This is day game!

February 14, 2010

Friday 12th February, 2010 in Covent Garden.

Eight months ago I did my first ever day game approach. I was shitting myself. I didn’t know what to say and I had no idea how to move the interaction forwards. The subtle arts of body language, hooking, NLP, stacking were all mysteries to me. Over the past eight months and 400 approaches I’ve hit the streets day after day.

I grinded this shit out. I’ve had moments of inspiration in the glorious sunshine of a summer afternoon. I’ve also trudged shambolically through wind, rain and snow to make sure I got my approaches in no matter what. Never once did I doubt that every flaw is fixable. Never once did I let the seeds of doubt stop me taking right action. Even when I was really struggling. Even when I couldn’t hook sets much less close them.

Sometimes you run an approach and you surprise even yourself. You look back at all the progress made, all of the distance covered and you realise you are getting good. You feel the tremendous satisfaction of claming a hard earned reward.

I had such a set on Friday. And I caught it on video with simulataneous audio. Heh!

Everybody has this inside them. It took me eight months and 400 approaches to find it. This is why I do daygame.


  1. Very charming. Love the Teeside accent. I enjoyed watching the video, but I’m not sure what you did beyond kino and otherwise being confident/charming. I’m not criticising as it clearly works, but it seems to me you were depending more on natural game/being intelligent, interesting and ballsy rather than some set of routines. Or is this something you always do so it looks natural?

  2. It’s learned natural. At some point I’ll be putting in text commentary and uploading that version. The things I did consciously (which I had to learn, didn’t come natural)

    – alpha body language
    – boxing NLP routine (see link for detail)
    – light kino on high points (yes, I had to actually learn to do that)
    – strong eye contact
    – be interesting
    – field testing a new opener
    – getting comfortable in front of a camera
    – going for a natural-sounding close where it seems like I’m doing her a favour taking the number rather than a jarring “can I have your number?”

    Plenty of things I didn’t do. For example, the insta-date was there for the taking but I wanted to eject and shoot more material (duh! – what an idiot)and I could’ve almost certainly ramped up the kino.

  3. Again … genius.

    I was socialised to believe that this kind of approach simply does not work. The veil is being lifted … thankyou, krauser.

    This is also good evidence why you shouldn’t give up if you receive some negative body language. At times she was folding her arms and looking around nervously (defensive), but as you parted, she gave a big smile and touched your arm.

    What’s with the guy in the last 30 seconds on the left, staring at you? Was he one of your guys or what? How covert was the filming?

  4. Interesting. I watched it again and you’re right on the Alpha body language, kino etc. I’m going to go out and try this stuff more, feeling inspired. As a young guy still at uni (I’m 22) I think there’s way less social pressure against me going up and randomly opening young women on the street. Men >28 yo probably have to defuse the idea that they’re being creepy, which is bullshit in my opinion.

    Anyway this video is impressive and useful if only because it deflates the idea that you have to project this enormous charm and presence in order to get a woman interested, a la Mystery Method. In fact what you are showing here is fairly understated charm combined with seemingly natural confidence. While I think many of the fundamentals of attraction are universal, there’s definitely a cultural element at play, and perhaps this approach is more effective on women in the UK where expectations are somewhat different from Sunset Boulevard. British women may respond differently to different social cues, e.g. perhaps DHV is more linked to overt class cues (especially accent) in the UK than in the US.

  5. Go for it mate. Two things resonated with me from your original comment:

    1. The fact you thought I wasn’t doing anything other than “being natural” totally validates my hard work. Every single thing I did in this set was practiced. It’s all learned, so it means my work to BECOME a natural is paying off. Obviously you only know me from what you’ve seen, but I can assure you that 400 approaches ago I was a nervous wreck with horrible beta body language.

    2. Teeside accent. AMOG! Newcastle, mate.

  6. The boxing thing man, smooth.High five

  7. Same thing here, you really look natural, if you didnt tell us it was a long road to get there, many would have guessed.

    Is the chewing gum intentional ?

    Also about the alpha BL, I prefer to stick my thumbs out of my pockets, or at the opposite my whole hands out and only thumbs inside.

  8. Your body language was good.

    You refrained from leaning in.

    Some subtle genital framing going on (dominance). Although don’t be afraid to have your hands in your pockets as long as your thumbs are showing (which is a high confidence display).

    Kino was there.

    Your story was told with a good sense of imagery and what not.

    All in all, good stuff.

  9. Thanks for comments:

    – Chewing gum was intentional.Don’t usually, wanted to try.
    – I usually do the “cock point” with my hands. This time I tried something slightly different.
    – No idea who the creepy dude was.
    – I don’t think she noticed the camera, I followed her line of sight and it did not go to my wing.
    – Glad someone caught the genital framing.

    Gonna put up some more videos soon, though this one was the best.

  10. I liked the NLP pattern. In your experience, how effective is it, compared to just a normal routine or DHV story.

    • I used it for two reasons (i) give identity (ii) raise buying temperature. If I’ve hooked a set, it ALWAYS works. For example in this video watch how she laughs after I say “it’s a really unusual experience”. She’s recognising her own buying temperature going up. I could see her cheeks pinked and her eyes widen.

      If I haven’t hooked, it doesn’t really hit.

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  12. Looked very natural and confident. The boxing story was great. It showed a lot of passion.

  13. Looked natural to me, well done. I used the phone close for the very first time on two women and it worked. Not real interest afterward from either party, but nevertheless getting the #s is a success in itself. BTW what is the NLP you keep mentioning?

  14. Obviously I really need to learn this stuff. Any suggestions on how to track down a local teacher?

    • You don’t need a teacher – watching legit in-field vids, a few books, and lots of approaches will work fine. However, a good teacher is a fantastic way to save time.

      Try to spot one on the street and then talk to him when he leaves the set. Failing that, search teh interwebs for your local lair. Last resort is travel to a big city for a bootcamp that includes daygame.

      • I could easily program rings around you on a computer, leave far in my wake in a sailing regatta and probably trounce you solidly at Scrabble (American or British), but some of my interpersonal skills really suck. Finding someone who can teach me to do many of the things you do unconciously would be a huge help.

  15. Hmmm, perhaps. You probably overestimate how natural and “unconsciously” I do this stuff. It’s second nature, not my normal nature. Check out my recent 2 posts where I list my recommended route for noobs.

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  17. Thanks for the very inspiring video. The strange man may have been her bodyguard. She’s a young woman from Mexico vacationing in London and therefore certainly from a wealthy family. All wealthy latinos have bodyguards for themselves and their children, at least when they’re in their home country. It would be consistent with that custom for her daddy to hire a local bodyguard to accompany her on her vacation. The upside is that you could, in theory, marry her and live in splendour on the family fortune. The downside is that she probably has a mindset of entitlement, at least as much as any Brit. [Thanks, but don’t overthink this. Get out on the streets and approach 50 girls. K.]

  18. I was looking at your new body language post on my phone, at got really depressed. Some of the things that woman says about Harvey Weinstein I feel like I do (only looking at girl’s faces, etc.). Then randomly I stumbled on this old post of yours and what you said: “Never once did I doubt that every flaw is fixable. Never once did I let the seeds of doubt stop me taking right action.” Good shit.

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