hardcore alpha in a loser’s body and shows just how it’s the former that overshadows the latter. It’s also the most visually interesting lecture series because of the varied locations for his piece-de-camera.

How to Speed Read People: Sometimes you read things and find yourself nodding your head in agreement, other times your bullshit detector is flashing. This book did the former. Once I’d done the exercises to find out my personality type (INTJ per their jargon) I read the personality description and thought “that really is me”. I then did the “cold read” test of reading some descriptions of other types and thought “that isn’t me”. So I’m convinced. Some direct practical advice too. I really ought to go back to this book and integrate it.

Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand): What’s this doing here? If Tyler can get away with banging on about Tolle, then I can get away with banging on about a far far superior book that constructs a shining model of the perfect human mind (John Galt). This book is long, turgid and crawls along at a glacial pace but it’s never dull and the periodic character rants are exquisite.

Make Women Hot (Ross Jeffries): Eye-opening stuff to see Ross sitting on his stool talking in a relaxed manner, barely kinoing, and the girl is going red, squirming, and breaking out into a hot flush. I’ve done this stuff in-field (both direct application of his routines and my own inspired by this DVD) and it definitely works. It’s pure verbal escalation. It won’t work unless you’re already doing some decent attraction work.

Deeper Than Game (Assanova): This was only on sale for about a month and is gone now. Assanova is funny like that. When I loaned it to Jambone he said “this is the book I tried to write”. It’s a slim concise merging of natural with mechanical game carried off with an anti-game flair. Not much “do this, then do that” but gives a good frame and principles.

Bad (or more correctly, of limited use but perhaps worth a read)
The Game (Neil Strauss): Not actually a bad book and was great to introduce me to the various ideas of game but it’s just a shameless self-promotion exercise and the high points of elite game are entirely unremarkable – number close a Playboy model and get nowhere later? I’ve done that (and Burto actually fucked one), number close an HB10 in a club that ultimately goes nowhere? Done that. Live with a drugged up attention-whoring cougar slut? Wouldn’t stoop so low. The methods are all outer game and Strauss seems to finish the book as the same beta mangina he started – just more successful with club skanks. Still worth a read.

The Lay Guide (Tony Clink): A pivotal book for my own progression because it was the first Game material I saw and thus the “gateway drug” to where I am now. It does give a broad overview of the community as it was in 2005 and there’s plenty to work with. But theoretically it’s all over the place and it’s mostly shamelessly ripped off the work of others. Definitely worth a read at the fiver or so it’ll cost you.

The Power of Now (Excart Tolle): What a fucked up warped crazy loopster. I actually enjoyed the book so far but it’s a slog with all the new age mystic nonsense. Cut through that and there’s some penetrating insights on how to be at peace with yourself, but fucking hell pal – lay off the crack pipe.

Paul Janka: Haven’t finished it so the jury is still out. However his daygame ebook is basically a logistics manual masquerading as pick up advice. His “game” seems to be talk to lots of girls, ask for numbers, call numbers, meet girls, fuck girls. With a massive drop-out rate at each step and no control exercised over the process. The only game here is a numbers game. There’s no attraction, comfort or seduction going on. She’s either into you or she’s not – in which case what is there to actually learn?

Hypnotica: Not yet sure about this dvd set. He looks uncomfortable speaking, talks too fast, and qualifies too much. It’s easy to assume whatever success he’s having is more due to his buff look and stripclub ownership than any actual game. I’ll give it more time – it’s certainly got a good USP.

Body Language (David DeAngelo): Far too long-winded. It’s an endurance test to get to the value within. If you know nothing about body language, give it a go. Not bad per se, just your typical DD padding.

Global PUA Summit 2007 (various): I haven’t watched all of this but I really liked the long haired Asian dude who deconstructed daygame. It’s as good a daygame talk as I’ve ever seen. Thundercat was meh, trying to reframe AA out of existence and only getting halfway there. Johnny Soporno was extremely interesting but lacking credibility – I just don’t buy it. A couple of the other guys had little to offer. A mixed bag.

Sexualised Daygame (Sinn): I really enjoyed this and took a lot from it but I am as yet unconvinced it works. Let me define “works”. Sinn basically says you have to do hundreds of high-risk sexualised approaches to get a handful of lays, and without any quality benchmark. That’s just too much work for too little reward, a glorified numbers game. I learn game because I want to get the girl I want, not just whatever girl will have me. I refuse to fuck ugly girls, no matter how easy. In this sense Sinn’s method doesn’t work by definition. However, I think lots of his concepts and attitude can be extracted, refined and used to turbo-charge a normal daygame set. That’s what I’ll experiment with.

Ugly (just totally worthless)
How to Pull Women (Ed West): Some hack writer for Nuts magazine (an AFC weekly supplication magazine) got the assignment to teach fat loser “new lads” how to score tottie. He fails miserably. I accidently bought this book twice. Ouch. Totally worthless.

Get the Girl (Mehow): This is the epitome of worthless overpriced overhyped bullshit from a guy with no game whatsoever. If a teenage virgin started his own pickup company he would look like Mehow and release this snake oil. Basically it’s Mystery Method in new clothes but having lost all of the insight. The infield “successes” Mehow deconstructs are totally non-sexual go-nowhere sets with low quality girls. Why anyone would want to model the dorky, uncalibrated, excruciatingly boring and fake, camp, faggy Mehow is completely beyond me


  1. Thanks – this is very useful.

  2. I think my comment got blocked as spam because I put a link in, so I’ll just repeat that Yosha’s direct street game guide is a pretty good intro to direct daygame logistics, and more importantly it’s free.

    You can find it easily online as a pdf…

    • Yeah, i think the puatraining link identified it as spam (ha, if you’ve ever signed up for their mailing list that won’t surprise you).

      I hear good things about Yosha and I see him around alot but I don’t know him and haven’t seen him in set. I was just defending him over at cos they are calling him a fraud without any evidence to support the charge (other than being connected to Gambler)

  3. I agree that Hypnotica is kinda hard to listen to because of the he way talks and looks like wolverine on steroids etc. I’ve seen few videos of him in set and phonecall recordings and if it’s not staged then he is impressive BUT he uses nlp and nls all the time so that might be why he’s not really effective at teaching it cause it’s fucking difficult and broad area or making it “look” that he knows what he’s doing. Nevertheless I want to try his ultimate inner game program cause he actually shows you not just what and why but how by doing exercises, which is quite hard to find for inner game improvement.
    I’ve seen bits of RSD blueprint and I like it but after I read at puahate. com that he’s not what he says he is I actually realised Ive never seen any footage of him even though that he “looks” like he’s got game (especially inner game).
    Oh and power of now by eckhart tolle haha that is a spot on point man. Even though the author warns the reader that this book is like tthat, it’s kinda awkward to read, but I forced myself through it and I must admit that the relevant bits actually make me step out of any insecurities or betaness and I really don’t give a flying fuck about literally nothig. Full presence. That’s why I respect the guy and despite the mumbo jumbo in it (60% of the book) I think it’s the only resource that helped me improve inner game that I noticed so far.

    Thanks for this article Krauser

    • I might add that some points from power of now made me feel awesome right there at the spot as I read it. The longer I practice being present the better I feel genarally. I used to get one itis’ alot even with girls i was seeing, and at the moment as long as I put effort to focusing on the moment, it’s all gone.
      I’ll say again, for me it’s one of the best things I came accross so far and I’m glad I did.

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  5. Jesus, Krauser…..I can’t wait to quit my job and start gaming full time. There is so much to learn, so much to do and so little time. You’re lucky you were born a brit and not in some third world hell hole…..Just a little luck and i’m out of this shit. Can’t wait

  6. Krauser,

    In retrospect, did reading Power of Now add any value to you in perhaps resolving your personal unresolved inner game? (being in the moment during a set, or not allowing your mind to subconsciously retrieve painful experiences from the Past as present reference experiences).

    Despite his wackiness, I find his book enriching for my inner game. In brief, I dwell on the past too much, and use the future as compensation.

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